Sold out! 

Hey Guys! I’m back! 😁

I know you did… I missed you guys so much!!

This past weekend was eventful.. I particularly enjoyed service on Sunday.. Pst K has been teaching on the different “Stages of our walk with God”… and Sunday was the grand finale.. As much as I’ll want to do a recap of everything for you guys.. you have to go get the series.. 😝

So.. after listening to him talk about the 3rd stage CG (Close to God) and the final stage GC (God centered) which only a select few ever make it to, in their entire existence.. It made me ponder and wonder, Am I God- centered? Or lingering somewhere between being close to God and being God centered? If I’m not there yet, what exactly is holding me back from being there?

Now the thing is, I absolutely, completely, beyond anything love to serve God.. Like total abandonment, wake me up at 3am and we gotta do something for him I’m game.. If we have to drive to Ibadan in the middle of the night and it has to do with God’s work, I’ll drive..

I always imagine having to just serve God and not think about what I’ll eat, or where money would come from, or clothes to wear, or what my family is gonna eat, or anything at all..

Yeah, yeah I know that’s exactly what he wants us to do.. He even said it..

But you know how life gets sometimes, but think about it.. when your focus is completely on God, unwavered, not moved, you are completely and totally sold out.. winning souls everyday, focused on pleasing the lord, recognizing you’re just a steward of God, and understanding the Lordship of God over your life.. And just like Pk said on Sunday, you’ll come to know and understand that..

This is exactly how it should be!!

When I just gave my life to Christ, I had a tough time at home.. all I wanted to do was learn more, be in God’s presence and hear his word.. My parents did not understand.. My dad is Muslim and my mum Catholic.. They didn’t want me out at night, they couldn’t understand why I’ll be in church for more than 2hours on a Sunday.. they gave me a hard time.. most times I’ll have to sneak out of the house just so I could go for an evening program or for a vigil.. I felt like I was missing out on something really big by missing any service, like I was committing a huge crime.. So no matter how much they tried, screamed, shouted, locked me up a couple of times, threatened me, that didn’t stop me.. I still always found my way to God’s presence, and I always found strength.

So sometimes I wonder how people have a choice to make for themselves, to be in God’s presence but they rather not.. you have no idea what great gift you have..

And this makes me totally relate to Glow’s testimony,  Just scroll down and read..






Mama, I’m sure you still remember how we met at a breakfast program for ladies back in 2014, at my school, where you were the guest minister, and you invited me to Acapella’s comedy goes to church. At the time, I was not committed in any church then, I was trusting God to plant me in church where I’d grow. I joined DCC, and joined ushering and I was not only growing but I was very happy! Only for my parents to ask me one day for the name of my Pastors, and I told them Pastor Kingsley and Pastor Mildred Okonkwo. That was the begin of drama o! My parents said they will never allow me attend an ‘igbo church’. I tried several times to explain to them and get them to reason with me, but my whole family turned against me, I stayed in school and refused to go home so I can come to church, but at some point, they withdrew my allowance… I was surviving on God’s grace and some of the leaders in ushering knew about the issue, they were very supportive and they were praying with me. After I graduated, I was literarily under house arrest just so I won’t come to church. But I kept trusting God that something would happen eventually that I’d be able to attend church without having to sneak out of the house.

I left the house on December 31st to attend Cross over service at DCC without taking permission, it was a big risk but I did it all the same. I came back and during devotion the next morning, I felt a nudge in my spirit to bring up the matter again and I did. Trust me, I don’t know what it is I said different that day, that I haven’t already said before but I believe the HolySpirit was involved because I never stopped praying and believing God. My parents and all my family have finally agreed that I attend DCC. Even during gaining momentum, they were the ones that asked me to stay back with my friends at Festac if we close late. I’m so happy that I don’t have to sneak around anymore and all the strife that this matter brought into my family has finally died down. I’m happy I didn’t give up when things were tough.


God pulled through for her, So if you desire to serve God with all your heart.. take that step of faith, don’t think or worry about any hindrance, eliminate the word “But” from your vocabulary..

and watch him show up and sort things out for you.. He gat you!

Ps: My folks are cool about church now, they know that this one is gone.. even when I’m not in church they assume that’s where I am.. lol.. God sorted it out..

You guys send in your testimonies oh!!! Let someone learn and get blessed by God’s goodness in your life..

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See you next week, or maybe sooner

Love you all!

Miss Shittu

4 thoughts on “Sold out! 

  1. I trust that Derin would be the first to comment on this because you knew when all of these was happening, you even got in trouble for following me to dcc on many occasions….. remember those crazy stunts we had to pull just to attend Akikitan, and 3 nights in the secret place. Chai! Somebori going to club or boyfriend’s house sef did not do as much sneaking around as I did, I am just so glad it’s all over! God answers prayers mehn! And Dcc ushering were with me all the way, God bless Yomi Titiloye for me! Chai! That babe was a real pillar of support. Same to Esohe Osifo, Tobbie Alli-Dayo and Dozie Okezie for supporting me in prayers and also financially!

  2. Yes, PM’s Kemi, we missed you… Mehn, was so sure twas PM that was writing… On point.. Thanks for the reminder on the importance of serving…

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