Please Remember…

Today I went in to collect my children’s report cards and even though they did very well,  I couldn’t help but reminisce a bit about what it felt like to be the one whose report was being turned in. Oh! What pressure. Thinking did I do well? Math? English? It’s heart wrenching. 
It can be a really hard time for children. So when someone sent me this today as a broadcast (I don’t know what made me read it because I’m usually not broadcast friendly )

I loved it so much I knew I had to put it up. 

Hope it speaks to you like it did me. It made so much sense because my kids are so different. Dassah is the bold can do while Vida is the gentle with quiet strength type. Dassah walked fast, talked fast, could read early while Vida on the other hand took her time and will do nothing till she’s ready. Dassah makes friends easily, Vida enjoys her own company and takes her time to decide if you are worth knowing. So I’m definitely dealing with total opposites. 

Imagine comparing them. How unfair to expect them to be the he same. 

Dear Parents/Guardians,
The exams are over or almost over and school is almost out for the 2016 academic year. 

Your children will bring reports home this week. I know you are all really anxious for your child to do well. 
What’s the meaning of “doing well?”

Please do remember, amongst the children who sat for the exams, is an Artist,
who doesn’t need to understand Maths. 

That’s definitely me. Personally I had no Patience with the subject  

And I couldn’t understand it  

So I was always quick to give up.  

There’s an Entrepreneur,  who doesn’t care about History or English literature. All he knows is how to succeed. 

There’s a Musician,            whose Chemistry marks won’t matter.

There’s a Sportsperson, whose physical fitness is more important than Physics. 

If your child does get top marks then great. But, if he or she doesn’t, please don’t take away their self- confidence and dignity from them. 

Tell them it’s ok, it was just an exam. They are cut out for much bigger things in life.

Tell them, no matter what they score, you love them and will not judge them.

Please do this and if you do, watch your children conquer the world. One exam or a 90% marks won’t take away their dreams and talent.


And please do not think that doctors and engineers are the only happy people in the world.

Be happy for them when they come home with those reports this week. 

Encourage them to do better. Motivate those who were not successful. There’s beauty in going back and giving it another shot. 

Don’t judge them. They expect of you, their mother, their father, most of all to understand and to still believe in them. 

Failing a grade can never make your children failures. Their destinies lie locked up in far greater things. 


I think it’s a timely word so I decided to share. Our children are gifts from God and gifts from God are always good.  

Let’s enjoy every moment with them. Let’s not be so focused on making sure their tomorrow is great that we forget they have a today to get through  

So let’s enjoy every moment and every stage. Before you know it they are all grown up and then it’s too late. Don’t worry about that report card  let’s enjoy Christmas today 😁 

Have you put up the decorations yet? 

Back in a bit 

Love you 

Pastor Mildred. 

8 thoughts on “Please Remember…

  1. I loveeee this post unfortunately there is only a like button. I still ask myself why i went to school for 5 years to study a course that i dont care for and now that knowledge is sitting in a file somewhere and I am working to pay the bills… i wonder how far i would have come if i had just done a diploma or something in child care and gone to a writing school …. i wonder how different my life would be.. now you have to start late, stumble late and pick yourself up late… but still we start. I hope we can teach this generation and the next to come that a fulfilling life is much more than learning ABC’s …

    Love love love this post.. love you too


      1. I love this post. Sincerely as I read it, it brought back sad memories. Dad is a maths guru and so are my siblings expect me of course, English was my major strength. Imagine the fear I always had, when I did not do well in math, I was so scared to go home… Lol. I wish parents can get a hold of this post……..knowing maths is fine but if it’s not a person’s forte ,it really does not matter.i remember having an extra maths home tutor, cos for my dad, not knowing maths was like an abomination… Lol….. Lesson learnt from this post….. Love you mama…. Your post rock… Merry Christmas.


  2. This post touched a deep sore within o…..cos i can forget growing up with my cousins and when either of them would dp badly at sch which they always do i would dread going home with my report card (cos i always do well) we would all suffer d consequences of their bad report card and believe me it was dreadful i actually started hoping and conciously tried to do badly at sch…never told anyone this till today! Woops thank God am free!


  3. Wow! this totally blessed me… I am not even sure what to say butt thanks for the reminder Mama .. every mother needs to here this , I mean every parent , uncle, Aunty, care giver… i still remeber my own childhood , thank God for the lessons we learn in life … Thank you mama, indeed every child is unique and equally special


  4. thank you for this mama, kai, seems like my hubby put you up to do this post. I was always first to third in primary and secondary school , had an A1 in maths in ssce, and inuni, i finished with a 4.0 gpa, so i no understand how my child wont do well in school. i have seen this kind of write-ups several times, i would read it and just move on. but this one sha got to me. ok, i repent, i wii not beat my twins whatever their report card says… and em,i will love them and encourage them. thank you mamamia,, love u ma. this one is not for my parents, this one is for ME.


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