Disciplined In December

Hey people

How are you? Okay so I was working on sending you another recipe then I had a re-think. If I’m going to be sending you all these recipes then I really need to make sure it doesn’t end up creating a bigger problem for you in the long run.

So you know how I love you guys? Well I decided to get one super chick. She’s fun and bubbly but she totally gets it when it comes to losing weight and living a much healthier life. I will let her introduce herself…… yep! Thank me later.



Her private chat with me went something like

‘…I am traveling home to Nigeria next week to visit family… I will be sticking to the exercises daily as instructed but I know it is the meal plan I will default on. I am just being honest. Anyways, I wanted to inform you and also ask any advice you can offer. And yes, I know it is ordinary food but ahhh, I have not eaten my mommy’s black soup in a year. That one isn’t ordinary food ooooo hahahaha *covers eyes*…’


Oh gosh, I laughed so hard before I even thought of replying her. After I replied, I noticed she didn’t listen or respond for a while. When she did, her reply was…


hahahahhahahahaha! Thank you so much Eziaha. I thought you would scold me so I was reluctant to listen to the voice note…’


Now yawl are probably itching to know what I told her that got her laughing.

I will share.

But my mama taught me manners.

Hey yawl, I am super excited to be guest-blogging on JUGN. Thank you so much mama for having me here.

My name is Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo, wife, mom and 30!!! I am many other things, but for this post, let’s stick to ‘I am a Food and Fitness Apostle at CoachE’Squad’

I run, among others, online classes (Squads) where I help Chicks (Squaddies) lose weight and generally stay fit. You see, I used to be 106kg from food indiscipline (and TV too. Don’t lie, the most junk you consume, you do it in front of your screen) but the Lord helped me to toss 30kg in under 4months.

Incidentally, December, the universally acclaimed month of FOOD, was a part of those 4months, and because I was tired of being fat, I stayed disciplined through the holidays.

Ok I admit I didn’t have the financial buoyancy (read B-R-O-K-E) to even indulge, but yawl know I could have hopped from house to house too if I wanted free food. And trust me; I am never short of friends to visit.

It has been a year since I lost weight, and I have helped many more Chicks too.

It is another Christmas, I’m not broke (hallelujah) but I intend to stay disciplined through this holiday. And I intend to keep my Squaddies Disciplined too. Which is why that Chick above and I had that convo.

I’m always singing ‘IT IS JUST FOOD ooo’ to all my Squaddies!!!

She had to throw that line back at me. Sharp babe!!!

Anyways, I had to agree with her. Her mom’s black soup is NOT just food!!! It is a delicacy. While I am not (no longer more like) a foodie, I proudly admit that I am a Noodles-ie, especially Indomie!!!

I mean, noodles are made in heaven.

Argue with the person beside you right now. I’m not even debating.

Indomie Noodles is NOT just food. IT IS THE FOOD!!!

And I get pretty upset when people call or spell it as INDOMINE!!! Like really???? Show some respect please!!!

Ok before I make this about my love for Noodles, let me just give you tips on how to stay ‘Disciplined this December’, even as we show some respect to our Temples!!!

Now, I’m not going to push it and ask you to lose weight through the holidays like I did. Leave that for my Squaddies. I just want us to focus on maintaining what we even entered the season with, at the very least.

I love the number 5, so let’s share 5 tips? Thank You!!!


Sports Direct and Blender Bottles work well, but any water bottle is fine.

Cool kid tip? All the IJGB’s are gon’ be rolling with a bottle of water everywhere they go cos Naija is too hot for them. *scowls*

So you can be a Cool Kid too if you carry a water bottle around, sipping it at calculated intervals, while complaining about the weather, like a confam IJGB. IJGB is I just got back… the ‘Abroad’ returnees. (If you didn’t already know, good luck in becoming a CK. That’s ‘Cool Kid’, try and keep up).

But don’t just carry one; throw some slices of lemon in it.

Lemon has the super power called FAT burning. Then it can also suppress appetite. Warm lemon water. Just enough lemon to change the taste of the water, without making it bitter.

Something else happens when we STAY HYDRATED (which is really what I should have called my number 1 tip) It will help keep stomach boredom at bay.

See ehn, sometimes your tummy is NOT hungry. It is just BORED!!! Keep it busy with fluids.

You may also infuse your water with any fruit of choice. So you may also consider an infusion bottle if you wanna look even cooler.

Whatever you do, stay hydrated (with a CK water bottle *wink*)

*Disclaimer, if you have any health challenge whatsoever, you may wanna check with your Doctor first before drinking lemons. Or just drink ordinary water. It works too.

Yes it is probably too late for me to tell you to lose weight now, just about two weeks to Christmas, but keep this tip in mind before or for the next holiday, say Easter, summer, or another country for a while. Like my Squaddie above and a lot of people who are travelling in or out this season.

See ehn, when you are away from your regular location, I believe you should sample meals. I wouldn’t go to Greece, for example, and not taste Baklava and feta cheese and all that stuff Christine Caine stays harassing me with.

Or Brazil and not taste Brigadeiros, that is Brazilian Chocolate truffles

And the calorie laden Acarajé (which I suspect is AKARA).

Or even Nigeria and not eat Black soup and Pounded yam, or Suya AT NIGHT please.

Holidays are for food too.

But this is something I tell my Squaddies. If you are going on a planned holiday, take a month to lose some weight. 5kg would be awesome but even 2kg is fine. That way, when you sample meals (and I don’t mean stuff your face with every single meal you find), then you just may come back up to your previous weight, or even fall less.

Putting figures to it – Say you are 90kg, you take a month or 2 to drop 5kg at least, go and have a lovely vacay, and you return at 88kg or even 91kg.

This is way better than travelling at 90kg and returning at 95kg.

Now when you get back, you can call me and we can resume our healthy lifestyle again, because life should be lived balance!!!

Need some theology for that? 1 Peter 5v8 in AMPC says BE WELL-BALANCED…


So take the holiday season to indulge a little, especially if holiday involves travelling, even if to the village.

But first, pay the price. Lose some kgs first.

Now, even if Christmas is about two weeks away, how about you stay disciplined from today or tomorrow till the 24th? Who know, if you holler at me, I can epp you toss like 2kg, so you won’t feel that much guilty indulging on Christmas weekend. Or even beyond, especially if travelling.



You see, this is my favourite weight loss lingua. The beautiful thing about food is that we get the most satisfaction from the first couple of bites. The first bite has a much stronger taste, and is sweetest.

Subsequent bites are less strong and less sweet. The more you eat, the less additional pleasure you get from each bite.

Ever wondered why ‘Good to the last bite’ is a compliment?

There you go.

Which is why you should decide intentionally to keep your portions healthy. Don’t overload your plate.

Eat slowly.

It takes your brain some time (I hear 20minutes) to transport the ‘I’m full signal’ to your tummy, hence don’t be mindlessly eating fast so you don’t miss it.

We only need so much food and no more. The extra eating comes from greed, long throat, mindless eating (especially when looking at a screen), or all of the above. Sorry guys, just shooting straight.

And don’t always go for Seconds abeg.

Drink water and relax.

So yes, eat Jollof and fried rice, fried chicken, Black soup, Noodles, etc.

But P.C it.

And be sure to add some generous servings of vegetables and salad. I mean, you can even add cream to your salad; so far you don’t overdo it.

Portion control baby!!!

Plus don’t forget Cool tip Number 1. Stay hydrated.



Yes, we are back to balance. You can’t indulge every day!!! Forget holidays now and think of your health!!! Eat with wisdom!!!

Plan your visits to friends and family in such a way that you don’t have to stuff your face back to back.

Some days, sit at home and pay penance for the over-eating of yesterday and day-before yesterday.

Eat salads!!! Drink lots of water!!! Drink green smoothies!!!

Let the entire junk find its way out before you go on overload again.

You don’t wanna get into the New Year with an under-functioning body.

Sit down; curl up with a nice book with an Apple and Cucumbers.

Or watch a movie and eat grapes.

Or eat the Bread of life, aka read your Bible, and celebrate the One whose birthday we are celebrating.

It is Jesus birthday not yours!!!!

Go for balance!!! Not every day turn up!!!



See ehn, this holiday period of food and more food, you need more cardio than anything. Don’t worry about resistance and strength trainings.

Run, skip, do Jumping Jacks, Dance, etc. The best part about cardio, especially running or walking, is that we can do it with a buddy.

Instead of sitting in with that friend who finally has your time this season, and eating, take long walks and catch up.

Throw in a simple workout wear when you wanna visit, or borrow your friend’s own (feel free to keep it if you like it, in the spirit of Christmas). You can even make it a group thing and yawl can colour-code or som’in.

Leave the gym, just go for a run and release those happy hormones, a.k.a endorphins.

The best part of walking, or jogging, is all the things you get to notice in your environment too.

Plus yawl can talk about the absolute goodness of God.

Now even if you don’t have any friend to go with, hike solo.

And talk to God. I love this quote I saw somewhere.

You certainly need creative ideas for 2017, so go for that walk.

Just don’t walk with a foolish person. That’s not me, but Solomon in Proverbs 13 v 20.


Ok, I can go on fo’eva, ask around haha, but I will stop here!!!

But these 5 tips should help us all.

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas people!!!

Stay disciplined… not just in your food but also in your activities.

We need you, alive, well and with few or no regrets, in the New Year 2017, running after all your God-given assignments!!!










8 thoughts on “Disciplined In December

  1. waoh!

    So on point, just what i need after staying at home for 5weeks and thinking of how to loose all the weight since i cant do any form of workout for now.

    Thank you so much mama for always reaching out just at the right.

    @Eziaha – NCK on the block (new cool kid)


  2. If I Don’t comment on this, who will? I stalk momma E everyday as if my life depends on it! I have dropped a whopping dress size too even though it wasn’t intentional. I was just trying to lose some belly fat and I was following some of the tips she shared especially for her August squaddies, so here I am today with a flatter tummy and a size 8 body! Way to go Momma! 👏👏👏👏👏 My all round mentor!


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