What Was She Thinking? 

Hey people

Christmas Day is almost here

and the Christmas feeling is getting stronger.

And anytime it’s Christmas I find myself asking some questions.

The account of Jesus’ birth is very compelling. I find that no matter how many times I read it or hear it I can’t get over how surreal it all was.

Growing up Christmas wasn’t Christmas till we had watched the story of Jesus’ birth on “Jesus of Nazareth”. 

Truth is no Christmas without Jesus. Forget all the Christmas trees and santa outfits and presents if we had no Jesus there would be no Christmas. 

And I often think of that brave teenage girl whose world completely turned around with these words:

I keep asking myself “what was she thinking?” It couldn’t have been easy.

First of all to comprehend what was being said to her, that God would become man and some how the creator would become created inside a creation he himself had created? How could she wrap her head around it long enough to believe it?

How could she believe it? If I were Mary i don’t think the hardest part for me would be believing that a virgin would be pregnant. Believing that God would become mere man and not just man but be carried in a womb and be born a baby. Now if I’m crazy enough to accept that then how it would be done wouldn’t sound that crazy to me.

Sometimes though I wonder if she knew the depth of what she was getting into. I doubt it seriously…

When she stared up at that angel with all the faith she could muster, in awe of what was being said to her  I doubt that she thought through the shame, the humiliation, the betrayal she would feel when no one believed her. Did she consider for one moment that she could be stoned to death? Did she even stop to think that she could end up doing this alone? That Joseph could back down? Walk away? Was it the love she knew he had for her or the fact she knew he was a good man? Why did she dare to speak those words…

I keep asking myself what was she thinking? So young and yet so yielded. 

When she eventually got past that phase, and she had somehow escaped being stoned and Joseph had come on board then there was the issue of the census. Traveling to Bethlehem heavy as she was on nothing but a donkey in a desert meaning she would experience extreme weather conditions. How did she travel knowing she was so close to delivery?

Hmmm…. see me see airlines and their wahala. Where is your fitness to fly? When is your due date? We can’t take you past 34 weeks… plenty long story. 

What was she thinking? This suffer go don plenty o! Even getting on a motorbike (Okada) at this stage would be unthinkable…. she did that long trip on a donkey. Then exhausted I believe, only to hear there was no room at the inn 

Being turned away inn after inn…. Definitely at this point she must have almost given up. In labor, water probably broke, tired, hot or cold, not sure exactly how to feel… I totally don’t know how she did it. She was definitely one brave young girl. 

Incidentally even today finding space in our hearts and lives is still just as hard but that’s a message for another day but let me ask you this one question today 

Think about it as we celebrate Christmas.

Funny enough we celebrate today but I’m sure she was far from celebrating as she pushed the “God-Child” from her womb. As she brought forth on that very night, divinity and humanity intertwined and finally a pathway back to God had been engaged.  What did she think as she lay beside him exhausted but finally understanding the kind of love that can only come from birthing…

I can only imagine the thoughts running through her head as she sat there animals all around. Then shepherds bursting in with great news. All speaking at the same time of angels of peace on earth and goodwill to all men. Wasn’t it all too much to take in? In one night? 

As if that wasn’t enough wise men from the east appeared telling how they had followed a star 

And when they brought forth their gifts  gold, frankincense and myrrh all prophetic symbols of the life this child would lead. 

I often wonder in the midst of all these spectacular signs. Did she even for once consider that she brought forth this child only to have him die? Did she know he would die such a horrible gruesome death? At the hands of the very ones he had come to save? Did she even once know how bad it would be? If she knew would she have done this?

When David has a tiny cut I can barely handle it. How much more seeing one’s child stripped naked and flogged, dragged through the streets like a common criminal then crucified. How did she, knowing the prophecy that had gone forth ages ago in Luke 2:35?

She must have pieced it all together at some point because obviously she was a deep thinker.  Every single prophecy or divine encounter, I believe she kept little bits of information; she treasured it till she could piece it all together. 

So did she also think we were all worth it?  God loved us and gave… 

Jesus loved us so he gave…

Why did Mary give? Knowing she would have to endure this 

I know Christmas is a happy season and rightfully so because 

But you can’t help but wonder what price was paid to bring us this joy. What sacrifice was made..


once you think about this you will realize that we are on a mission and this defines Christmas for us 

Today I think about the sacrifice of a young girl Mary and the man who loved her and stood by her Joseph. I consider all the obstacles they had to overcome and I’m challenged to be totally surrendered in my worship to God… even when I don’t fully understand it or suspect that I may not like it. Either way my prayer is Lord may I always say 

Especially in this coming year 

Okay guys see you tomorrow. Hope you’ve gotten someone a gift or tried out some of the recipes. Either way have yourself a merry Christmas.

Here’s something to make you smile 

Merry Christmas from David and I.

3 thoughts on “What Was She Thinking? 

  1. I guess she wasn’t thinking…. she was just reporting for duty like the soldiers would when they get deployed, ready for battle wherever it was… #SoyoungSoyeilded

    Thank you Jesus… 😙😙😙😙

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lol@at all the drama after childbirth. men bursting in from everywhere when you just need some time to recover from even getting mad at your baby for so much body stress. n some clowns in this day will say you didn’t call immediately to tell me u put to bed. strong Mary…..over cuteness is worrying this boy called David.


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