Right on time… 

Hey Everyone,

It’s testimony Tuesday!!! (I always shout this out loud in my head when I type it..Lol).

I’m certain we’re having a great week.. It’s such an exciting month for us in DCC.. Pst K is teaching a series titled “Inlaws, Outlaws, and Marital Laws”.

And there are so many exciting games, freebies and stuff for the married folks.. makes you wanna get married, if you’re single.. And on the last Sunday of the month they are having a wedding renewal!!

The whole works guys! Wedding dresses, bouquet, make up on fleek, long trains, Gazebo, cake.. everything!!! Sigh.. I just love, Love! They get to say I do all over again…

And did I forget to mention! We’ll be having our very own Mr and Mrs D as the face of our #TogetherForever month..

Yup the purple humans you’ve been seeing have names.. lol.. If you haven’t seen them check our Instagram page @dcclagos you’ll be seeing a lot of them this month.. 😁

So basically this month is packed full!! And if you’re single, don’t feel bad or anything..(We’re gonna have a great come back for them, don’t worry.. I have ideas already..Lol)  If anything, rejoice and do what  you can to make their day glorious and beyond amazing.. offer all the help you can, share in their joy.. help someone get a dress.. just be joyous and celebrate with them..

Plus like Pst K said on Sunday.. this is a time to enjoy your hay days.. Because there’s a time for everything and your time will come..

I’m not gonna enter preaching mode even tho I know you guys really want me to, go and buy the message if you want to know what else Pst K said.. 😝..

But on a serious note, the waiting period which for some is a time you’re waiting for your husband to show up and for others a time where you’re waiting for your baby to come in a physical manifestation because you know you already have that baby! It’s usually a time of strength..

a time to build yourself, a time to be the best version of you ever.. to be ready for the boaz God is bringing your way, to be ready for the world changer God is going to birth through you… (And I said I wasn’t gonna preach…lol).. And it’s a time to know that no matter what! God is always right on time! Never late, never too early..

He’ll show up just in time.. Ninny’s testimony below shows exactly how God will show up when you least expect him to.. He would just show up like the boss that he is, sweep you off your feet, blow your mind, and beat your imaginations and expectations.. and just Wow you!



I have had so many testimonies this year, they just keep pouring in. But I want to share something that just changed the way I view situations.

It’s been exactly one year since I started looking for a job. I was having challenges at my last job and was steadily losing my peace and my sanity. I requested for a transfer to another branch but it was denied; so I prayed and I sensed God telling me it was time to leave. Immediately I got that word from God, my peace returned. So imagine my shock when I left and month after month passed and nothing else was forthcoming. The devil even began to taunt me asking if I was sure I had heard God. There was actually a time I started entertaining the thought that this was the last time I would obey an instruction when I had no plan B. Effectively, I was saying I didn’t trust God.

A couple of weeks ago, I got invited for an interview. The venue was about an hour and a half away from my home. The interview had been scheduled for 10 a.m so I zealously left home at 6 a.m thinking to myself that even at the worst case, I would get there in time. Long story short, I got there at 11 am!

Throughout the journey I was so unhappy, and I kept thinking how this one opportunity that I had gotten after one year of waiting would end up passing me by. I was a little upset with God, to tell the truth because I couldn’t understand why He had not intervened so I could get there on time. But to my greatest surprise, I got to the venue and found that they had actually made all the other candidates wait until I arrived before starting the interview. I was beyond shocked. I have no idea why they did that except that God was just on my side. I got a call this afternoon saying I had got the job.

That was when I just got to thinking: God does things for His glory! Sometimes, he does not intervene when we expect Him to because he wants to “show Himself”. Think Jesus and Lazarus in John 11. I realise now that it is a far bigger testimony that for one year, I had no means of income (and in a recession, no less) and yet God met EVERY single one of my needs. I literally lacked nothing. Also that I went very late for an interview, which ordinarily meant I should have missed it or created a bad impression which should have greatly reduced my chances. Yet, not only did they not start until I arrived, but they wanted only one candidate and they picked me! The late-comer!

God is just amazing- that’s all I can say.

So singles, yummy mummies, the married folks, everyone… Just remember that God makes everything beautiful in its time..

See you all again soon!

Love you!

Ps: please send in your testimonies to pastorm@justusgirlanaija.com.. Can’t wait to share God’s amazingness in your life with everyone! 😊



6 thoughts on “Right on time… 

  1. Congrat Ninny, Thank you Jesus for being so faithful and coming right on time. I tap into your testimony for a new job as well.
    Thanks Kemi for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “And did I forget to mention! We’ll be having our very own Mr and Mrs D as the face of our #TogetherForever month.” And I was like, who are Mr and Mrs D? Kem kem you r funny, lol small 😜.
    And yessso, I have learned to trust in the God of the last hour miracle, He usually wants to make the glory strong and the testimony sweet to the point that it’s so obvious that only Him kullaf done it- I meeean, look at that Barca miracle 😍 in less than 30 seconds they scored the goal that put them above the chat (or whatever, my husband can explain better)! so lookat God, when everyone says it’s impossible, lol, He’s such a show off, and that’s how I want Him in my life biko.
    And Ninny, thank God for your testimony, it has given others strength to keep on believing even after years gone by.


  3. Wow! I’ve missed a lot while I was away. Funny thing though, I’m a Fiction Writer and that title up there (for the post) is one I’ve created for a story and even designed a cover for. Funny… but thankfully titles are never copyrighted… Lol.

    Now, let me go read Ninny’s testimony


  4. Amazing testimony, Ninny. Now, I think I should meditate on Jesus waiting extra days before going to see his sick friend, Lazarus.

    It is indeed never late… God is always right on time.

    Love this!


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