New Year New Hopes

Hello Yummy Mummys

Yes I know you are still Trying To Conceive (TTC) but that means absolutely nothing in God’s  book. If anything he already calls you mummy because he sees the end of a matter before he begins it. He creates miracles.

It’s a new year and this year is a great year to have a baby. 

Miracle babies. I love the sound of that. So this is where we are going to start from…

Hebrews 11:1 

Trust me, I’m sure we are not thinking the same thing. You don’t get a faith sermon at least not today.

Let’s start from where most of us don’t …   

before faith comes hope because you cannot have faith without hope. 

We first need to get you to the point where you still believe things can change this year. Once we get into that mode then we can focus on getting them to change by faith. But first we need to believe they can.

Trust me I know it’s easy after countless procedures and negative Pregnancy Test (PT) results to just shove this TTC business to the back burner and plan to live your life. After all  you cannot come and go and die. 

I know trust me I know. I’ve thought it too. “I cannot let this thing take over my life” “I cannot handle another disappointment” “I can’t do this again” “Maybe I shouldn’t think about it” “I’m even tired sef” “Maybe my own case is different” “Maybe it’s my destiny and I’m not supposed to have children”.  I’ve been through my share of I cannot, maybe and even what ifs so I know exactly how you feel but hey! It’s a new day we’ve got to keep hope alive. 

I know how hard it can be to hear countless testimonies and your own isn’t coming but that’s not true. 

It’s only a matter of time.

I waited for 8 years and for every single day of those 8 years I woke up thinking It’s today !!! Maybe I got discouraged before the end of the day but I still got up the next day hopeful that it could still happen. Eventually my knowledge of the word made realize that not only could it happen but it would when I applied faith. Hope helped me not give up and that’s a very good place to start. 

Let’s look at one of the many lessons We can learn from Hannah. Oh! I don’t know why I just connect with Hannah on so many levels. I must have taken her story apart piece by piece in the Bible so many times. There had to be something I was missing I thought. Why am I not getting pregnant? I worried. Till I actually started letting the Holy Spirit read it with me. There were so many things I was taking at face value but Hannah was thrown into the most difficult place to have a baby and what did she do? She had not just Samuel but many other babies.

So lesson number ONE

Look very closely at this story and you will see that Hannah was a woman who understood hope. The Bible tells us that every year without fail every single year Hannah went alongside her husband and her mean co-wife Peninnah to worship God at Shiloh. She didn’t have to but she did. How do I know? 1 Samuel 1:21-23.

1. Elkannah loved her more and would bend over backwards to please her

2. He wasn’t a difficult man. Seems laid back to me. Doesn’t seem like the kind of man that  would force her to do whatever she didn’t want to do.

3. When she asked not to go… Elkannah said “do what you think is best”

So I believe Hannah didn’t have to go every year, she wanted to! 

Every year she got up irrespective of how bad it had been last year, no matter how many times like an annoying mensrrual period peninnah reminded her she was childless. She got up with silent hope …maybe this will be the year 

That singular piece of hope I believe is what took her from the place of maybe to for sure. From “Lord if you would…” to “for this child I prayed…” 

This is a new year. Don’t give up hope. It can and will happen this year. Once you have hope we can build faith from there. Faith gives our hope substance. If we don’t hope for anything then where is the need for faith?

I’m telling you categorically that God is not done with you yet. I don’t know how many negative doctors reports you have or how many procedures you have done but I do know this God is not done with you yet. 

So let’s agree today that this is the year. Don’t give up. Let’s try again this year. Let’s get up and go to Shiloh again this year. Let’s believe Gods word. Bottom line : DONT GIVE UP! 

Okay ladies I will be back next week to build on this incy wincy bit of hope you were able to muster. So just hold on ok?

Love you


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Love you guys.

31 thoughts on “New Year New Hopes

  1. I’m reading this on the walk i’m takin on your behalf and nodding and prayin and Amen’ing. Miracle babie sound so good.

    Amen. Amen. Amen!!!!!

    PS I miss Jillian. Ugh

    PPS: Aww thank you mama


  2. God bless you ma, this is just the perfect liquid for my thirst and at the right time.
    Just the other day, i changed my hope from Wanting To Conceive(WTC) a baby, to (WTC) Triplet and you have boosted my faith some more.
    I would roll in testimony this year. Amen.Much love ma.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for the story of Hannah so encouraging , but I ‘m feeling tired now of waiting  and I’m loosing hope.

    Sent from Samsung tablet


    1. Sweet heart I know exactly how you feel but please hold on and next week I will share what you need to do when you are losing hope. God is not done with you love. Once it gets too hard to hold on that’s when God steps in. Just hold on a little longer. It’s almost over. Miracle babies are being released and you are next in line in Jesus name


  4. Hope, a remarkable starting point. *does the halleluyah dance in the bathroom*

    BTW Mama, your consistent blogging is giving me hope – that I would also blog more often 🙂 #OperationClearOutBlogWebs . In the meantime, I would continue to share, whether we are giving thanks, being & becoming Eschet Chayil and/or conceiving & birthing our miracle babies.


  5. This is a word in season! It gave life to my dying hope . My miracle babies will surely manifest this year 2017 and hey mama I’m no longer trying to, I’m about to conceive (ATC) . God bless you continually for this mama,
    lots of love ma


  6. I am the Lord! There is nothing too difficult for me. I’ll come back next year at the time I promised, and Sarah will already have a son.”
    Genesis 18:14 CEVDCUS06
    Some versions say at the appointed time. I think this means theres no room for us to lose hope. Remember that Sarah first laughed when she heard what God had planned as it appeared impossible.


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