The Gift…

Hey people

How has Christmas been? Hope you didnt indulge too much on food. Be careful guys  you don’t want to start the new year undoing all that damage. Too much repair work happens in January. It’s better to use exercise as a lifestyle than a remedy for undoing Christmas damage. 

So anyhow it’s Boxing Day 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 I still remember when I thought it was   And not  

Today is all about presents. Who doesn’t love gifts? So what’s not to love about Boxing Day? 

Even santa loves Boxing Day hehehehehe

So since santa is on holiday today. Have you taken over? Have you given someone a gift? Dad, mum, spouse, kids, siblings, friends? Today is about gifts so let’s make it happen. 

Speaking of gifts, Jesus said something that’s been ringing in my head all day yesterday 

This was part of a conversation he had with the woman at the well in John Chapter 4.  

Jesus is the gift of God to us. And yesterday as I thought about the sacrifices Mary had to make to ensure that the gift of God arrived to us safely I thought also about her “partner-in-crime” JOSEPH. 

So Not much is told of Jesus’ earthly father Joseph. The same way he silently slipped into this story is the same way he slid out. If you are not sensitive you would miss him totally and all the drama he had to go through. But he was definitely an amazing human being and if it hadn’t been for his beautiful heart I wonder how Mary would have survived it alone. 

I’m sure he planned a simple straightforward life for himself. He never even considered that his life could become so turpsy turvy in such a short time. Meet girl✅ Like girl (chosen for him)✅ Fall in love with girl ✅ Marry girl ✅ Have a thriving carpentry business✅ have loads of Hebrew babies ✅ live a long happy life ✅ that was the plan. Simple enough right? Wrong!!! 

How was he to know that the girl his parents had picked had also been picked by YAHWEH. How was he to know the one he had chosen to be the mother of his children had also been chosen to be the mother of God’s child. How do you even begin to compete with that? 

The story must have sounded ludicrous to him – that the Holy Spirit would overshadow her and she would be pregnant. No sex?! Virgin birth? Believe it or not he was going to stay as far away from this drama as he could. He wasn’t going to be a part of this. He planned to slip away quietly. Most men would have turned her in to be stoned to death. First because of the betrayal they would feel, then secondly because of the audacity she had in trying to make them look like fools. “An angel did what again?” 

However Joseph is different and I’m guessing there must be something about a name because we see a repeat in scripture. Another Joseph The dreamer.   The Bible tells us clearly that the angelic visitation wasn’t only to Mary but to Joseph too in a dream 

I know he was a good man but I think this kind of changes everything. At least for me. Once he heard from God he must have been strengthened. And that is one of my biggest secrets in life. Once I get a word from God on anything I’m home free. I run with boldness. I think hearing from God gave fuel to his resolve to do right by Mary and stand as a protector and husband over her 

To be honest though I don’t think it would still have been easy. I just know that like Cece would say wasn’t easy; but it was worth it. 

However accepting to marry her was just one part of the drama. And I’m not talking about the excited Shepherds with more tales of angelic visitations or the Magi who followed the star. Little did he know that he was not just to be foster parent but to be protector of this child as well because even though many rejoiced over his birth, some sought his death. 

So they had to sneak out of Bethlehem just as silently as they had entered it. 

It’s the way he was so readily accepting of all these godly interruptions in his life that still amazes me. No questions asked, no time for plenty explanations. Joseph learned how important hearing God and moving at his command. He lived 

And in doing so, helped preserve the gift of God. He was so in tune with hearing God that he knew when it was time to return to Israel.  

Joseph understood how important his role as guardian was 

And he was the first encounter Jesus had with mentoring here on earth. I doubt very much that God would have entrusted Jesus into his hands if he didn’t have what it took to be a positive role model for Jesus. Remember Jesus was fully man when he was here on earth even though he was the fullness of the God head bodily. He was a child who needed a father. So Joseph adopted him. Yeah, I’m sure you didn’t think about it that the son of God was adopted too. See why I can never seem to understand the stigma attached to adoption? Anyhow, he led the way and he stood beside Mary as Jesus was dedicated according to Jewish rites.  Then he modeled real work ethics for Jesus  


Jesus watched him and trained under him and was so good he was labeled “the carpenters son”. 

I believe they must have had a good rapport and been so in sync that perhaps Joseph began to forget the real assignment wasn’t just to be his father but to make sure he never forgot who his father was. Jesus reminded him of the assignment in Luke 2:41-52

Jesus asked,  

Did Joseph understand it? Was he upset by the statement? Did it remind him he wasn’t his natural father? I don’t know but the Bible says that Jesus went home with them that day and Joseph kept tending to the gift of God till he became the perfect gift ready to be received by the world. 

In this season, God’s desire in giving us the gift of Jesus is if we accept the gift to give us the kingdom.   

And as we celebrate. Let us also not forget the people who made the sacrifice to ensure we got the gift intact. 

Okay guys let’s be sure we fully live out the meaning of this season. My kids have turned the house upside down with joy as they ripped open their gifts this morning. Truly it is more blessed to give than to receive. 

Still in the spirit of giving. Congratulations to our #JUGNchristmaswithfriends giveaway challenge winners Uzor, Mena, Linda and Kelechi. Will tell you all about their gifts soon. But in the mean time they get to grace our header with a picture taken by our very own Miss Shittu of kemistry photography. Well done girls. Hope we made Christmas a little bit better for you. 

Love you. 

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