…don’t do it without me! 

Hello people

I honestly thought I would make this a Thankful Tuesday post and yes kemi already  has a post scheduled for Tuesday  because there have been a lot of testimonies coming in -proof that it’s a year full of miracles. 

However after all the work Miss Shittu put into that I just felt it would be better not to mess up neatly arranged plans. But I know she will agree with me that this post is worth breaking protocol for so even though everyone is on my case about taking Mondays off to actually rest I can’t keep this in any longer so you get an extra post this week to Kick start your week. Yeah yeah that’s how much I love you. Anything for you ladies. 

So, yesterday was special for me. It did something for me that  I have to share. so today’s post,  it’s kind of a testimony but I want to share the lessons I learned from the encounter I had yesterday. 

As 2016 was ending, I started feeling a pull from God to start to do the things I’m actually passionate about but have always put on the back burner …like things to do some day. Well, that someday is here. As my Pk always says life has no dress rehearsals…This is it! 

So number one on my list was to take the love of Jesus to people who really need it. To go beyond having seminars and telling people about the love of God to actually showing them the love of God. After all the Bible says we should do good. So I made up my mind to focus on outreaches to orphans and widows in 2017. 

I mentioned to a few of my people and trust Blessing and  Kemi  before you could say pastor M they had a plan, a list and now all we needed was the orphanage. In the same week I stumbled on this picture

My friend’s younger sister had just been to an orphanage and showed the picture of this precious baby who had been abandoned. I knew there and then this was the place. I called to find out what their needs were….

and here the drama began. Once we got their needs. We calculated it and it came to quite a bit of money. So I knew I needed people to partner with me. I spoke to ladies at DCC after service one evening. A few people came on board and I went home just trusting God to meet our needs.

First testimony, Blessing shows up in my official early the next morning with news that totally blew my mind. Two of my partners had decided to pay half the money we needed. I was blown away. As if God was saying “you see? I can meet your needs. Just trust me!”  

Next our benevolence department sent us boxes of clothes and provisions. Before I knew it, I had much more than I ever thought possible. All this in less than a week. 

We were also able to buy a fridge, gas cooker and cylinder and food stuff to make their lives so much easier. However there were still some things that I needed to get that we hadn’t been able to yet. We needed rice so someone brought in a small bag of rice and I was celebrating this when God asks me to sow it to one elderly man I wasn’t very sure that it wasn’t my emotions so after I struggled a little while (more to be sure than anything else) I said okay lord you can have the rice as I turned to leave “add oil” was what I heard. I simply said “yes lord” and told someone to tell the man to see me.

In less than a minute someone comes into my office with a bag of rice her mum had asked to give to us. I felt like you could knock me over with a feather.   How can God be so accurate? By the end of the day we had money to buy oil alongside the bag of rice which we had freely received.

Another major issue they had was they needed school fees for 4 of the children as they could not afford to pay for them and they were being home schooled. We were able to raise the money. 

So Sunday after service, I got together six ladies and off to Akute we went.  To be honest that day was full of challenges but as always …giants for breakfast. #theyarebreadforus.

Flat tire. Bad roads. Almost getting lost. Bottom line at some point I looked out the window and the signs began to read OGUN STATE. I had no idea it was that far but we were there. 

We were welcomed by the man and his wife and all the little children. I asked about each child and one particular child struck a chord with me and I stand in absolute faith with them on healing for him. I walked in and he was the first child I carried.

 (Liberty with Vivian- he slept off not long after)

Liberty is 3 Years old if I remember correctly but he was major cause for concern as he wasn’t hitting major developmental milestones. He was not talking or walking. As I carried him, he touched my face, my hair, my cheek he seemed fascinated by me. He settled in nicely in my arms. And as I asked his story and how he ended up there I was told that Because he was having developmental challenges his father decided to throw him away so he was brought to this couple. I was completely shocked and confused. Throw him away how? Like moin moin wrap or bread nylon.  As they say, “I’m sorry. I’m not understanding.” 

How can anyone let go of children? When I prayed Day and night for one for eight years? When even till today I know people who would give their right arm to have one. Beautiful children surrounded me. Then I met the boss Samuel such a cutie. His tee read “I’m the boss!” And obviously he was. 

Oh! Then harmony… So beautiful and very bright and obviously a book worm. She was more excited about the books we brought than anything else and probably couldn’t wait for us to leave so she could dig in  (harmony on the left)

As he told me about each child, it just occurred to me that these people were doing this by faith. No funding from anywhere. They didn’t even have personally. They were just willing to be used by God. He had no idea where their next meal would come from but he was willing to open his home which by the way is rented and presently over- crowded to children that no one else wanted. He was resolute in this that as long as he has breath this children will always have a home …and a father.

As I spoke to him and his wife and I saw how well taken care of And loved the kids were …That’s when I realized I was not there for them I was there for me. God brought me there to teach me very practical lessons:

  1. No matter how much you think you don’t have there’s alway someone who doesn’t have as much as you yet is giving much more than you are.
  2. The true test of faith is that you can follow God and say yes even when he doesn’t show you the full plan.
  3. Serving God will stretch you. It will not always be easy but it will definitely be worth it.
  4. Never take anything for granted. Some of the things you are taking for granted are another person’s necessities. Clothes people were trying to get rid of these people desperately needed.
  5. God will use you if you are willing. No matter how unqualified you are.
  6. Doing things for people who can never repay you is far more fulfilling than you will ever know.

I left there that day after he insisted I pray for them and take pictures with the kids  but to be honest a piece of my heart stayed back with them. I will definitely be a part of their lives as long as God will let me.

I’m totally overwhelmed by this beautiful couple. Especially this amazing woman. I know how hard it can be to take care of young children that you actually birthed how much more to care for so many of them at the same time with no help and some of them with special needs.

Truly my prayer is that God will repay them. He never owes anyway. 

I saw God at work. It was humbling and life transforming to be used by God like this to put smiles on their faces. 

And my prayer today is Lord whatever you are doing in this season, Lord please don’t do it without me 

Video clip ​

Thank you partners … you did this 💋💋💋💋💋

23 thoughts on “…don’t do it without me! 

  1. Wow.. This made me cry. Wasn’t in church when you called for partners. Would definitely partake in the next project. God’s grace mama.


  2. Almost in tears. Some thoughts tugging on my heart for a couple of days – Lord, let me not be a lover of self more than of God in these last days. Selflessness is critical. Thanks PM & Partners….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lord! Whatever you are doing in this season, don’t do it without me. My daily prayer point now. God bless you and your team more Ma. Welldone!


  4. Amazing. And beautifully written. This touched my heart.
    Thank you and well done Ma. Pastor M is all fired up.
    2017 better watch out.


  5. Struggled to open this link but kept trying and am I glad I did! God bless you mama, lord give me grace to leave above self.
    God bless you!


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