Thankful on Tuesdays

Hey people

Happy new year

It’s a good year… scratch that. It’s a GREAT YEAR!!!!

I’m super pumped and excited for 2017 and are you surprised with a word like 

And I started the year in the Word and in Worship at Gaining Momentum 2017. And God sent me the word through these amazing men. 

Okay so this morning God gave me a very clear instruction in line with something my papa Rev Femi Oduwole said during GM2017

The password this year is not complaining, grumbling or describing the challenge or problem it’s in thanksgiving. So if you are going to unlock anything this year then this is your password

So it’s official on tuesdays which is officially our first day of the work week at JUGN we start it thankful. So we give thanks for something every week. Yeah! I know we should give thanks every day 

and we will but what we are doing is unlocking our week by thanking God for what he’s done before.

Now here’s why I’m so excited. It’s thankful Tuesday so that means it’s Testimony time too. 

And it’s open to everyone. So if you’ve got a story about how God has been good to you come on people, don’t be shy let’s hear it. 

Besides just obey the word already 

I love testimonies and I couldn’t be happier to be a channel of hope faith and glorifying Jesus. So please send me your testimonies let’s help others believe. So if you’ve been saved,
blessed, you’re pregnant,

you had a baby, got a job,
changed jobs
or you are just happy to be alive let’s hear it. Share your story.

Honestly there’s no reason not to be a part of Thankful Tuesday or evening but you choose. Call it whatever really. Let’s just be grateful and share…

So if you would like to give Jesus glory send your testimonies to and copy

Today I’m thankful that we have hope. I’m starting this year off on that note. With all that’s going on in the world today especially in Nigeria. I know it can be tempting to fear but I won’t fear what they fear.

I have hope. I have Christ. 

I’m thankful that he has never failed me. That he never leaves me nor forsakes me. I’m thankful that no matter how hard it gets, I have hope of rescue. God practicallydrppped this scripture in my lap this morning. Matthew 10:23 The Message translation.

Before I run out of options…. before I can’t take it anymore…. before it gets unbearable…. before… Jesus will have arrived. 

I have hope. We are not hopeless people. No matter how hard it gets. Jesus gat you! Finally I’m thankful that I have a God who speaks … I’m just so grateful. My thanksgiving has bubbled up into deep worship that I have a God who sees my heart and responds to its innermost cries.  Things my lips may never even utter…. He hears.

Don’t you just love my Jesus?

Okay guys. See you later. So much happening this year. Let’s do this.

Love you


7 thoughts on “Thankful on Tuesdays

  1. Happy New Year, Mama!
    This is such a year to be thankful!!! Why do I know this? Cos I’m a Living Miracle!!! 💃💃💃
    Started my #LivingMiracleChronicles on the first day of the year, so Thankful Tuesday is 🙌

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  2. I am super thankful. thankful for life, health, friends, my church, my pastors, my family. especially for my parents health, my strong 80 year old dad and my very strong momma, who had to go through some surgeries last year and is alive, can see with both eyes. halleluya, ntoi satan. thank you Jesus

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