He always keeps his word…

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You know how it is, when sometimes you just expect so much from people, you expect them to keep to their word, or do something when they say they would..

Or how you would say…

But then you find yourself making a promise to take your child to her favorite place, and as each day goes by, you realize you’re making the same promise all over again.. I know, I know.. you’re very busy with work and they’ll understand… Don’t they know you have to do all you can to put food in their plates, plus that school fees won’t pay itself…

Yup, some of us get like this most times.. but isn’t it just awesome to know that we have a father that always keeps to his promises..

Like no matter what, he’s not gonna keep your need or want on the back burner to go and do something else.. if he tells you something, you know without a doubt that no matter how long it takes, he’s gonna keep to his word..

He is just so faithful!! Listen to how Femi explains God’s faithfulness below.


Femi’s Testimony

When my wife was pregnant, sometime in her second trimester she woke up and found herself in a pool of blood.. she got up and just broke out praying in tongues.. The next morning she went to see her doctor, he examined her and told her she had a threatened abortion, she didn’t say anything and kept praying in tongues.. When she came home she didn’t tell me anything, she said because of the kind of person I am, she knew I wasn’t going to accept what the doctor said, so she just told me she went to see the doctor and I asked her “How is the doctor?” And she just laughed and said she thought.. “This one is asking how the doctor is, not even how I am, or how the baby is?”.. so she just said “The Doctor is fine”.

Some weeks later I woke up praying in tongues, I woke her up and told her,  “The name of our daughter is Atinuke, God says he’s going to take care of her from the womb, and all through her life”.. she said ok, and said this word made her confirm the baby wasn’t going anywhere and gave her peace.

Towards her last trimester, she went for her regular antenatal and the nurses kept telling her the baby isn’t moving, that they’ll need to do a caesarean operation immediately.. when I heard, I wasn’t even having none of that..  So the next morning she went in labour.. everyone in the hospital kept panicking and kept speaking out of fear, we weren’t even moved. So they checked her again and kept saying the same thing that the baby isn’t moving, and they needed to conduct a Caesarian operation. Then they told me it would cost 350,000 to conduct the operation and all I could think about was this is money for seed, money I can give God and they want me to give them? For what?! I just walked to my wife, laid my hands on her belly and said “Tinuke move!” And I just went home, made something to eat and slept off. Few hours later they called me from the hospital that she had put to bed. And that’s how our angel Tinuke came.

And since she was born, we’ve never had a reason to take her to the hospital for anything, and God has really, truly been taking care of her like he said. People just spring up and offer to do things for her. We her parents are even benefitting from the word.

Isn’t God just awesome! All he needs you to do is trust him..

And he’ll take care of you..

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  1. He is an awesome God who stood by His Promises. What a testimony! I’m encouraged and will truly wait upon the Lord.
    Much thanks.

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