What Are You Doing? 

Hey mummy

How are you? Warming up for sleepless nights, noisy homes, and having your heart literally live outside your body for the rest of your life?  😜 just teasing you. Of course you are. You were born ready….

You were made for this…

…and in due time it will manifest. How do I know? Easy 

And we all know what God has said so there’s definitely no way for him to get out of this one

Not that he wants to anyway. He’s more willing than you are …

Malachi 2:15 tells us it’s a major priority for God. Wondering where you got your love For babies from? Look no further; it’s in your Jesus DNA

He’s also able. Wouldn’t you just be sad if all he could offer was his willingness without ability. It’s one thing to want to do something. It’s another thing to be able to do it. Thankfully not my Jesus…

So don’t even think that God is done with you yet my darling. I’m telling you because I know first hand. He’s definitely a miracle worker, a doctor’s report canceller, a destiny changer, the God who only does great things.

Rest in this my darlings…

But because he’s a miracle worker not a magician, God needs you to play your part. Let me explain

A few years ago a lady I knew was TTC and trusting God for it to happen came to see me and she was lamenting seriously about not knowing what to do and blah blah blah blah …

She had been fasting and praying and confessing and had promises she was standing on. So I asked her how was she having sex? She looked really confused like what was I on about? So I broke it down into two questions.

  1. How are you having sex?
  2. When are you having sex?

She seemed almost upset that she came to me for spiritual advice and there I was talking about sex.

Hmmm… my sisters this is the problem I have with human beings. So you are fasting …thankyou. You are praying…you do well. You are confessing the word … we bless God. … but are you having sex?

All through the Bible where ever faith was mentioned there was corresponding action. Christians are the funniest human beings I know sometimes. The Bible tells us 

Bible o! Not pastor M. Bible!!!! Adam knew his wife eve and she conceived. I don’t think it was know as in they exchanged names or numbers

He had sex and she got pregnant but notice that wasn’t where her faith was because she declared in the end I have gotten a “(hu)man” from THE LORD not from sex from the LORD but even though she knew God was her source she still had sex. Her way of saying Lord I will play my part if you play yours.

Okay so maybe Adam and Eve were sinners. I mean who got us into this mess right? Oya give me a “holy” character in the Bible who had a natural child and didn’t have corresponding action (sex) with their faith. (Not Virgin Mary o! Jesus was an absolute exception) Let me give you a few minutes… hours… days… months… years…

Okay so let’s see another very spiritual woman who God did a mighty miracle for. You all know I love her …

yeah you guessed… let’s welcome Hannah. I’m sure you know the story already. But let me just shine some light on one really tiny phrase in that whole story. 

Elkanah made love to his wife Hannah …

I believe that was a trigger point to God remembering her. If not, her praying and the blessing Eli spoke over her would have sufficed.

Our problem sometimes is we can be holier than the Holy Spirit.

To have a baby you need to make love.

Not just have sex. It includes sex but it must have its roots in love. Because  faith worketh through love. Your treatment of each other must be love. Your sex must not be just about having babies, love must be involved. Don’t make it a chore. Enjoy each other.

So how are you having sex? Are you even having sex or like that lady your focus is just on fasting and prayer?

Secondly when? I asked her when her fertile days are. It’s funny most people especially if they married as virgins or have pretty much had a normal cycle all their lives never really bother to know these things.

From the year I turned 16 and was diagnosed with PCOS , I barely had regular periods so I kept track consistently. Moreso when I was TTC. I remember I had “by faith” ovulations. I would calculate like I had a normal 28 day cycle and I had an app on my phone that helped me track my periods and ovulation. I would just follow the tracker by faith and plan for my ovulation days. Crazy? Well it worked for me. I literally believed it was my ovulation days and the months my period would come, I would input it and it would reset the tracker again but I would call those days forth by faith and I kept at it till today I can sing like Ada Ehi

Don’t let anyone lie to you, you cannot substitute one for the other.  You must have faith but you must also have works.

So ladies let’s make this work. Don’t just sit around having pity parties. Get some information about your fertility cycle and what ever else you need to know…. then pray.

You pray to see the way God sees, to get instruction on what to do. So by all means pray but…

I’m not saying let your works push aside your faith… Never!!! Your faith MUST always be in God. He is the one who gives us (hu)man(s) like he did our mama Eve. He is the God who remembers like He remembered Hannah. So let your faith be in God as your source 

Okay ladies so let’s get to doing as we have seen in the word of God 

There’s always a reward for doing.

You remember the lady I told you about in the beginning? She has twins today. Let’s just say she got to doing…

Can’t wait for your testimonies

Love you.

14 thoughts on “What Are You Doing? 

  1. Awwww!!!!this post is Fully loaded…. funny how to someone its just a post but to another it is a necessary message that will help them through a season. very relevant teachings. God bless you loads mama…


  2. I bless God for raising women like you in this generation where people ignore the needful. I just love how you love God and I pray his grace continues to keep and sustain you and yours.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Gosh, I love you, this woman! Lol.
    So real. Lol @ the waiting image.
    This is me you’re talking to: e no go happen by magic o. Lol.

    Thanks for this. He is Able. He is Willing. He will Do It! But… He needs hub & I working too.

    To think hub hinted at it weeks back. Lol.

    Thanks, Pastor Mildred.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. ‘I don’t think it’s know as in they exchanged names and numbers’ lol, mama you are so right and do I just love this post? let’s get down to the ‘doing’ and the faith will take root and be made flesh…..Thank you pastor ma!

    Liked by 1 person

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