Don’t lose It 

Hey super sexy virtuous women

How are you? What kind of week have you had. It’s been a whirlwind around here but I’m loving it. I’m learning to love and live every season of my life to the fullest.

Has it been a looooong week for you and you feel like just curling up in bed for a year? Well, here’s the thing if you ever feel like this then what you need in your life is some joy.

Joy? Yes! What ever happens don’t lose your joy. I know it’s not so easy but you’ve got to fight to keep your joy because that’s where your strength comes from. 

No matter how angry you get don’t let the sun go down on your anger 

So today here’s a little humor to help you keep your joy. Found a few pictures that made me smile. Hope they do you too.

I hope they made you smile at least. Please find your joy. Keep your humor. A happy marriage is built by two happy people. So find time to laugh 

I believe that is one of the biggest secrets to a happy marriage or could it be this? 

I wonder …

Come on ladies

Find a happy place at least 5 minutes everyday, throw back your head and laugh 

And if your wig falls off, so be it.

Just be sure the corn rows under are neat. 

Bye girls. See you tomorrow.

Love ya

10 thoughts on “Don’t lose It 

  1. Hahaaaaaaha.
    i laughed!!! But then again i am high so this just took it to another level.
    My fave has to be the clean house comeback from the wife….
    And of course i TOTALLY agree with those two suggestions at the end. Esp the slap yourself.
    Ok lemme gaan arrange my CLEAN laundry hahhaa.
    Thank you mama for the laughs

  2. Oh the whisper dirty things oooo😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.
    And the ‘apparently’. Oh i love us women and wives!!!!

  3. Can’t remember the last time I laughed this hard with tears in my eyes. As in this is a catalogue of comedy. I ended up saving almost all of them. Thanks ma. You are just too much.

  4. Thanks mama… “Apparently you are upset”…. No, it’s not apparent… All absolutely hilarious… Thanks mama for the twist… More inspiration

  5. I like the one about anniversary date as password. Poor guy forgotten it. Typical of men 😄thanks mama. They r really funny

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