Make A Decision 

Hello yummy mummy’s

How have you been? January is over. 

You know what that means right? We are getting closer to our miracle babies… to sharing your testimony. This is the point where you start to practice your hAllelujah dance …

Because whether the devil likes it or not…. The party must hold…this year! 

I need us to deal with one very important thing that you need to do.

You need to decide what path you would like to take to bring you closer to your testimony. Prayerfully Place the various options you have in front of you and ask: “what will God have me do and which do I have faith for? ”
Please Stay in your lane. Do not say I’m going to use my faith only ; no medicine just because your friend got a testimony from scriptures. Not necessarily because God told you. Doing IVF or any other medical procedure doesn’t make you less spiritual. It may just be the path to getting your miracle.
Then Once you decide honey, face it squarely. If it’s a medical procedure then immerse it in prayer and go ahead. If it is simply sitting on the word and studying then give it all you’ve got but have no apologies for it. I knew God wanted me to sit on the word and build my faith till I knew for sure that I was pregnant. I shut my ears to the world and “seemingly” good advice and great ideas but that s story for another day.

Find out your God  ordained path and stick to it. It may not be easy but when you have your miracle in your hands and testimony on your lips then you will see that it was worth it. 

But once you run from place to place and follow any new treatment, new hospital or new fad then not only do you prolong your waiting season you will end up frustrated. 

There’s an easier way just ask the Lord. 

Okay darlings. If we are going to do this then you need to settle it once for all. What path are you supposed to take? Decide to follow it. 

Can’t wait to start sharing your testimonies.

Love you.

Pastor M

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  1. i just got introduced to this site today and i am totally blessed, good job ma’am. this rest post directly spoke to me and i am grateful.

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