Naughty or Nice? 

hello people 

Still in the Christmas spirit. I had such a hectic weekend and I forgot today was the kid’s Christmas class party so I had to get someone to do me miracles today to drop off stuff for the goodie bags.

So, goodie bags…Whenever I hear those words I think Santa. I know… he’s not real but don’t spoil this for the kids. There’s already too much bad news in life. Let them believe…in santa and the fact that he’s making a naughty or nice list if they like 

However let them also know that Christmas is based on love and grace not works. It’s not just a reward for being nice. If you look closely some children are not necessarily naughty just misunderstood 

So anyhow whether or not they’ve been naughty or nice, just for being your kids they deserve Christmas gifts and because I’m so nice (be sure to tell santa/pk please) I’m giving you a list to make you mummy of the year.

I know… I’m that sweet but hey who wouldn’t want to give a cutie like this a gift ? 

  1. Toys: This is definitely number one on any kids list. Some things just never change. Girls will always love dolls and boys will always like toy cars. However be creative. 
  2. Books: oh! I will forever love the day i was introduced to books. I think everyone child should be introduced to and encouraged to have a love for books. I think a healthy principle would be one book;one toy. Try as many different kinds till you find what your child really likes but please keep the Bible stories in there as well. 
  3. Arts and crafts and Activity kits: Anythinv to keep the kids occupied this season since they will be on holiday and away from school. Puzzles, beading sets, coloring books, word search,
  4. CDs or dvds: let them watch characters they love or really nice family  Christmas movies or the Christmas versions of some of their favourite Tv shows 
  5. Gadgets: Even  1 year old David knows how to scroll on my iPhone or  other smart devices. Dassah on the other hand is of the opinion that she needs a phone so she can call me if her nanny wants to beat her. Ive told  her “you are not getting a phone at 5 and if you bother me too much you may not even have one at 15 or 50.” 😂😂😂😂 anyway my point is kids are way more advanced these days they would appreciate gadgets as gifts This is a really cool piggy bank. That has an ATM card and pin that opens it up. Really cool
  6. Bibles: Children should be reminded of the real reason for the season. We need to keep them grounded in the word or the world will take over. They need to start loving the word from a tender age. And with Disney and nickelodeon competing for their attention they need to be reminded of who we are and what we believe. Buy them their very own picture or study bibles that are age appropriate. If they can read let them if not read to them.  Who still remembers this one ? 
  7. Surprise Eggs : I know these are considered Easter gifts but I find that my kids love them all year round. I love the fact that they can’t tell what they’ll get as the name suggests it’s always a surprise 
  8. Games: incidentally I’m not thinking PSP or WII I’m thinking some of the less expensive ones we played with as kids. Monopoly, Whot, Ludo, chess or even good old “Ayo” or “Okwe” as my people call it. Funny all these games are educational as well. You teach counting, adding, strategy and even entrepreneurial skills     You may not be so tripped by this gift idea but remember your kids may have never seen them before.
  9. Costumes: Every Child I know likes to play dress up. Help their sense of imagination. 
  10. Outdoor Activity Items: it’s no surprise that most children today are vitamin D deficient and the reason is most kids are indoors either watching tv or playing on tablets or computers. Buy gifts that encourage them to go out in the sun.  Okay guys so I will see you later. Please keep the Christmas spirit alive in your hearts and make sure the children encounter the joy whether they’ve been naughty or nice 😉

6 thoughts on “Naughty or Nice? 

  1. Oh PM.. Thank you so much for these. Recently introduced my 5 year old to WHOT; now I must play for hours.

    Also; misunderstood is truly a category.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s post. 😙😙😙😙🤗🤗


  2. Loving these ideas mama…. the list of people to give gifts to is long sha… can’t we just invite then to church and say merry christmas (cut cost) 😑😑😑😑 …love you plenty


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