What Nobody Tells You… part 2 

Hello ladies

So I’m back. I really couldn’t fit it all into last week so let me throw in a few more this week.

So here goes hons… just because I love you.

7. You will have to apologize even if you are not the one wrong -sometimes you will just have to be the peace maker. The words I’m sorry will have new meaning to you in marriage; yes it will still mean you were wrong

But rather than just using those words to apologize

it will be a way of maintaining the peace rather than something one says when wrong. You will say sorry and what you are really saying is please let’s not fight.

To be honest I didn’t see this one coming. I always thought those words were reserved for when you were wrong and apologizing for something you did 

until the Holy Spirit asked me one day “would you rather win the argument and lose the marriage?”  

Incidentally my husband too learnt to say sorry even without having a clue what he’s sorry about. He had to learn to say sorry for things he doesn’t have a clue about. He would just laugh and say I’m sorry when he sees I’m getting upset and he doesn’t get it …even when I try to explain how great the crime he just committed is in the world of women. 

8. Sex in marriage is not always beautiful. Yes sometimes you will be too exhausted to want to even enjoy sex talk less of making it an exciting time. So in marriage I learnt the difference between dutiful sex and beautiful sex.

Yes because there are days when I’m just in one of those moods 

It’s unfortunate that the Bible is very clear on those days what is expected of you 

I wish I could just curl up and say No! But it’s a duty. I don’t make an excuse or say 

No! I get my groove on and with my sweetest smile I do what I’m supposed to do and make sure he’s none the wiser. Besides, he’d do the same for me too. We totally understand God’s stand on this and simply obey it.

Whether we want to do it or not. So when we do it for the other person it’s dutiful but when we both want it, it’s beautiful. 

9. Getting a good house help (maid) or nanny is as important as it is almost impossible – okay so this one you don’t get to hear often enough. You almost get the impression that when you get married you will be able to do it all. When you start having kids and need to Go back to work or you are even a stay at home mum and everything suddenly becomes overwhelming then someone will suddenly mention it to you that you need to get help. Then if you are in this part of the world,  the drama with agents begin.

They always come up with stories and ways to extort money from you while manipulating these girls. Eventually when you find a good fit God helping you then suddenly just as you are getting comfortable and about to relax the agent comes up with a story of one or both of her parents dying so they can take her somewhere else where they can get more money and they offer to send you an inexperienced test of your love and salvation whom you will need to train again and the cycle continues. It’s a vicious cycle ladies.

I had to break it with drastic actions. If I heard you had a good help I would sow into your life and hers. Then I searched for scriptures for God’s promises to me concerning help and once I found them 

I stood on them in faith and even though I don’t have the power right now to share the testimony of this absolutely amazing child God sent me but today I can boldly say I have help from God. God didn’t send me a maid or a nanny. He sent me a daughter.

God keeps his word.

10. You will experience levels of multi-tasking you never thought possible – marriage will stretch you to your very limits. It will be a very strange thing because I can bet you already think you are already good at multitasking 

Wait till you see what lies ahead 

You will literally evolve. You won’t believe how you will wear so many  hats effortlessly. I sometimes don’t believe how busy life can get as a married person.

No one warned me. I guess God has a reason for holding back some of the info though because a lot of women if they had a glimpse would simply back out. It’s so good to know someone is looking out for me 

So in marriage my advice is trust the process 

Be the best you can be. Do all you should do. Learn all you can. Love your husband and pass your test … then trust God to do what only he can.

Ok darlings, eyelids closing. I pray these help. Any I didn’t think of? Send to me pastorm@justusgirlsnaija.com  will gladly share

Okay here’s my goodnight kiss

7 thoughts on “What Nobody Tells You… part 2 

  1. Thank you so much mama…
    Truly if I had known how marriage stretches people, I prolly would have stayed single 😀.. Thank God for his Grace to take me through the process and for always looking out for me. I also thank God I have great mentors like you and PK.
    Love you mama

  2. Thank you so much ma, you have been my model. God will continue to bless and empower you… Amen.

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