Better Together 

Hey people

So yeah! That’s my mood right now. I’m soooooooooooo happy I’m blogging today. I’ve barely had a moment. So many underG moves.  So much planning and restructuring going on here. I can’t even believe how exhausted I am when I go to bed at night but the truth is I can’t believe how fulfilled I feel even though I am so exhausted. 

So anyway my day would usual end at midnight and start by 4.30am but today for some reason I slept soooooooo soundly drool and all …. okay so I’m exaggerating there was definitely no drool. But my point is I didn’t get up till 6am

and I only got up because my human alarm (coach E) woke me up bright and early in usual sunny bubbly joy-filled way.

Actually she assumed I was already up 

I could not believe it I totally overslept and I had to be ready for 6:15am to get to work on the mainland. 

I’m sure you are wondering why Eziaha is now my human alarm. Well, so much is happening in my life right now so I need to be the best version of myself so I can be productive. So I decided to lose weight because I need to be like 30kg lighter. Thankfully Eziaha agreed to do this with me so she gives me the most amazing meal plans and makes sure I work out everyday.

The truth is I could have done this alone but it’s easier when you have  someone doing it with you. When you have a partner.

Even the Bible tells us that 

It’s definitely much easier with someone else. In fact anything is easier when you have someone holding your hand through it. I should know… this is the easiest weight loss experience I’ve had. No! Not the workouts or food discipline because Coach E don’t play but the fact that someone else has it figured out because she knows exactly what she’s doing so I don’t have to worry about planning my meals or my workouts makes it so easy.

Can’t wait to start showing my transformation pictures. And this means I’m going to start blogging on it again  on Journey to size twelve

So anyhow it just occurred to me that like I said earlier, everything is easy when you have partners or helpers. However, partnership doesn’t mean you are doing exactly the same thing. It just means you are both committed to the same goal and both working together to achieve it. Each playing his part. 

So Coach E is definitely my partner  in this weight loss journey even though she’s not doing the same workouts or eating the same meal plans. We are both committed to my being a fit and healthy U.K. size 12 and we are both working together to achieve it. I love my Coach E  totally absolutely adore her. She’s such an amazing weight loss partner.

If only we could have partners like that in every area of life. Maybe we can. At least I hope so.

One of the stories I love the most in the Bible is the story of David and his men going to battle to get back their wives and children after they returned from another battle only to meet their homes vandalized and their wives and children taken. Some of the men couldn’t go; about 200 of them were too tired so they stayed back. When those who went to battle came back they refused to share their spoils with those who stayed back and this was David’s response:

Who can agree to your proposal? The share of the one who goes into battle is to be the same as the share of the one who remains with the supplies. They will share equally.””

‭‭1 Samuel‬ ‭30:24‬ ‭HCSB‬‬

And this remains the rule till today when it comes to Partnership. Whether you are the one that goes to battle or the one that pays for others to go into battle the reward is one and the same. So thankfully your money can go where you can’t. Your prayers too can go where you can’t physically.

So for us at JUGN we are entering a new season  and we can’t do it all alone. So many new things that God is asking us to do that I know we can’t do alone. So I’m just wondering if you are out there and you would like to partner with us. Let me give you a few of them

  • Campus Outreaches– we are taking two major campuses a year and doing a full on war on violence against women. We also have two major campaigns to push in the campuses and  We are getting out girls back !
  • Reaching out To Orphans and Widows- we will be reaching out to them with our “adopt an orphanage project”. Meaning we will be a part of being God’s hands of hope to them. It’s always been my hearts desire to have an orphanage but while I wait to have one must I also put a hold on my compassion? Also the widows in our society today suffer a lot of hardship and Emotional distress. God’s  heart goes out to them. Will we be silent on this issue? I refuse to be silent when God says: Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress -James 1:27 (NIV)

Let me just put only these two out there for now but if you’d like to be a part of being a light in this very dark world. A part  Of bringing hope to this hopeless world then let’s do this. Let’s do this together. Let’s put the love of Jesus out there.

Personally I’m tired of conferences in  church where we all shine light on light blinding each other with too much light while the world is in the dark. Let’s take some of the light out. Let’s take the salt to the world. I’m not saying we won’t have some of our JUGN meetings but let’s do something with all we’ve heard so far.

I believe I can make a difference and so can you. So let’s do this together. I believe we are better together. And we will do better together.

So please sign up today. Call 08092036555 to get details about partnership. God bless you. Please call today don’t put it off till tomorrow or something will distract you.

God bless you darlings.

I will be back with another post soon to gist you about all I’ve been up to soon.

7 thoughts on “  Better Together 

  1. Mama wonderful blog, great idea opening another room of blessing and in mum all the way. God bless you and love you as always.

  2. Totally absolutely loooove you mama. You make this easier than it is.
    If only all my Squaddies were like you…
    JUGN is totally ANOTHER LEVEL from next year.
    Edge-of-our- seat expectant!!!

  3. I’ve been checking my mail non stop for a blog post and was so glad to finally get one today.
    Great ideas for JUGN next year. Love the fact that this time, it’s not just about us, but about touching lives. Domestic violence against women is increasing at an alarming rate in Nigeria and needs every attention to fight it out completely. We really do need to put the love of Jesus out there.
    God bless you Pastor M. You are indeed a blessing to the world.

  4. Yay! New post…..I like the idea of not doing it alone……better productivity and accountability……and you just feel less alone.

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