All The Single Ladies…

Be honest you actually responded  “All the single ladies” and if you are truly being honest, this is what you saw play in your head

But if you are anything like me this is actually what played in your head  

Okay let me be serious. So, you know how I loooooooooooooooooooooove my single ladies. Yep! I simply adore you girls and you are totally in the best season of your lives and you get a chance to choose who you spend your life with. You get to choose the outcome of your life.   

Anyhow because I love you so much I’m not going to abandon you and focus on just the  married women. I  Will be doing some random posts for you throughout the year under SINGLED OUT. But today I’m here because it’s the beginning of the year and  God has many pleasant surprises for you. However you determine how good this miracle year will be. Yes I know you’ve heard me mention it but I’m going to say it again

So I anticipate a lot of miracle weddings.

But sweetie my heart has been really heavy for a few days now because you’ve become so focused on getting married that you’ve almost lost focus of who you should marry. Marrying the right person is so major. I know you hear it all the time but honey I can’t stop emphasizing it. I believe the reason why you’ve been in a manner of speaking “kissing so many frogs ” who still remain frogs and not princes is because you’ve forgotten who you are.

So please allow me to remind you this morning. I need you to remember this and settle the issue of identity once and for all so that you don’t keep picking frogs. No time to waste time in 2017

First, don’t forget you are the prize. You are the reward. You are the one to be wooed and chased and pampered. You deserve it. You are worth it trust me.  

Don’t let any man treat you like he’s doing you a favour. You need to remember who you are.

Oh! Honey you are royalty. Precious. Beautiful. Special. You are awesome.  

This is not the year to accept anything less. Don’t beg for his affection, work for his attention nor build your world around him.

Don’t let him make you forget who you are. You are NOT worth something because a man is in your life. You are worthy …period! 

I need you to believe this because your identity determines what you expect and ultimately what you accept  

So you need to set aside every “I must marry this year ” goal until you sort this out. Don’t take everything you are offered. Don’t settle for less than you know you are worth. You don’t have to manage. You can have it all…you deserve to have it all. 

Sweetie if this is the only thing I do for you this year then we are good. Trust me.

Secondly, if you’ve been in an unhealthy relationship in the past Now not tomorrow…right now is the time to get out.

Run as in terror

My sister ESCAPE!!! Don’t be with a man that abuses you in any form. Don’t sacrifice your destiny on the altar of marriage.

  • If he belittles you …RUN!!!
  • If he insults you or verbally abuses you …RUN!!!
  • If he shoves you, hits you, bites you, slaps you or “affectionately” taps you …even if he apologizes after and buys you lots of stuff to make up for it …RUN!!!
  • If he bullies you, manipulates you, makes you feel bad for telling him No or refusing to do something you know isn’t good for you …RUN
  • If he ever makes you feel like if you leave him who will want you? …RUN
  • If he’s a mummy’s boy …RUN
  • If he’s hot tempered …RUN
  • If he’s the kind of person that always has excuses …RUN
  • If he’s always “busy” too busy to call, too busy to visit….RUN
  • If you are an option… you know he has other girlfriends …RUN
  • If he’s cheated or is cheating on you …don’t stay and fight other girls to be his wife …RUN
  • If he’s stingy … leaving you to always pay the bills and leaving you financially drained …RUN
  • If he’s always begging, borrowing, buying things on credit, living a lifestyle he can’t sustain …RUN
  • If you are with him just because he took your virginity. It’s a trap…RUN
  • If you have been with him for over 2 years and marriage has not once been mentioned, you have never met any of his family or close friends …RUN
  • If anytime you pray your heart is restless…RUN
  • If God has told you to RUN. My sister what are you waiting for? RUN! RUN!! RUN!!!

I’m telling you this because it doesn’t make sense to waste the last 5 years, last year and you now want to waste this year again? Tufiakwa

Perish! The thought. It will NEVER happen. Not on my watch.  

The mere fact that you were planning to manage this nonsense again this year. I can’t believe it. I’m so pained for you  but let me try and put myself together.

Don’t waste another minute of your life

Let’s all just move on because you deserve so much more than you are getting so stop short changing yourself.

Thirdly this year honey live for yourself too. Not every time… man!  Just listen to yourself …doesn’t like it when I dress like this. …doesn’t want me to do that job. …is not happy when I’m not at his place every weekend. …I don’t want him to be angry. At the end of the day Aunty we’ve lost you. No opinions of your own, no ideas, no personal dreams or goals that don’t involve him or being married to him. Meanwhile he is out there living his best life.

Honey, 2017 is when you take charge of your life.

  • You’re going to take charge of your HEAD. What you will do for me is you will have dreams and goals written down and laid out time bound plans on how to achieve them …and please don’t put I must marry this year in the list. Marriage happens on the path of purpose. That’s a whole other post for another day.  
  • You are going to take charge of your HEALTH. That’s where the devil fights women the most. So you will clean up your eating, exercise at least 3 times a week and find health and healing scriptures to confess daily. You cannot fulfill destiny in an unhealthy body. Trust me. I should know.
  • You are going to take charge of your HEART. Start by adding filters. Sieve those you allow in and out of your life. Not everyone has a right to be in your life. Not everyone has a right to make decisions that affect your life. You must be very firm about this because you can’t complain about what you allow.

It all still boils down to you understanding who you are honey. Once you settle your identity and understand that you are royalty, everything about you will realign.  

Don’t live your life as if you are sorry to be a woman. As if your life will only make sense when you get married. So you become desperate to accept anything as long as he gives you his last name. Honey being a woman is a calling.

You are a very important part of the equation.

You are the favour key. Once you are found, he obtains a different kind of favour from God. The favour that moves him from one level to the next. That makes him enter into his kingship. You carry virtue -power to create miracles.

If only you knew what you were worth you would relax and stop picking things undeserving of you. You have options. You will be found because like I said before…YOU ARE THE PRIZE. 

This year let Jesus be why you live. Why you love. Why you are. Jesus is the reason. Let Him be the Centre of it all.  

I believe this year will be a great year for you darling especially if you don’t forget how special you are….Because of who you are.

God loves you baby. I hope you never forget that and you never let any man confuse you about that.


pastor Mildred

40 thoughts on “All The Single Ladies…

  1. Loooool I laughed a lot reading this.
    Especially all the RUN!!!

    And nope I didn’t think Beyonce. I thought hmm, that was a topic for my devotional till I read ‘yummy mummy’ and how God already sees them as ‘mummies’ and I changed this to ‘beautiful brides’

    Btw, if the Lord leads you to write a book for singles, just know you hav a skeleton in this post. All you need do is come flesh it up. And that marriage is found on the path of destiny is actually a chapter. Or 3. Lol.

    I want to say I wish there was info like this for me as a single, but that would be a lie. Thank God for all the numerous messages DCC has. But yes, we are happy for this too.

    But this post is hilarious. Deep truths and also hilarious.

    Btw, if kemi and blessing are reading, here is my THANK YOU!!! Your harassments are paying off. God bless you



      1. Mama don’t think twice on that plssssssssss we cant wait to see that book… I trust you when you say hmmmm. lol


  2. Oh mama, just ohhhhhhh…. this post ehn, just gave me a certain sweet calm.. you know the kind of peace you get when you have been asking God something and He gives you a promise and you just know that you know that it is finished??? Thats what this post did to me and its so shocking because I had this same conversation with my friend last night…

    Only God will bless you for me…. that run part hehehe funny but true … and of cos i saw myself taking my hands behind my head at the tufiawka part , 😂😂😂😂 and yes i definitely did the all the single ladies dance in my head …

    Exciting post but definitely a teaching one and I will take each and everything to heart.

    God bless you and love you loads… 😚😚😚😚


  3. God bless you, Pst M.
    I left a looong term relationship at the beginning of this year simply because I had no peace. There was no logical reason for leaving as he seemed perfect but I knew God was telling me to go. It was hard but I did it.
    I had told God this would be the year of finding Him again and developing myself. This past week, I had doubted if my action was right but you just helped confirm that! God bless you!!!! I can’t wait to grow and be who God wants me to be this year. Thank you.


  4. I couldn’t help but exclaim in this post! Recently i got disappointed because a friend i had liked for about 2years who had told me same thing at a point too.and then we resulted to us not ready for a relationship Yet nd then recently i found out he told his friends that “For a relationship he doesn’t love me”. when i saw that i really was heart broken. That wasn’t what we discussed, He had told me he loved me nd d feelings were mutual.. but we both were not ready for a relationship yet.And i was later suprsuprised to see that..But reading this WOW! I DESERVE MORE THAN THIS.
    Mum i love u super… Thanks for being there for us.


    1. You do darling. Thank God you found out before you started wasting your time and your life. Not every man that enters your life should be given a throne some are just guests. They should come and go. Not reside as king of your heart.

      Love you too.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Before now I was like when will mama write for us na.thank you mama, this post Is sooo soothing.. ..we adore you……😍 u.


  6. Mum i have a question .at what age is a lady fit or good to go into a relationship? (The age range )
    And whats d limited years advisable for courtship before marriage?


    1. Hi dear
      I don’t think these things are cast in stone. What may work for me may not for the next person so it’s not a case of age but of maturity. So if the lady is mature enough to handle the demands of marriage and motherhood.

      For courtship I personally don’t advise long courtship so anything after 2 years I think is unnecessarily long

      However My husband has a book WHEN AM I READY? It covers this question extensively. Please call 08077714412 to order it.


  7. Oh My God!!! My excitement knew no bound when i read this, i just knew from the onset that the single ladies had the best coming, I enjoyed every bit of this and am saving the path mama stated “i must marry this year mustn’t be part of the list” lol. Need i say more…thanks Mama you’re the BEST love you more.


  8. Ive been saying and living this for about two years, after desperately running after people to love me, and finally the Holy Spirit got to me. Now I have a different problem. October, I ran into someone and the Holy Spirit impressed in my heart, that’s your husband. I shrugged it off, because I don’t know this person like that, then it came back stronger in December, and then I asked God, give me scripture to back what you’re saying up, and he gave me one that described this person to a T. Now I’m just confused because, 1. This person is not my mate in any way, shape or form, miles ahead of me 2. We haven’t even had a conversation 3. I have done this, this is my husband thing before, and I’m frankly wary of it, and now God is doing me,. Why can’t I just meet and date normally? 4. What if I heard wrong? Epp me plix


  9. Thank u ma for these awesome words of wisdom. For me, i’m a rare one😊 in all my 20 something yrs i’ve never been in a relationship, and i have never had the experience of dating frogs. I decided a long time time ago that instead of passing through relationship ‘potholes’ i will avoid the pain of unnecessary heartaches and wait and trust God to connect me directly to my man. I told God i dont want to experience a break up; i want to date and marry only one person, my God given HUSBAND. So i just wait and reserve myself for him.


  10. The first time I heard PK say “you should first find a purpose for life before a partner for life” or words to that effect, I knew he was talking to the men but that became my mantra.
    I need a vision first before I can even decide if his own is large enough to accommodate mine.

    Liked by 1 person

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