These are a few….

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes. Snowflakes that fall on my nose and eye lashes. Brown paper packages tied up with string… these are a few of my favorite things…

Who doesn’t remember The Sound Of Music or maybe I should say who doesn’t love Maria? 
Well, the truth is I have my list of Favourite things too and apart from girls in white dresses like my cute babies here

my list definitely differs from Maria’s.  I’m hoping that my list will inspire you to start thinking of getting ready your Christmas gifts for the ladies in your life. Yep! It’s the season of giving people… get ready ! 

So here goes guys….

a few of my favorite things… especially for Christmas (in no particular order).

1. Books: Yes, I looooooooooooove books. I love the way they feel, smell…. I love that I can write in the margin. I love that I can escape into another world or that I can learn or be inspired by reading a book; that I can get instruction and direction. I honestly love getting Christian fiction for Christmas. It’s light hearted reading that still somehow feeds my spirit and fills my soul. Why don’t you try it? Buy someone a book today before we all actually forget what it means to read

Some of my favourite authors


Oh! How could I forget?! You definitely gain extra points if it’s a joyce Meyer book or better still her study bible …the fashion edition. I loooove mine

2. Frangrances: I love perfumes. Every woman I know loves to smell nice. There are so many brands out there that have amazing scents. A really good designer fragrance will make a beautiful gift. Personally these first two I am trusting God will find their way to me this Christmas 😉

The last three are some of my favorite signature scents 

3. Shoes: I’m totally guilty of having waaaaay too many shoes than I need. I end up giving them all out and the joy it brings the people that receive it makes me know I am not alone. Most women love shoes …and the ones who don’t (in my opinion) don’t know yet that they do. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 😂

Shoes are beautiful and beautiful shoes give you confidence. I’m not really crazy about bags but give me a lovely pair of shoes any day.

While we are at it why not get her something that will match with santas outfit 😉

4. Massage/spa treatment: you know it’s funny. Something as little as a pedicure can totally change my day from stressful to amazing.  Yes I’m easy like that. Just pay for a spa session and we are friends at least for a few weeks. I think it’s cos I finally get to totally shut down for a few minutes and every mum will appreciate a few minutes of “me” time. Perfect Christmas gift if you ask me.

5. Hampers: everybody loves hampers but I think women appreciate them the most. I know how I stock up and sometimes don’t shop till end of January because of hampers. I especially love it when it’s been packed personally. So as I unpack with the kids they each find something they know was put there for them. So don’t just grab a hamper mindlessly. Make one. Fill up with the goodies your mum or sister or wife will like.

6. A planned Night Out: This Christmas may be a great time to actually take that lady in your life out. You can make it a ladies night -karaoke, dinner and a movie or if they are like me take them to see a stage play. Oh! I went to see heartbeat (the musical)  it was A-MAY-ZING!!!

And not just cos my girls were in it. I was literally screaming- yes I’m now that embarrassing mum in the room. 😂😂😂 I kept saying “my babies are amazing!!! Girls can siiiiiing!!!” Amazingly they can act and dance too. Yep! DCC’s definitely got talent.

Just go and see it for yourself. You will thank me later.

7. Jewellery: okay so this one is definitely not rocket science. I’m sure you’ve heard diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I think this works overboard. Most women will appreciate a piece of jewellery. I know I do.  Wristwatches

(although for me the more masculine the better)


neckpieces (personally not a huge fan) but it works




Pretty much Every type of jewellery works when gifting it to a woman.

8. Gadgets: Im usually the one to find gadgets that do the weirdest things but I love them especially if they are functional. What I like about gadgets is they sometimes solve a problem you dont even know existed or you had gotten too comfortable with to do anything about it. 

9. Keep Sakes: what I like to call pretty little things. They may not have a world changing effect, may not be built to solve any grandiose problem or any  problem actually. It just makes me happy when I see it.

10. Cards: I know you were not expecting this but I’m actually one of those that miss real actual cards. Not the putting you on my DP thing. I love cards and I hope I’m not an endangered specie. That there are still some of us. I love funny cards. I love opening the card to get the punchline. I love the fact that it’s mine not out there on social media for all to see. It’s my own private, personal message.

Obviously there are so many things you can buy so these are just a few ideas. Please feel free to add yours. Who knows who you may be helping out.

Okay guys back tomorrow.

Love you.

Feeling the Christmas spirit yet?

17 thoughts on “These are a few….

  1. Awwwww … now i know that i resemble you 😂😂😂..that list is the most perfect list ever from books , cuddle up with a francine rivers or karen kingsbury and that is a perfect day. To perfumes and i love me my 5th avenue any day . That marc Jacobs will definitely leave a smile on my face for a while and yes i think i actually need a spa day or maybe a spa month, pack me a bag, take me far away from the world, somewhere cold and leave me with good books , no phones or internet and old hallmark christmas movies and all will be right in the world…

    This list is the real deal, let me go find someone to bless…

    But mama you will give me books abi?? Top on my list is the JM everyday bible 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 thank you in advance.. oh and a long letter 😉😉 not too much is it ?? 😗😗

    That getaway is to your house o.. i just say i should tell you early…

    Miss you loads. Kisses to my babies


    1. Hmmmm…. the day you finally come to the house with or without a packed bag will be the day. I’ve been threatened too long. About the books or JM bible I haven’t heard the spirit say anything yet. 😜😜😜😜


  2. Hmmm i love the books and the perfumes like am crazy about those two. I promise to be a blessing to someone this Christmas cos ive stayed too long at the receiving end during christmas. Thanks for the ideas Mama love you loads.


  3. Mamaaaaaaaa… I love sound of music I can almost swear I watch it every year ☺️….: reading ur blog Gives me a happy feeing … I love Christmas … am definitely writing down the gifts I am going to be giving out💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽…. thank you mama💕💕💕


  4. Those pics make me wish I have super powers and they can just magically appear in my room like now now now.
    I downloaded a few books on my iPad and I can’t say I am loving the experience, nothing like a good book in my view.
    I ha ward good things about Max Lucado. I will check his books out.
    Thanks Ma. Love you a lot.


  5. Ah cards!!! Got two lovely ones from one of my Sqauddies. She sent it all the way from PHC handwritten. I loooooove it. Unlike you tho, i LOVE for the world to see it too… so Yas to social media😍😍😍😍😍


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