TTC on Thursdays 

Hey people 

Its a really good year…. don’t you just feel it? I can just smell it in the air. 

It’s going to be loaded with miracles cos of my promise from God for the year. I’m just so excited. 

obviously you can tell that it’s going to be a bit more active here on JUGN this year. Yesterday a lot of suggestions came and I’m sure God already has us all sorted and will instruct me on what to do so ladies relax and enjoy the ride. I know I will. I will also download to you once I receive it. 

So this is what I have received so far …

All my expectant mamas.. those trusting God for the fruit of the womb… Trying To Conceive (TTC) well… on Thursdays God’s  got you! And I’ve got you too. You know I feel you ladies. Been there and God delivered me. So I know exactly what it’s like. So looking for encouragement? Something to stir up your faith then don’t miss Thursdays honey! I’ll be here waiting with a hug, a word and a prayer. 

So I will be holding your hand through this journey. I know we will testify. I know it like I know my name. 

Incidentally this actually births a new ministry for us at JUGN. Towards the end of last year God began to remind me of the plan and some of the vows that like Hannah I had made when I was TTC and it was time to pay. So this year I’m paying my vows….joyfully too. ‘Cause the more testimonies we get the more we get to kick Satan in the behind and that increases my Satan “ntoi” serves you right (for my English speaking friends) 

So we are taking the war to the enemy’s gate. 

Anyhow so this new ministry is called “Hannah’s Heart” and we are not just getting pregnant but we are going to raise special children -with great destinies. So just like Hannah we get our own special “Samuel”. God wants to turn you into a Yummy Mummy (YM) 

I know how hard this can be so I will be sharing what helped me personally and since it has taken me forever to get my book out I won’t let you suffer anymore … I repent. let’s do this. I will also share the testimonies of some of my friends and some other amazing women God has blessed. Just to encourage you to hold on cos you are next in line for a miracle. 

Okay guys let me run. really busy day and weekend but I will be back next week with a testimony on Tuesday  and oh by the way let me invite you for our monthly worship at DCC and guess who’s coming? 

Yep! It’s uncle Banthaniel 😂😂😂 as Dassah would call him when she was younger. Yes it’s Nathaniel Bassey ministering this month. Please come and be introduced to the wonder working God. 

See? I love you so much I’m giving you a heads up. There is no reason under heaven why you should miss this. Don’t start the year making excuses. Plan, Prepare and push through till you make it. Don’t miss it for anything. Your hunger and thirst for God is what determines how far you go in God. So don’t start with excuses. If you can’t make it to the island be there at the mainland Centre. 

Okay guys you know I love you. Please show up on Thursdays let’s move from TTCs to YMs. God bless you. I can’t wait to start putting up your pictures and your baby’s  pictures too. I’m so sure it will happen. God’s word cannot fail. Till next week hold on to this promise. 

Blessings. Love you 

12 thoughts on “TTC on Thursdays 

  1. Wow I’m so happy this is coming, been hoping and praying for this…..All about TTC on Thursdays, my miracle is sure very near and is happening this 2017.
    Thank you mama and may God bless you continually
    I have being a big fan since 2015 and this is my first time commenting, finally the jinx is broken whew!
    Thank you Jesus and thank you mama once again

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