Intentional God!

Hey people

It’s a very happy Tuesday morning for me. I’m really excited by all the responses I’ve been getting concerning the Chayil Prayer Journal (praying for your husband)

Doesn’t it just look gorgeous?

Okay so let me make satan really mad this morning because now the book is out, I can say like Joseph this morning that even though satan had evil plans toward the book God turned it around for our good. 

Late last year God had started stirring my heart toward a certain assignment he had for me this year. Obviously the enemy was throwing major attack on marriages and families so God was telling me this was not the year to just sit back and be comfortable in my own happy little bubble  

but to be his heart and hand towards marriages especially wives as so many are hurting. I obeyed but not fully understanding because as I inferred earlier I wasn’t in that place; I was and am still very happy in my marriage.  Oh! Of course there have been moments when I felt “what planet is he from?” But they’ve never lasted a full day and they’ve been very few and far between.

So as I was saying, I obeyed by yielding myself to whatever He would have me do. So God gave me a list of things to do and number one on the list was

TEACH the wives to start fighting right again; get them to start fighting on their knees

He gave me blueprints for four prayer devotionals beginning with praying for your husband. I had a mandate to release it at the beginning of the year. It seemed really impossible for me to release it that early but God sent me helpers. I mean the guy that designed the book practically shut down his office for over two weeks just to come help me make sure that nothing got in the way of us making the deadline of the release.

Everything was ready to go to press three weeks before.  The publisher said he needed two weeks. So we relaxed. Thank God to he books would be out on time and we could pray over them for a full week. Amazing!!! So quick and so easy right? Wrong!!!

satan and his cohorts must have had a field day laughing at us. 

First of all you need to understand how satan works. He goes after your weakness. He’s a coward so he will never come full on. He will attack your fears.

Now if you know me very well you will know I hate the words, “it’s okay” and “let’s just manage it” or “it’s not that bad.”

So what did satan do? When the books arrived, they were so badly done….at least by my standards. 

Oh! My God was I ever so mad …at the publisher, at myself, at satan and anyone who just even crossed my mind in relation to this book 😂😂😂

First of all the book cost me an arm and a leg to produce not to now add the many “sorry mummy is busy ” I told my children or days I had to stay back in the office till very late.

When I confronted the man he told me when he got to the market he found out things were much much more expensive than he had envisaged and charged. So rather than calling me back to tell me it would be more expensive to produce he decided to make the decision for me by managing what they had by dropping paper quality and a whole lot of other drama

I was livid at this time.

So, you think I can do this and give it to God?

Then he says “Ah! It’s you that thinks it’s not good o! Something like this? Shebi it’s for God… it’s good.”

I could not believe it. How this man that has always printed for us; Who knows how finicky I can be when it comes to what I do for God or put my name on …talkless of my face (all your fault blessing, kemi and femi)

I was about to go off on him when God reminded me …we wrestle not against flesh and blood…but against principalities and powers…against every thought that exalts itself above the knowledge of Christ. So before allowing satan to distract me further I decided to deal with the main issue on ground.

  • The mindset that because it’s for God it must be shoddy work
  • The anger and strife that could brew from this and keep us from actually turning out this book to increase the knowledge of how Christ wants us to do marriage
  • The way forward.

So I went in to worship God in the service. This happened on a service day. As I forgot about it and placed it in God’s hands I got a direct word from God

Let nothing waste… recycle

Solution right? Hmmm… not as easy as it sounds o! What this simple one liner meant was an extra over half a million naira and less copies of the version I wanted  (hard back) but it also meant I could now have paper back version which I didn’t plan at all.

So where was I to get over half a million naira? Let me spare you the details and say God showed up…as always! 

But that’s not just the testimony. The testimony is that the books came early that morning and the women rushed to get it like people who had been thirsting for so long. 

The real testimony is how many messages I got from women saying

Thank you

Two messages in particular  I got made me tear up

Then this 

I’m thankful homes are already being healed. Even though the enemy tried to frustrate God’s plans, instead he got my faith and wisdom level to increase. He also made us print more books than we planned. And those who can’t afford the hardback can still get the paper back. 

See? Nothing takes God by surprise. It’s all intentional. 

So today I’m thankful for my new book but I’m also thankful my husband’s new book. 

I’m thankful for the success of the marriage seminars we had this past weekend and all the marriages  that have been revived. 

If you want to order any of the books here are the numbers for those in Nigeria
If you are outside the country please send me an email on and I’m sure we will find a way to get it to you. Still working on some platforms. Will get the info across to you once I have it confirmed.

And oh before I go, satan here’s an ntoi for the road …

12 thoughts on “Intentional God!

  1. What i love most is the ntoi face given to satan….the useless idiot that wont allow God’s children enjoy God’s Grace in peace… As for the journal hmmmm i will describe Mama as an angel sent to this end time generation to heal marriages and restore joy in homes… God Bless you Mama, am not married but this came just at the right time for me. God bless you sooooo and love you soooo much.


  2. Haha. Never forget to add the ntoi. I always endeavor to rub it in satan’s face whenever he loses. Try as hard as you want to destroy what I started with. God will just show me a way to turn that disappointment into a much bigger and better venture. And that not getting offended thing is a major, major key. Once offense enters, end of story.

    Congratulations on the book release ma’am, I’ll do my best to get it. It’s never too early to start praying for your husband.


  3. Thankyou for allowing God use you to write this book. It is so practical and real. I have been binge reading all your blog posts. Safe to say you have a new fan who is hoping to meet you soon. God bless you Ma.

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  4. Oh but you know i will buy it and drown myself in it then pray for this husband of mine and i will pray for you probably everytime i see or pick up that book… i had a sneak peek and all I can say is God bless you loads… necessary and relevant … lots of cheers, pompoms, routines and all… kisses to papa…

    Liked by 1 person

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