Enter his gates 

Hello everyone,

It’s Thankful Tuesday!

Isn’t it just amazing knowing how good God is…. like you know no matter what he can’t be anything but good, even if he tries lol… it’s just who he is!

Today I am thankful because God is good..

I am thankful for my family, My brother just got a job in Canada and starts work on Monday! and he’s so excited about it… I’m also thankful for my life and how far God has brought me..
And just like we said in our previous post, Tuesday is for recognizing God’s faithfulness in our lives, and telling the whole world about it! Not just telling the world but shouting it out loud!

So let’s enter his gates with a thankful heart.

A beautiful lady sent in her testimony, just like we promised and we always keep to our promises.. 😁..  we are sharing it with you…

Chidinma Nwadike’s testimony:

Today I’m thankful that God is the only wise and knowing God.

Yesterday I resumed work and on my way to work the devil tried to play a fast one but my God was in charge. As the driver stopped to discharge passengers at fagbems filling station at mile 2, suddenly I saw the driver… driving off to the express, it happened so fast two big containers were behind us!!! JESUS IS LORD!!! just in front of the container the bus stopped and refused to move. I was so confused, still trying to figure out what was happening. To be honest, I thought the bus wanted to catch fire and I almost flew out the window, I did not even remember to say a word of prayer.

To God be the glory there was no fire nor accident. When I came out, I realized I did not remember to pray because I was so scared.. Immediately I gave him thanks and asked GOD for forgiveness.
But I learnt something that no matter what the case may be the first thing to do is pray and not panic.

God is awesome in many ways. He always speaks to us and teaches us in different ways.
I give God all the glory for everything.

God recognizes and knows his own.. he would always have your back..

And never forget, you are a Living miracle.. a breathing, walking, talking, moving miracle.. Miracles don’t just happen around you.. you are THE Miracle..
Make sure you send your testimonies to pastorm@justusgirlsnaija.com or kemi@justusgirlsnaija.com

See you same time next week.. 😘😘

Miss Shittu

3 thoughts on “Enter his gates 

  1. Thank you Mama,
    This scripture in Nahum keeps jumping at me and I think its for me. Thank you for this subtle reminder. I trust I will testify soon


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