…and He kept His word. 

This was one of the promises God gave me…and He kept his word. 

Words can NEVER be enough to express how grateful I am whenever August 22nd comes around. A day that changed my life not once but twice. I honestly can’t explain how God did it but one thing I know is He’s a master planner. 

This past week funny enough has been unbelievably emotional for me. I’ve been reminiscing a lot. I’ve just seen the hand of God in my life consistently and to tell you the truth I have no idea why God loves me so much. 

I’ve shared my testimony over and over again and I’m not even going to bore you with the details over and over again but I will say this. When I see these blessings God has given me. I would be doing you an injustice if I didn’t at least tell you once again that GOD KEEPS HIS WORD…and He always does it with style. 

I have no long epistles today. I’m just basking in the knowledge and double assurance that God keeps His word….always! 

See how good God has been to me. I’ve had three beautiful years with this priceless jewel. 

My princess…that won’t go anywhere without a tiara. She’s my gentle child. Quiet and happy. Content to be by herself. Enjoys her own company. My musical child. Mummy’s girl. Never too far from me. My vida may have her daddy’s looks but she definitely is a mini me in behavior. My ambidextrous baby. Hardly smiles but when she does…heaven!
And oh! Her hair…. 

Then at a time when my house was full of bows and ribbons and frills, when I thought I couldn’t handle one more pink or lilac item, he made a grand entrance. My prince. My son. My David. 

Oh! David…my Instagram celebrity. Possibly the most photographed child I know. He’s just such a blessing. David loves people. His smile just melts your heart. Yes he has those quiet, deep moments but overall, he’s just a happy child. Like David in the bible he loves to praise God and dance. Very playful. A bundle of energy. David is cute yet regal. 

Like I said today I really have no words i’m just thankful God chose me to mother them. It’s humbling that God would think me worthy. I’m grateful Lord…. for everything. 

Here are a few pictures from my darling @kemiphotography.sh

 our selfie lord turned David’s official photographer. I wasn’t sure I could pull off a photoshoot she took it upon herself to organize everything. I just had these amazing pictures in the end to brag about. Please follow her and she’s perfect when it comes to kids photography. Trust me once you see these pictures you will understand what I’m gushing about. 

Happy birthday my babies. Grow in grace. In wisdom, in stature and favour with God and men. You will fulfill your destinies and be preserved like Moses in this perverse world. I have placed you firmly in the hands of the one who gave you to me and I am rest assured that the evil one will never reach you or harm you knowing that Jehovah holds you firmly. I pray that the things that God has planned for your lives you will understand and begin to do early in life. You will finish well in Jesus name. And as your names are you will always be the beloved of the lord. And a symbol of His faithfulness in Jesus name. 

Had to throw this picture in … David dabbing in his sleep lol! Isn’t he the cutest? 

Will probably be back later to update and upload more pictures. Thanks guys 

19 thoughts on “…and He kept His word. 

  1. Faithful God, convenant keeping God, we are thankful for our twins (couple of years apart)… I don’t think this testimony will be easily forgotten, double dose of God’s goodness. God will keep them, they will grow up to be game changers, they will be huge blessings to their generations and more to come and the hand of God will everly be upon them, in Jesus name … Amen. .

    Happy happy birthday cuties, may your lives constantly be a testimony of God’s goodness.

    Much much love …


  2. CONvenant keeping God. Thank You!!! These kids are constant reminder that you are Jehova over do!!! Thank you for these double testimonies, double joy, double dose of favour and sunshine. Bless them more. Happy birthday Davida and David. Love you


  3. There is always this surge of emotions inside of me whenever I read your testimonies on these kids,it reminds me of the the faithfulness of our God that never fails…And David ‘s hair? Mm! Pastor k gbam!!!! God bless them as they celebrate… Then I so love the One that God used to open your womb! Your first girl!!! Awesome God!!!


  4. Happy birthday Prince David and Princess Davida..😍😚😙😘 Miracle babies testifying to the world about the faithfulness of TV .🙌🙏 Your lives will forever be testimonies of the goodness of God.. Amen. Thank you Lord.

    Mama a big AMEN to the heart felt prayer. Cheers!!!!


  5. Happy Birthday Ejima (Vida and David) God bless you richly and honour the words of your mum over your life. Cograts Mama, You’re testimony is never boring and always gives hope to the hopeless and faith to those still waiting on God, just like the promises of God they are new every morning. God bless you Mama.


  6. Davida and David.. Testimonies of God’s eternal love and faithfulness you both are, testimonies of God’s eternal love and faithfulness you will forever be. Have a Merry Birthday dearies.


  7. That was the exact same promise He gave me at the end of last year. This year has been ultra tough but it only makes me believe even deeper that God is preparing me for a doublr portion. You have no idea how closely I have followed your story and how much reading your posts encourage me. May our blessings never cease to bless others as well.


  8. Both of them share the same date? awesome! This is purely the finger of God, I’m amazed really! May these wonderful blessings, Vida & David grow and wax stronger from glory to glory in all their endeavours, may their lives impact their family and generation mightily in Jesus name, Amen….I have read your wonderful testimonies (first time of commenting though) but I have been following your posts, praying along always & I trust God to also bless me with triple portion even as I key into this your amazing testimony. I will surely testify here when it happens by God’s grace #Godcannotlie


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