The Path 

Hey Everyone, 

It’s been an amazing week, I’m so excited! 

Seems like I’m always excited every time I come here.. Well, I can’t help but be a happy child…. 😁.. 

But what I feel right now goes beyond being happy.. I’m actually Joyful.. Nothing can shake this away.. So let me tell you why… 

A long time ago in a distant land… Lol.. Ok I’m kidding, let me be serious now.. 

I’ve always had a thing for all kinds of Art.. it just made me happy. Growing up I always went to my mum’s friend’s house to watch her paint.. she was a painter and I loved it! I loved painting and I could also draw so well.. She admired it and told my mum to let me come to her house every afternoon after school to paint with her.. as she lived right next door.. 

 Asides painting another thing I absolutely loved doing was writing.. but over the years and due to so many circumstances i stopped.. 

More like I took this gift/talent God had given me and locked it up in a box, wrapped in a pretty pink ribbon and put it in a bigger metal box, wrapped around with a chain and a padlock 

and tossed it in the deep ocean.. 

But Today I’m Thankful.. 

The opportunity to find and use the gift God has given me.. I am thankful I have started writing again.. and I’m so excited about it, like a child unwrapping an unexpected gift.. Yes! That’s exactly how I feel.. 

I don’t know about you, but for me this year.. I’m going to explore every God given talent that I have and use them.. Yup! I say them because it’s a lot! 😄

So don’t be surprised if you see me doing something spectacular and extraordinary pretty soon.. 😉.. I can’t help it.. 

No more sitting on the sidelines and not being my absolute, ultimate best for God.. Plus, we can only do all we can here.. there’s no repeat button to start our lives all over again.. (If Only!).. And you’re gonna give account for everything he gave you.. I wanna stand before God and have him smile.. the kinda smile a proud dad gives when he knows his baby has done an excellent job… and I would know that I used every single gift he gave me.. 

So let me share this beautiful testimony by a fellow writer (I like how saying that sounds.. lol), that would bless your life, and make you think about what you’re doing right now.. Are you in the right path? 

Diche’s Testimony 

I have always loved writing but never thought of it as anything more than just a hobby. I joined the drama department in church and headed their script writing team. Just having fun and working for God.

Soon after, I applied for my residency programme and I didn’t get in. A lot of my friends got in and though I was happy for them, I felt bad. Not necessarily because I loved the idea of doing my residency per se but because it was just the next step in my career and I felt left behind. A feeling I absolutely hate.

Anyway, two years later I applied again. The date for the test was fixed but after sometime it was postponed. My sister was scheduled to give birth in America and I was supposed to go and help her. I delayed going because of the test date and she gave birth and I hadn’t left. They shifted the date again and I went ahead and bought my ticket for a day after the test. They shifted it again. Extra money (that I didn’t even have) had to be paid to change my date to fit the new one and then guess what?…. Exactly! They changed the date again, this time Indefinitely

I was so angry I just carried my bags and travelled. A few days after I arrived they fixed a new date for the following week. Everyone started calling me to come back and take the test. I was so confused and depressed

A few days to the test, I went to God in prayer. I didn’t ask for anything. I just sat there worshipping and crying… It must have been up to an hour. I felt an urge to open my eyes and I saw a picture right before me with this scripture on it:

Jeremiah 29:11… For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end

It practically jumped out at me. Then God told me, don’t worry, it’s not “your” expected end (as in what YOU expect) but “an” expected end. It is an end that I may not know but He knows. I was assured that everything would be just fine. I was at peace. I didn’t think about it again until a month later (Dec 2014) when I got back and God ordered my steps into the movie industry as a writer. It’s been an awesome ride ever since.

In such a short time and with very little formal training, I have worked on projects that have aired on the most prominent TV stations and worked with the industry’s finest producers and directors. Not to mention the very good pay and flexible schedules. I am eternally grateful to God for making a dream I didn’t even know I had come to pass. 

It’s 2017 people, and you are a living miracle! That’s who God says you are! So this year, you’re gonna dig up all gifts and talents you’ve covered up and use them.. There’s someone out there that needs that gift and is gonna be blessed by it.. It’s not too late! It’s never too late.. 

So guys, what are you thankful for? 

Share with me by sending a mail to 

See you same time next week! 


10 thoughts on “The Path 

  1. Awwww writers all around me, God i hear you, I hear you loud… so maybe we will change the movie industry with stories we will write because thats a dream of mine…

    Thankful for testimonies that open our eyes to see all that God can do … same God is rich unto all.

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  2. Seems like this is the season where God is making all His writers wake up and actually start writing. I just started writing again after a long time

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  3. ohh.! Even though I’ve never been a writer ,the idea wouldn’t leave me and now this. . Amen to digging up all gifts and talents. . lovely story!


  4. Diche’s testimony! I had the same struggle with going for my residency as well. Didn’t exactly feel like it but nobody wan carry last. Kept praying but I just sensed God was saying no to it. Last year, after 7 whole years, God eventually showed me what He wanted me to do.
    The testimony is a whole blogpost on its own.


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