Did you know?

Hey everyone! Can you feel Christmas already..

Well I can.. πŸ™‹πŸ½.. Christmas lights on buildings and on the street, people coming back home from “the abroad”, designers doing giveaways on Instagram.. I cannot believe we are about entering the 2nd week in December, where did the whole year go!

And it’s actaually 18 days to Christmas Day! Whoop! Still counting down.. πŸ’ƒπŸΎπŸ’ƒπŸΎ

Christmas is such an exciting and happy season, like we say Christ is the reason for the season.. however how much do you really know about Christmas..

Today, we are gonna look at interesting facts about Christmas.. Most of which I just found out myself.

1) The traditional three colours of Christmas are green, red and gold. Green has long been a symbol of life and rebirth; red symbolizes the blood of Christ, and gold represents light as well as wealth and royalty.

2) Christmas trees were first decorated with foods such as apples, nuts and dates.. (A food tree! 😍.. lol, this is the foodie in me speaking, but imagine just walking by your tree and taking an apple off to snack on.. cool!) 

3) The largest floating Christmas tree in the world is 278 feet tall and is located in Rio de Janero, Brazil. (I just don’t understand why anyone would want to put a tree on water)Β 

4) Did you ever wonder where x-mas came from? X means Christ in Greek, so to shorten the word Christmas we sometimes use X-mas. (I can see someone’s eyes light up as they say “Oh really?”)Β 

5) In Italy, Christmas dinner can last for more than 4hours. Yes that’s right. Most of the Italian families have more than 7 courses for the dinner. (😳😳 All I’m thinking about is, who is gonna do all those dishes! And all the Italians I know)Β 

6) Christmas candy cane shaped as a shepherds’ crook, represents the humble shepherds who were first to worship the new born Christ.

7) Most of the popular Christmas songs including “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”, “Winter wonderland”, “I’ll be home for Christmas”, “O holy night” were written and co-written by Jews. (Interesting to see how the words spoken over the life of the Jews, thousands of years ago is still being made manifest.. God’s word NEVER, stress on never falls to the ground)Β 

8) The Christmas wreath was originally hung as a symbol of Jesus. The holly represents his crown of thorns and the red berries the blood he shed.

9) During Christmas of 1914 (World war 1), a truce was held between Germany and the U.K. They decorated their shelters, exchanged gifts across neutral grounds and played a game of football between themselves. (Isn’t that something.. because of Christmas two countries at the verge of war would drop their guns, and bombs and exchange gifts and celebrate over football together.. Don’t you think it’s time to pick up the phone and call that person you’ve been fighting and been in war with? Yup! Send a card or a gift, let the love of Christ reign this season!)Β 

10) Santa Claus, real name St Nicholas; was born in the year 270 and was a Bishop in a town in present day Turkey. He earned a reputation as an anonymous gift giver. (I’m sure some of us didn’t know his real name, and if you did.. no way you would have known when he was born 😁. Disclaimer: the picture below isn’t St Nicholas. Lol)Β 

11) Santa has a real postal zip code. H0H 0H0. Every year millions of letters are addressed to Santa from kids all over the world. (Now bringing out my pen and paper to write my wish list to Santa, I qualify being a kid I’m someone’s child.. plus you never know πŸ˜‰)Β 

12) If you have all the gifts listed in the “twelve days of Christmas”, it would equal 364gifts..

Trust me I kinda doubted the maths at first, but it actually adds up.. you’ll have a partridge in a pear for 12days, two turtle doves for 11days and so on.. so that’s 364 gifts.. Β a Christmas gift for every day of the year.. yay! Well excluding my birthday, cos I got a birthday gift instead 😁 that’s my life. Everyday is Christmas except when it’s my birthday πŸ˜‰

Β plus I’m sure most of us don’t know the exact wordings of the song, don’t be shy.. sing along while you read it πŸ˜„.Β 

Speaking about gift giving, make sure to actually give out a gift this season.. Check out the previous posts to know the best kinda gifts to give out..

And oh I’m excited about something, so we might be doing our very own.. *whispers* just us girls secret Santa..

Don’t tell anyone, or tell every lady you know!!! Lol.. more info coming soon, make sure to check here everyday!

See you all later..

Kemi Shittu

3 thoughts on “Did you know?

  1. Honestly packing my bags and moving … obrigado .. number 4 really??? Aww sweet i never liked to shorten it or liked it when people shortened it but that news feels good.. 6 and oh 8 now it makes sense… aww mushy facts and i love.. and i know the song jor and yes the correct words not the chop mouth version …


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