Happy Birthday Jesus 

Merry Christmas everyone…

No matter how you feel today; eating rice or drinking garri,  put a big smile on your face and celebrate!!! It’s Jesus’ birthday. 

Love you guys 

Pastor Mildred. 
Need to say a few thank you

📸 by the amazing Mr Grey @avrgrey. Wanna find him? Just use the #theavrilmagic 

💄 by my darling Ruth. The only one who can convince me to abandon my nude lipsticks for this shocking red @ruth_hazel, @houseofhazel_ng

💇🏽 by the lovely Tseju. Not even a Santa hat can cover the gorgeousness of this hair. @tsejuhair 

Thanks guys. Totally love you. Always there to make things easy for me. God bless you and once again a merry Christmas everyone 

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