Hey ladies

Today has been that kind of day … 

No apologies, I stayed in bed most of the day. To be honest I was tired and I wasn’t ashamed to say I can’t do this today. 

I really just wanted to shut down and rest and not just that I wanted to….I needed to. I felt it in my head, my heart and my spirit that I needed to just pack it all up and stop trying to do it all. 
So today’s message to you darling Wives is this : 

You can be a great wife and mother but if you don’t find time to rest, you may not be around for very long. And that leaves the very ones you are trying to love, care for and be there for in an even worse place.

I find time to rest on days that I’m beat or really stressed out. I ignore phone calls except they are very important. I stay in bed for a few minutes longer than I would. I take time off work. They may not be many but I have those days and I’m not apologetic about shutting down. Don’t judge me! 

Yes o! I’m fighting for my health, my peace of mind, my heart, my marriage and my kids. I’m fighting yo keep it together so I don’t totally breakdown. I just draw back like an elastic band so that when I’m rested and I am released, Satan knows he’s in trouble. 

basically I’m here to tell you that you are not the Elshaddai honey 

That’s God’s job.

As they say “Don’t think you are the El-Shaddai or you shall die.” Leave that job solely to Jehovah. When you cannot meet your husband’s needs. It’s okay to admit it. …to yourself then to him. If you cannot meet your kid’s needs point them to the one who can.

So today’s lesson is majorly one :

So how do I rest?

  1. Prioritize- what’s really important and urgent and that only you can do? Then do them. If it’s not urgent, important or life threatening then you can attend to other things first. Question: Blogging vs talking to my husband which is more important? Honey, now you know why this post is just coming up 😉
  2. Delegate-let others help. Let the kids do their bit too. If they don’t do it perfectly, don’t stress. Let them learn. Turn it to a teaching moment. It will be stressful at first but you are  setting up a system that will eventually pay off. Get a maid or nanny if you can afford one. Have your younger ones or your mum come over to help sometimes so you can sleep for a few hours. My dear take advantage of having them in your life …”Aunty and grandma no be for mouth”  
  3. Stop- If you start to feel overwhelmed. Stop. I mean that literally just stop everything you are doing and take a few deep breaths. Honestly you will be shocked at how everything will fall back into perspective. When you are tired you make poor decisions. So just stop. Don’t answer right now. Don’t decide right now. Just stop everything for a few minutes, pray in tongues, worship or just close your eyes for a few seconds. Just stop.
  4. Sleep – I know this doesn’t really sound like it makes sense but when was the last time you slept? Like really really slept ? I don’t mean that wake up every moment your phone beeps kind or that you are asleep but Tv is blaring, kind of sleep. No I’m talking about sleep that you switch off your phones, turn off the tv, keep the kids with someone you trust so you don’t have to think about them for a bit. The kind that your husband goes out, and you sleep with abandon….if you like no clothes sef (just remember to lock the door o!)

Bottom line I’m just here to remind you tonight that it’s okay to not be super woman. Even God rested. So rest. 

I’m telling you nicely now ….Rest o! Hian! Because if anything happens to you your husband will marry again. Pata pata he will wait 6 months just to respect your memory but Marry again, he will! And the new wife may not be as sweet as you so your children may just suffer. Your husband will most likely not pay attention to them because he will assume if she treats him well that your kids will be well taken care of… honey let me just stop here because even in this example it can’t be you in Jesus name. It better not be you for your own good o! 

Anyway, I’m going back to bed now. I’m going to milk it for what it’s worth because tomorrow? Life is back to business as usual. 

Bye ladies.

Next week I’m back with more 

Please come back ok? We need each other. We need to learn from each other in this world today. 


Pastor Mildred

7 thoughts on “Rest…

  1. I am not married but I am following this series fervently.
    I have learnt a lot and no knowledge is wasted .
    And resting applies to us single folks too. After all who will marry us if we kill ourselves with work now? God forbid.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lol
    Single ladies be taking over Wifey Wednesday comments haha.

    I’m just wondering who I can ‘borrow’ Uncle KingDaveed to for 48hours pere.

    A wifey/mama’s job… requires Grace. And then wisdom!!!


  3. PM…I have being resting, I don’t joke with it, but mine don too much oh, felt guilty but after reading this, I’m still resting for today, then I will get myself together and do the needful asap. Im not married either but my mum did rest today too and I was like “huh” she sha needs it. I even read inspirational Prioritize ur day book and it matches yours. Thank you ma. Pls I need your BBpin or whatsapp num. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

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