Hey ladies

Happy International Women’s Day.

Isn’t it just so cool that we have a day that celebrates women?

It should be officially Just Us Girls day.

It’s so nice to be celebrated just for being women. That the world acknowledges how special the gift of womanhood is.

I love the fact that no matter how different we look and are, we all agree that today we are amazing no matter what race, age, color, shape, weight or height, single or married…

I particularly love this years theme… 

These days I’m living the fullness of this scripture

Does this mean I’m never afraid? Of course not. I’ve just learned to turn my fears to fuel. Anything I think I can’t do I just keep pushing till I can. It’s just the power of being a woman. You are stronger than you think.

I’ve heard people say things about a woman being weak. The sad part is not that they say these things ; it’s that women actually believe them.

I recently saw the movie hidden figures

Oh! God! I looooooved the movie. It challenged every fibre of my being. Don’t worry I won’t spoil it for you. Let me give you a chance to see the movie. I’m already putting my thoughts together for a proper post. But let me say this …

THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR NOT LIVING YOUR DREAMS…not marriage, not kids, not  racism…NOTHING!!!

I’ve heard too many women complain about marriage changing the course of their lives. That’s not God’s plan. It’s supposed to be the opposite actually; marriage should bring out the best in you

It did for me. It made me bolder. I used to be so shy and fearful but my husband was having none of that. He gave me a platform and wings to fly …

I hope this speaks to the men…

Your love should make your wife a braver woman. It should make her want to do things, be things, go places…

It should embolden her…

That’s a healthy marriage; a safe place.

It must be very hard to be married to an insecure man. However don’t let that deter you. Hold on to your dream and work at it 

Let that be the force that pushes you.

Please let me say it again. Don’t let marriage be the excuse you give for not fulfilling your dreams.

You can do it honey… and you should!

Once again Happy International Women’s Day


Pastor Mildred

6 thoughts on “En-bolden 

  1. …THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR NOT LIVING YOUR DREAMS…not marriage, not kids, not racism…NOTHING!!!…

    That up there stirred me. There should be absolutely no excuse why I should not live out my dreams… No excuse!

    Thank you, Pastor Mildred.

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