Alive and Active…

Hey Everyone.. Hope we’re all having a great week so far..

Yesterday in church Pk preached something so profound, I don’t even know where to start from… the topic was Raw materials for miracles: The word of God.. Raw materials is a series that was preached through the month of January… You all need to get the messages, and listen to it over and over again.. So back to yesterdays message.. Pk talked about the word of God being quick (Life carrying) and active.. The blood group of God’s word is AA (Alive and Active)..

Now its one thing to just know and understand this word but its another thing to have experienced it.. to have felt it personally..

A couple of years ago, I was in school in Ghana and got a call from my mum.. she sounded hysterical and was calling me from India… Now on a regular my mum can be a drama queen.. but I could sense fear underneath her voice, she told me my dad went into surgery and had been there longer than usual and she was worried.. my first thought was how are you guys in India and you didn’t tell me, and how did daddy go under the knife and I know nothing about it.. I calmed her down, told her everything would be fine and I would call her back.. After the conversation I just told God you know this isn’t our deal right, he’s supposed to be alive to experience a relationship with you.. (my dad is muslim)..

This scripture came alive to me.. I’m like daddy isn’t going anywhere.. we’re all gonna serve you.. no matter what/how long it takes.. that’s our deal.

My dad came out, and the surgery was successful.. Apparently he had DVT (Deep Vein Trombosis).. and I’m thankful that till today its never come up, or been an issue.. but he was completely healed..

This makes me totally relate to Nneka’s testimony I’m going to share with you right now..

Nneka’s Testimony:

I have a testimony o….. hmmm, so some weeks ago, after mid week service, my dad calls me to say he was taking my mum to the hospital…. I live some distance away from church, and it was already 9pm,  but I just had a nudging go to Festac to join them ( dad, mum and my brother)  in the hospital ( the same nudging that asked me not to cross years ago when I crossed and got knocked down by a bike) …. as I got there, the resident doctor had given them 2 drugs to help manage her blood pressure  till the next morning when the consultant will be around. When I got into the room, he looked up, looked at me, I asked him the names of the drugs and why he gave her 2 drugs (she already has drugs she takes).. he then takes one away and asked her to take only 2 tablets of one drug, in addition to the one she takes normally… So, on Thursday, daddy takes her back and her blood pressure had crashed from 245( the previous day) to 90….  The consultant was in shock and reluctantly stated that she was overdosed, that the doctor shouldn’t have administered the drug to her and that it was given ‘in overdose’ .  She was to stay away from  any BP drug for some days… By Friday morning, she slumped and had to be rushed to the hospital…….. imagine if the doctor had administered those 2 drugs…… we would have been telling a different story now.. But Thank God  she is doing very well now, she is a LIVING miracle. satan ntoi!

Praise God! God always watches over his own.. always.. and if there’s any one trusting God for healing in any area, just trust God’s word..

Don’t forget to send in your testimonies!! Let’s tell the whole world how good our God is!


See you same time next week! 😘

Miss Shittu

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