What’s Cooking? 

Hey people

It’s another feature today by Miss kemi Shittu and It’s a recipe. I’m so excited. I loooooooooove cooking. So I can’t wait to try this out. I have my own recipe for this but never hurts to try something different. See, I told you we got you covered from gifts to food….

Anyway enjoy…
The sound of pots and pans clanging, waking up at 5am to chop carrots and pepper, the house filled with the smell of deep fried crispy chicken, not taking a shower till like 4pm..

That’s what a typical Christmas Day used to be like when I was younger..

Now I’m a self professed foodie, I love food..


the smell of food, having to savor every bit that enters my mouth and actually taste the food, chewing..

I should stop, before I eat my phone 😂..

I enjoy cooking, but absolutely do not like the preparation that comes with it, and that was all that was expected of me when in my mum’s kitchen.. cutting, slicing, chopping, stiring, more cutting, washing dishes, and pots, and all you wanna do is just run away..

But at the end of the day, after all the work, the sweat, hot oil splashing on your skin a couple of times.. it’s usually worth it when you see the spread of food on the table! And Christmas Day is the one day you’re allowed to eat all you want! 😁

See how good our food looks! Yum!

So let’s get right into it for today, all this talk about food has made me hungry already.. lol

Today I’m bringing you a home made recipe from dooney’s kitchen! Im sure most of us know who she is, if you don’t you must be living under a rock somewhere..


I know what you’re thinking, who doesn’t know how to make fried rice and chicken, sweetie you’ll be surprised, plus this one has a twist and is not the usual.. so follow each step carefully.

You will need:


Spring Onions

1 large Green Bell Pepper

1 large Atta Rodo (scotch bonnet)





White Pepper

Runner Beans

Knorr Chicken Cubes


Long Grain Rice

Chicken Stock

Boiled Chicken

Olive Oil (you can use any oil you usually cook with)


  1. At first, you’re going to chop, chop, chop.. cooking fried rice is not for the faint hearted and do NOT use processed mixed veg. Please don’t.. This fried rice is fresh and alive. Packaged mixed veg is just dead ad depressing. Lol.. Chop the runner beans and put in a separate bowl. You’ll know why soon.
  2. Boil the liver with plain water at first, to let the blood boil out and congeal. Let this boil for a few minutes till you see the water get very dark brown. Throw away the water, add fresh water and season with salt, chopped onions and seasoning cubes. Once the liver has cooked, chop into cubes.
  3. Season and boil your chicken, remember with chicken you don’t drown it in water when you boil. You start with a little water first which will increase in volume after the heat leaches out more fluid from the chicken, the you add more water and re-season. When it is cooked, you can grill or fry. Retain the stock. Before you do that, take at least 3pieces of boiled chicken, shred or chop and add to the bowl of chopped veggies.

4. Once you have chopped all the ingredients add them into one bowl including the prawns (keep the runner beans separate). I have to stop here for a bit and say well done for all your hard work.. Lol.

5. Now season with curry, thyme, white pepper, knorr cubes and a little salt. Mix thoroughly, pick out a few of the veggies to taste. Just to be sure you have it well seasoned.

Dooney’s mum cooking tip: Place the bowl in the freezer. For the spices and seasoning to really permeate the veggies, you have to leave it in the freezer till it gets very cold. Use this time to tidy up the kitchen or catch up on a series while you let the veggies get extra delicious. Trust me, you’re going to start eating the veggies raw once you taste the difference cold air makes. 

6. Boil the rice with the volume of water that will cook it only halfway. DO NOT salt it because you’re going to finish off with chicken stock. When it has cooked halfway, pour in the chicken stock that will cook it further – three quarter way.

7. When it is almost three quarter cooked then add the runner beans. Make sure there is no water in the rice and it does not burn. If there is water, it would be soggy. Use kitchen knife to touch the base of the pot, to ensure it does not burn and there is no water at the bottom of the pot, otherwise it turns soggy.

8. When it is cooked, the runner beans will turn greenish brown, and the color of the rice will have a slight green hue.

9. Heat up oil in a pan, when it gets very hot flash fry the vegetables till you can see the vegetables have cooked. A good indicator is the prawns have started turning brown, the orange nature of the carrot will no longer be sharp, and the other vegetables would have shrunk a little.

10. Then use a spoon to transfer the fried vegetables and some oil into an empty pot, followed by some boiled rice, and keep adding the rice and vegetables in bits..

After combining the mixture for sometime with a wooden spoon (MUST- so it doesn’t burn), sprinkle extra curry, taste for salt and cover to simmer. Turn the heat to the lowest. The end result is rice that is not completely soft, though not hard for consumption, and the vegetables and the chopped ingredients crunchy, in a good way and not baby food soft.

And here is your result.

Alright everyone make sure to try this and let me know how yummy it is!

6 thoughts on “What’s Cooking? 

  1. These posts are getting more interesting by the day. And I’ve taken with me 1 or 2 inspirations from each post . Keep it up Mama n Kemskems (😆), for our sakes😂


  2. Ohhh bless dooneys heart… she is the reason i am this fat…thats my story and i am sticking to it …… I am yet to find anything i love more than a great cooked meal. Thinking of Christmas already and looking forward to one cheat day


      1. Hahhahaha!!! Is Jesus’s birthday not mine i know but how can we celebrate without rice na??? Jesus won’t want all that Christmas food to waste jor…


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