The Spoken Word

Hey Everyone,

It’s been an amazing week so far… and can you believe it’s the second week in February already!!! (Surprised face)

Feels like a whole lot has happened in just 5weeks of 2017.. think about it.. you probably have birthed a new idea and you’re running fast with it, your daughter just turned 2, your son is going into secondary school, your business is on another level, you’ve gotten a new job.. Personally I feel like all I have experienced in 5weeks is like 5months worth, God has been so amazing!

And Today I’m thankful for God’s word over my life! His Spoken word! He told us as a family that in 2017.. We are living miracles!

Walking, talking, moving miracle… Everywhere I go to Miracles follow me.. Every dead thing I touch comes to life!
This is the year where you have to believe God’s word like never before… believe in the miraculous..

I’m sure you’ll understand better after listening to Chioma’s testimony..
This testimony is one i will always share at any given opportunity. Its proof that God’s word is true, that there is power in spoken words…

My son was born, perfect….a “beautiful” boy, so healthy i didn’t even have a hospital card because we had not been in one. He was 18months when the devil tried his luck….my husband and I worked late and so got home late that day. As we opened the gate, I saw my brother in-law running out with my son and screaming help!!! At first it looked like a drama, my husband panicked and got down from the car without even putting the car in the “P” (park) mode, I realized I was alone in the moving car and put it on “P”. At this time my compound was full with people who were trying to help (our house was in a very busy area). By the time I got to my son, he was not even moving. In the chaos, I heard them say he had a convulsion, I don’t know where fear ran to, but i dint feel afraid, I asked them to drop him on the ground and I said to him…”Chisom you cannot die” and I started to pray in tongues (at this time people were looking at me like a woman who had lost her only child to convulsion, plenty pity eh), he wasn’t even moving. I carried him and asked my neighbour to take me to the hospital. In the car, I w

called him “Chisom, talk to mummy”. Before we got to the hospital, he cried “mummy”!!! I said “Thank God”. God showed me that he was faithful!!

The devil did not stop there oh, he convulsed the next day, he convulsed 2 weeks later, two times the same day, it became a routine and the doctors were amazed, they could not explain it, many times he had no fever, many times his test results showed nothing,

He could just be talking and get thrown down by the force of the seizure, people were afraid he will not be a normal child, anyone who has watched her child go through an episode will understand how scary it is, the terrible feeling of not being able to help your child carry the pain. One of thos times we rushed to the hospital as it happened in school and his teacher took him to the hospital, while there, another child who had convulsed was rushed in from another school, within 8minutes, that child was pronounced dead, I couldn’t believe it, a mother lost her son in my presence and it was his first seizure, at this time my son had had it about 20times….ha!!!!
All sorts of tests were conducted, some doctors wanted to conclude that it was epilepsy but i rejected it, people told me that he might not be normal due to the frequency (12 to 15 times a year) I refused to believe what the word of God had not said. I stopped giving him these drugs (anticonvulsants) and believed God for healing, sowed seeds, partnered with a healing ministry and this happened for 4years and suddenly, it stopped. I guess the devil got tired of failing and foolishly moved out of my way. Those years were challenging but we came out strong. Today he is 8years old, and every time i look at him, i see a living miracle! My evergreen testimony!

God is always true to his word, and he never fails his own..

See you guys same time next week..

Love you all!


11 thoughts on “The Spoken Word

  1. Woooow! Awesome! Amazing! Covenant keeper! This is just mind blowing … God is just awesome … Gods word is NEVER failing.


  2. God is faithful and i tap into this testimony that the God who intervened in your case will intervene in mine and defy medical report in my life. God bless you for sharing my soul is indeed lifted. Thanks Kemi i see you lol.

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  3. Wow, just wow!!! I just like as God dey take devil do yeye… I like how he wastes so much time trying to bring us down and God will just say guy, go roam another place abeg, this one has a hedge around…. Thank you sweet Lord….

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