#JUGN Doing Life Together

I love September. Yeah I know it’s funny to be saying that in October but I’m just sitting here thinking It’s been the most amazing two weeks. Actually it’s been an amazing month and two weeks. Counting from September 1st

Hectic but amazing nontheless. I can’t even begin to explain how in awe of God I am. It’s been a whole lot of activity at DCC – our wonderful church family – to celebrate the first 20 years of our ministry. 

I just love this amazing picture taken by Avril (mr Grey) he’s just got magic. He’s the future in my opinion. He has an amazing eye. Takes the best portraits. I honestly think Avril is the only person who has ever Made me feel like doing a photoshoot. Like I’m actually planning it for my 40th birthday. Check him out on Instagram @avrgrey

That’s the front cover of our photobook. If you want one you can buy one it’s still on sale but I’m still thinking I may give one out. You will have to wait till the end of the blog to find out if the Lord has spoken and what YOU need to do to get it since I’m paying. Nothing’s free darlings -someone else just pays for it.

But if I don’t say anything about it then keep coming back who knows  it may just be the next post

I was so blown away by all the love and camaraderie at DCC but isn’t that what makes us so special? Our family feel?

We went from wearing blazers in the first week

with our unique DCC lapel pins which are still available for sale by the way and would you believe they have cuff links too? Lovely work of art as a constant reminder of our covenant of victory with God.

To wearing tshirts at Jesus in jeans declaring our covenant once again 

Did I mention again still for sale? Oh! The good news is they’ve even got signed copies. Absolutely love mine even wore it at the love life conference 2016 with the ladies. 

After that was Jersey Sunday. Ah-may-zing!!!!! It was soooooooo much fun I can’t even begin to explain it 

Then of course the grand finale. Our thanksgiving service. It was such a beautiful experience to see our people in Aso-Ebi as a family in true Naija styled celebration. Also having our papa Rev Femi Oduwole in the house was a major plus for me. 

Now in between all of this was our Just Us Girls Naija Conference – BEAUTIFUL.  I don’t even know where to start. I really planned to tell you all about it but now words fail me. You know what? Just manage pictures Biko. I just know that all the ministers of the night – Mayowa



And pastor Jerry Eze were handpicked by God. At the end of the evening we all left there, our mouths filled with laughter, our hearts re-ignited to worship and with the strong assurance that the glory of God  had beautified our lives. We left there screaming like Nollywood movies…. To God Be The Glory. 

Honestly something changed that night.

By Monday morning I was off with 13 ladies to take our hunger for more of God to St. Louis for the Joyce Meyer Love Life Conference 2016. I left on my birthday thinking I had escaped all the fuss but boy was I in for a shocker

I was blown away by all the love I was shown both in life and on social media. Thank you kemi @kemistryphotography for this video. I loooooove it. We had such a great time at the conference this year some pictures. Our official JUGN photographer and selfie lord tried to get as many pictures for you guys find them on @justusgirlsnaija on Instagram but here are a few. 


We had such a blast. With loads of pictures. We left there with eyes wide open in awe of God, hearts enlarged to do greater things even when afraid. It didn’t matter that we were cold and tired most of the time. We were too excited to notice. Way too inspired to notice. So we were there.  Very present …

This trip was so good for me and not just because I got to hear three of my favourite women in one room – only God knows how much I love mama Joyce, Beth Moore and Christine Caine. It was too much of a blessing but that’s not really it. It’s the many lessons I learned on this trip

I saw God  in all his gracious and majestic splendor. I saw the Word become flesh. I remember the last time I was at love life conference in 2012 I was alone and I remember the first thing I said was I will be back and I won’t come back alone. To be honest I kind of forgot about it but when I walked into the venue with 13 amazing women God reminded me

The process  of this trip brought forth a lot of miracles for me. Prayers were answered- we literally got everything we prayed for as a group. People who had been refused visa 3 times had it overturned because it was their turn. People who could barely stand each other became close friends on the trip. People learned to walk by faith, learned and experienced the beauty of favour first hand. It was us doing life together and I loved it.

In fact I loved it so much I think we should do this at least once every year. I haven’t gotten the complete blueprint from God yet but we have started downloading. In fact I will be back in a few weeks with details. We have a team working on this. So ladies first things first – get your faith out. As my Pk says when you want to dream, dream based on heaven’s economy. If you want to be a part of our #JUGNdoinglifetogethertrips first step is to desire it.

Then we’ll take it from there…

Okay guys I need to run this has turned out to be a much longer post than I planned. I will be back soon.  So much happening in my life and ministry that I would love to share with you. So much God is doing in me and through me that I hope will inspire you. That will give you hope. Isn’t that what JUGN is all about?

Building friendships …Giving hope!

Love you guys so much and I’m sure that the things God will do in your lives this season will literally blow your minds

For more pictures you can go to @justusgirlsnaija @dcclagos @dccisland @kemistryphotography on Instagram or follow me @pastormildred.

Okay people. I’m signing out. Have a great day. See you soon. 

24 thoughts on “#JUGN Doing Life Together

  1. Amen..
    Very lovely pictures.. I will definitely be part of the next #JUGNdoinglifetogethertrip

    Welcome back mama and love you too.

  2. I thought I could be calm and shrug it off as just another thing but I wailed when I saw the first picture, I almost wanted to burst from envy, I told everyone who would listen that my own mama left me behind and didn’t take me along… I couldn’t imagine the fun and my mind couldn’t comprehend the sort of blessings I missed. So please remember everytime you see me know I have pot of beef stew on the stove… I do love September I pray i don’t have to miss out on the activities next time. Glad you all had fun … much much love

  3. Amen Ma… The things God would do in my life this season would literally blow my mind, Love you too Mama
    Very Beautiful pictures… now it feels like I was at the conference too… Lol
    mama what an amazing experience … With no jet lag.( thinking out loud) That’s super amazing
    My mama on fire for Jesus!!!

      1. I miss you to mama, I can’t wait to visit home.. .Your babies are doing very fine

  4. Beautiful, absolutely, awesomely beautiful…

    Doing LIFE together is definitely worth it…

    Love, love your pictures Mildred… you are truly blessed and highly favoured… More joy, more love, more peace, more happiness, excellent health and wealth in Jesus Christ name, Amen…

  5. Welcome back Mama! I will always remember September 2016 and be grateful to God for you. Seeing these pictures also makes me feel like I was at the conference too. I’m really looking forward to #JUGNdoinglifetogethertrips. I also LOVE the blog’s new look. Love you Mama!

  6. Wow! Been wishing i was part of this since the first picture dropped on instagram and i’ve been looking forward to this blog post.
    #Beautiful was AWESOME. The whole anniversary service was mind blowing(though i missed Jesus in jeans). I don’t think i’ll ever get over the month of sept for the ministry and for me personally. God is indeed faithful.
    I appreciate you Ma.Thank you for mentoring every woman and most especially me. You are a true role model. #iReallydolovemychurch

  7. Wow…. this is indeed a church… Mama i just love the togetherness and love i feel merely watching the pictures, it all starts with you my Beloved Mama you deserve every love you got cos you have a large heart and accommodates all… All i pray is that someday someone will look at me and say do you know Pastor Mildred you look and act just like her. Mama God bless you i love you so so much.
    And yes after i read the post before this i prayed a silent prayer that one day i’ll be part of the love life confrence, now you talked about desiring it am doing that with all my heart. Mama dont leave me out next time ooo no beef though lol.

    1. Hmmm… I’m humbled. God bless you. Posts like this make me cry out to God more. That I would say like Paul – follow me as I follow Christ. God bless you darling and may we all be more and more like Jesus daily. And yes I stand in faith with you that you will be at our next trip. Love you too. Much more than you know

  8. Hmmmm….. No words can capture how my heart feels, seeing these pictures and reliving the moments they try to capture. September 2016 is one month I can’t forget. And #WC16, wow! It still feels like a dream.

    I miss the girls shaaaaaa!!!! like I really really really miss them and our time together. Dreaming of the next #JUGNFunTrip; yes I’m now an addicted dreamer. Shey PK said “dreaming is free”…. ehn, I’m now dreaming o, and learning to dream big things that sound unrealistically bold and “long-throat”. Well, my own is to dream and believe God to bring them to pass as it pleases Him. What makes it even sweeter is that many times, even with my dreams, He tells me “I’ll blow your mind.”

    On a resting note, we say Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to many JUGNDoingLifeTogether trips, events and everything!!!!

    Te quiero muchos Mama.

    1. I miss them too. I laughed so much on this trip I couldn’t believe it. I also got to know people outside church. Was really good. More trips coming up…. Do I sense UK? Hmmm

  9. I love these pictures, so beautiful (what do you expect when Mama is involved, dat’s how we roll) felt like I was there having fun with them. I desire to be in the next JUGNdoinglifetogethertrips. Welcome back home mama. I love you plenty Mama.

  10. It’s amazing and SO overwhelming. I can only imagine how PM feels. God brings one to tears. Turns you all mushy inside. Oh my days! Hosea 2:14.
    Next year Mama…Next year…

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