No Rival Thrones 

Hey mummies

I had a very full day today talking about my waiting journey on Wazobia max TV and 99.3fm Naija Info  with @oliveemordi and @ayothompson. 

Was such a good day even though I felt like God just threw me into that one as I was planning to do that towards the end of the year. That’s  a whole other gist for later. Just know that there’s a lot cooking. 

On my way home in the car I was playing the conversations over and over again in my head. Basically reliving the whole period in my head.

And I asked myself what was the biggest thing that helped me through that season of waiting?

Keeping Jesus Lord of my Life….not babies; Jesus!!! 

What do I mean by this?

I got to the place where nothing else mattered. Not even having children. I got to the place where Jesus was the most important thing in my life. I got to the place where I could say like Bob Fitts

No rival throne survives and I serve only you. 

Or like Travis I could sing 

It became totally about God.

I got to the place where I began to ask what do you want me to do Lord? What can I give you? not just what can you give me or what can you do for me?

Until you get to the place where only Jesus matters, the wait will be very long and unbearable.

Nothing must take Gods place not even a longing for children. Don’t let it take over your life.

Easy for me to say right? Well not really. I had moments when I struggled too till I discovered worship 

That’s what we were born for anyway 

When you encounter true worship…nothing else matters. 

Jesus makes everything better, everything easier…

Enter worship mode. Fight to keep Jesus on the throne of your heart. No rival thrones must survive. Nothing else must matter more.

9 thoughts on “No Rival Thrones 

  1. No throne rivals mama’m? Ok. You did it ma, I can do it…I can….shoving everything aside….I am God centered….LET’S DO THIS. …

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  2. “Worship gets you throught the most difficult times in your life…” – quote from one of my journals, and it ends with “because it shifts your focus from you to Jesus.” Indeed, worship got me through the most painful experience of my life. Like I don’t even know how I survived that period, but worship, I did. I don’t even know how I was able to; all I know is that I can’t count how many times I whispered “Holy Spirit, please help me worship as You want me to.” And He came through for me every single time.

    There’s still more ahead… Thanks or this reminder Mama.

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  3. Love this. Even while wanting to marry, I have realized that it cannot be an idol. It cannot be my all, my deepest desire or my reason for living. That ought to be God. And I have to get to a point where my desire for fellowship with God,to love him outweighs that desire to marry such that even if he doesn’t give me what I want (which won’t happen by God’s grace) I will still love and worship him.

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  4. I want to do this. I really want to. But I have to be honest, I’ve got two… not one… but two major leagues fighting for the throne in my heart with God.

    Babies and finances (the lack of them, I mean) are a bad combination. I want to think past the desperate longing for babies and the desperate longing for financial breakthrough… But it’s just too much of a burden.

    How do I shove these burdens aside?

    I feel like it would be easier if He helped sort one out… I don’t know.

    This is not easy. I am being honest. I’ve been wanting to do this. Serve God for His sake alone. Love and worship Him because He is worthy of it. But too many burdens.

    God give me grace.


    1. Hmmm… this was me some years ago. I find that the thing you need to do the most can often be the hardest.

      Sweetie until you get to that “lord even if you slay me yet will I praise you” stage you most likely won’t get anything you want. It’s hard truth but it’s truth nonetheless.

      I pray for grace for you to love God the way you should in Jesus name.


  5. @TM Maman J
    Now, this dropped in my Spirit as I read your message.
    Read the comments again and Sow a seed into the life of someone that has passed through a similar situation.
    Let it be your seed and dance as you reap your harvest.

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