Wednesdays Are For Wives 

One of the things I wish I had more of when I first got married was mentoring. I walked into marriage with high levels of trepidation. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I would mess it up. That I would be too impatient, too hot-headed. Not submissive enough. Not accommodating enough. I couldn’t shake the silent prayer running around in my head: “Lord help me to be everything this man hopes for.” 

Amazingly after eleven years of being my pk’s wife and partner in ministry I can only say this, far from what most people think, I may not be the perfect wife …yet, but I’m definitely not that scared young girl who walked down the aisle toward my best friend with nothing but a word from God and an assignment to help him fulfill destiny. I’ve learnt a lot on this journey and this is what God will have me share on this new series. 

So ladies, especially the married women this is for you. I’m trusting God to be able to help that new wife who was just as clueless as I was back then. Today I teach a lot on marriage and my heart goes out to wives in particular because I feel sometimes like (if you are doing marriage right) so much is required of you and tendencies are you may feel like you are losing yourself.

So let me give you a haven. Something I like to call CHAYIL HAVEN. Somewhere to get encouragement and support. Somewhere you can have your questions answered and possibly get more fuel for the journey ahead. I chose to call it Chayil 

Which is what the married women at DCC are called because most of the things I learned are from the Bible’s description of the model wife in proverbs 31 she is what we call The virtuous Woman. What the Jews call Eschet Chayil 

So we will look at all the many things God can do in our lives and through us because it will require doing somethings too. Bring virtuous is a result of developing virtues.
So your lif will be busier but it will be more fulfilling too and will bring God  glory which at the end of the day is all it’s about.

Trust me in my usual style I won’t be preaching at you. Not that there’s anything wrong with preaching though.  We will be learning together but I will definitely share the things that have helped me while pointing you to the one who has helped me. No subject will be off limits- prayer tips, fun things to do, ideas for time management. Some of my favourite recipes, tips for amazing sex, dealing with infertility, pregnancy, parenting, shopping tips. just name it.

I will also leverage on my access to some resources -both human and material. So we will often have guest writers. Oh! My God. I’m so excited. The things God has in store for us…2017 will rock o! At the end of the year God will confirm with miraculous signs all I’ve been saying since that I’m a living miracle. 

Now ladies if this isn’t another reason to be excited about Just Us Girls Naija then I don’t know what is. Get everyone you know to follow us both here on the blog and on Instagram @justusgirlsnaija or on Facebook simply like our page JUST US GIRLS NAIJA for more information.

Okay ladies see you soon. Today is just announcement day. We kick off properly next week or should I just throw in one small “something”? Nah! You get to wait and yes single ladies you can learn too. You are even more blessed because you get a chance to plan yourself and get it right so it will be easy when you do get married.

My prayer is that God will use this to heal marriages and help us do things his way. I’m praying that I will be able to raise warriors and at the end of the day you will rise and be greater at this than I am. I pray that you will grow and tower above me like E in this picture I stumbled on today … and finally that we will show the world what God can do with a life that is yielded to him. We will be women of valour, warfare, and victory. 

18 thoughts on “Wednesdays Are For Wives 

  1. Yesterday was about to be my BEST days on the blog until i saw WEDNESDAYS and i am like YAAAAAAAAS!!!! Then i am reading and leaping until I now saw my picture.
    Mama you coulda thrown in a lil some thing na.

    Plus can Monday’s be for MENTORING!!!!


    Looks like we need not bother closing this blog on MY browser!!!


  2. Yaaaay.. I am very excited. I really need mentoring in this area.. Looking forward to next week. I wish you threw in something small today.. Lol. A very big AMEN to the prayer. 2017 is gonna be a very balanced year for me by just following the line up of activities for the blog.. I am an amazing wife and a woman of Valor, warfare and victory✌

    Love you mama.


  3. Awww excited about this….. sure there’s alot we need to know amd learn… can’t wait. Oh btw that call yesterday made my day…. i was doing a dance in my head and singing #IStillGotIt


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