Happy Birthday 

I planned this whole post but I’m sooooooo exhausted. All I can say is happy birthday honey.

The man who lives for an audience of one. 

Always preaching the gospel 

Hands on daddy …

Social prefect …

My gist partner …

My friend..

You just get me. It’s always lots of laughter with you around. 

Teacher of the word..

I’m so happy and eternally grateful that God chose you for me …and over 11 years later you still rock my world  
He chose you …

To father my children …

I join the world today to salute you 

And celebrate you 

God bless you and keep you for me. 

I love you now and forever.

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday 

  1. Happy Birthday to our Papa, our pastor, our teacher, our leader, a role model, our Mama’s husband, Dassah-Vida-David’s daddy… Happy Birthday, PASTOR K!

    Thank you for this post, Mama!
    Thank you for marrying our Papa!

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  2. Happy birthday papa. I hope that maybe one day i’ll get to know him more personally. You and mama are a great blessing to us all


  3. Awwww. This is beautiful. I love how you allow the pictures speak and use them to comment the words.
    Happy Birthday Sir. God bless you and add many many more years of good health, greatness and purpose to your life in Jesus name. Amen

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