Always Faithful

Hey Everyone!

It’s Thankful Tuesday!! 💃🏾💃🏾

You know how God does something, and you’re just dumbfounded and you can’t explain…

and you try to even analyze it and it’s not just werking.. Lol.. I had an experience like that last Friday..

So last Friday, Pastor M took the heads of departments in our church to watch a movie.. (Yea I know we’re cool like that.. 😝). We watched Hidden Figures, an absolutely amazing movie..

you should watch it if you haven’t..

The movie ended later than expected (story for another day), and it was about 11pm.. Now it rained heavily! Was still drizzling a bit actually and Pastor M had to go back to Lekki.. And I could not imagine her entering a cab so late back home herself.. So the superwoman in me emerged..

and I decided I was going to take her home and come back.. I was like.. “It’s just gonna be a breeze.., I’ll be gone and back faster than I can imagine”…. So we got to Mile 2, and there was a bit of Traffic… we were there almost 30minutes, eventually it cleared.. We got to the toll gate at almost Midnight and she asked me if I was sure I was still going back home that night, at about the same time Pst K called to find out where we were and said I wasn’t gonna go home that night, that it was too late…. But did I listen? Lol..  All I thought about was the million and one things I had to do Saturday morning, so I said.. “Yea sure, I would”

So we get into the estate, and I’m just thankful that we’re almost home.. All of a sudden we hear a funny sound.. I park and behold the tire was flat.. not just flat but torn! I’m like… 😳😳.

How did that happen? The car was fine.. I drove at top speed on the express…  The car was fine when I entered into the estate…

Like I said, there was no point trying to analyze the matter.. Imagine if that happened while I was driving at top speed.. Imagine if that happened in the middle of the road.. imagine if that happened in traffic at Mile 2.. They are so many scenarios you can imagine.. But God kept us till we were in a safe place, and we got home safely.. And like Pst K declared earlier I didn’t go home that night.. Lol.

This just makes me understand that no matter where I am, God is with me.. Always!!!

God is indeed very faithful

Ps: Send in your testimonies to or I’m sure God has done something amazing in your life these past weeks… Share it with the world… btwn there’s nothing like a “small testimony”…. Can’t wait to read and share your testimony..
See y’all soon

Love you! 😘😘


6 thoughts on “Always Faithful

  1. hmnn, You forgot to mention that God kept you and my mama, protected you through that mile 2 traffic… wowza… faithful God….


  2. God is faithful. Something like this happened to me, my mum and nieces last week when we had to attend a church program. I’ll send it in, Kemi, and you will see if it is worth sharing.

    Meanwhile, somehow I got it into my head that Pastor M lived in the US. Don’t know how, but that’s been my thought. Lol.

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