Mirror Image

Hey people

How have you guys been?

Still counting your blessings? I hope so. There’s always always something to be thankful for. God is faithful. So so faithful.

So I’m still in the US and the time change has my body confused because I think I’m still on Nigerian time so I’m asleep by 7pm here and awake once it’s midnight. I honestly don’t get it and the fact that the sessions were so intense at the conference made it hard to do anything else except try to perfect my selfie game lol!

Day1 selfie

Day 2 selfie

Day 3 selfie

Not sure it’s my gift o! I think I will just leave it for the #selfieLord   And stick to taking conference notes.

And oh! Rick Warren knows church. I literally had my mouth and eyes wide open through most sessions.

Like why didn’t I see that? Oh! That’s how you do that? Oh! So that’s why…

I just fell in love with him afresh. And he’s so bubbly and funny and because his sessions were so refreshing even though they were loooooong because he has boundless energy, they were so worth it. Rick warren is truly amazing …

I didn’t think anything or anyone could top it for me… Well until I met his wife: Kay

Have you ever sat through a meeting and all you can think is God how can someone be so like you? Our personalities, our giftings, some of our experiences. I felt like God was showing me what he could do with a fully surrendered me. I can’t even go into how much her session blessed me. It wasn’t some deep over spiritual indepth study of the word. No it was simple. It was authentic. It was real and it made me yearn for more. It’s official. I love KAY Warren

I love how real and vulnerable she is when she ministers. And so wise… She just saved me all the pitfalls she encountered in 40 years of ministry.

I probably will end up being like E on this one. Stalking mode activated. Lol!

But let me just say…

This conference was so worth it. Definitely new hope, new inspiration and new ideas for the next phase of ministry.

Speaking of new ideas…

Any married women here? What? I can’t hear you. Come on don’t be shy…. Ok! So I have a few of you here.

I’ve got good news for all of you. Ok so the good news is actually in 2 parts.

First our married women’s conference is coming up.

Ladies trust me it’s not the kind of meeting to miss. It comes up once every 2 years. Plan every thing around this meeting. You will be glad you did.

Now unlike all our other JUGN meetings this one you will NEED to REGISTER. 

Why? First of all there are limited seats and because it’s a full day event we would like to know how many people to prepare for. So call 08028356363 or 08077714411 to register now.

we have a registration pack for the day which consists of your conference teeshirt, your writing materials, your tea break and lunch break meal tickets and it comes at a very subsidized price of N3500 so get that ready as well.

However I realize that not everyone can afford to pay but you want to be a part of the conference. I mean you may just have enough money to just get you to the conference venue and back home. Please don’t let that stop you. The conference is free so by all means still register your name and come. One of three things can happen

1. You can attend the conference in your own nice outfit, with food you packed for yourself from home and your own pen and paper. It’s not a crime. I just want you to come and be blessed.


2. You can after you have put your name down in faith have the 3500 before that day (I’m praying for you) and pay into the JUGN account or pay at the registration point on that day and get your stuff.


3. Be one of the few to get the free tickets that we will give out in the next couple of days. Just keep your ears and eyes open. I’ve decided to sponsor 10 women personally who can’t afford it and who want to get the packs and join us for lunch apart from all they will learn at the conference.

I’m also encouraging those of us who can to pay for as many of our married friends as we can. Don’t just invite someone but then a pack too. Let’s be a blessing to as many married women as we can. Especially all the new brides you know.

Okay so second thing to be excited about? We will be launching a Chayil Page on JUGN in the next couple of weeks. It’s going to be so enlightening. I’m super excited. It will be like a mentoring page. Devotionals, recipes, parenting tips, shopping advice, etc just name it. Questions answered. I’m so happy about this. I know many marriages will get new hope, fresh life and women will get healing and strength through this and I’m hoping the singles can learn a thing or two from this too

Okay guys watch out…

Today I’m thankful for one of my precious babies. As I sat listening to KAY Warren yesterday thinking how can someone be so like me? Or should I say how can I be to like this woman! How is this possible?

My heart just warmed thinking I also have a mini me. Now whether she looks like me is arguable

But she definitely acts like me. Lol!

Davida Ifechukwunyediche Okonkwo

Her hair though…😍😍😍
She will do things at her pace.

“Don’t want to bounce! Don’t want!” Lol. My vida won’t do anything too rough, too daring or that looks dangerous.  that was me as a child lol!

My sweet tooth …that one is from daddy though. Lol!

Always busy with her hands my leftie who they have forced to change to right hand. Naija schools and world people won’t let somebody be great on their own terms . I still feel terrible because I didn’t notice on time. And I love lefties

Yellow sisi lol!

Plays by herself  happily. Enjoys her own company so much it’s scary how like me that is

Sweet big sister. She calls him “D-bobo” lol!
She’s the musical one. Definitely has an ear for music. Who knows she may just be a producer someday. Loves anything musical and will overcome her shyness once music is involved.
She doesn’t smile often (like me) but when she does! Wow!!!

I still remember this picture

And of course I still remember the day she was born like it was yesterday. My easiest pregnancy but my hardest delivery. It was battle !!! In the end VICTORY!!!

I’m thankful for her conception and her birth and all the many women it inspired to believe. I thank God for all the many “IMELA babies” after her.

Oh! Lord I’m so thankful.

Okay people later. I have one small gist about my personal encounter with Rick Warren. Wanna hear it? Come back later

7 thoughts on “Mirror Image

  1. abi oo@ the leftie thing&Naija pple. My brother is a leftie too and i remember when my mum used to criticize him bout it and it would just make me unhappy&wish she would lethim be. she’s now learnt to accept it though. Im single bt excited abt d chayil page, so those of us waiting for our “Godly man” can learn from it. pls ma can u recommend any books by Rick Warren or his wife? if u’ve read any please

    P. S ma Vida looks more like pk when he was a child. iv seen his childhood pic… the resemblance enh!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. abi oo@ the leftie thing&Naija pple. My brother is a leftie too and i remember when my mum used to criticize him bout it and it would just make me unhappy&wish she would lethim be. she’s now learnt to accept it though. Im single bt excited abt d chayil page, so those of us waiting for our “Godly man” can learn from it. pls ma can u recommend any books by Rick Warren or his wife? if u’ve read any please

    P. S ma Vida looks a lot like pk when he was a child. iv seen his childhood pic… the resemblance enh!


  3. Chai u need to see how I was gushing over your gushing over Kay. I was grinning like a fish. I’m like mama pls just put her in ur ‘pocket’ abeg and don’t let go. Ah to find someone who is not just like us BUT ALSO has gone ahead of us!!! Is that not just God being gracious and merciful??? And then I saw my name. Ah!!! Mama u Know how i roll. Abeg. Pls stalk. I’m even going to lowkey stalk her for u incase we see something that can lead to a hangout with Kay Warren. You can just put me in the mix and from there to Joyce and then we can all rapture….. phew!!! This PDCHURCH is just fire!!! Been following on IG and I can only imagine live. Mama chai!!! Anyways we know how to collect it from u. Oh dear, the leftie story annoyed me. Lefties are the coolest. Choi!!! Ah!!! Why na…and yes, we are now all officially in more love with Vida. I didn’t even know it was possible to love her more. Imagine her reading this post at 16? Blogging has its perks sha. Chayil page is why we are here!!! Real life. Real people. Singles are the FAVOURED ones esp to have this. So Yes pls. And amen!!!


  4. I have a feeling the first person to hug YOU when u return to Nigeria will just have to be a PASTOR after receiving the PDChurch anointing. Isnt Rick’s book the most read book after the Bible???? Wooooooh God just did overtime on some ppl. Or maybe they did overtime with God. I suspect the latter. You don’t even miss us. You just dey enjoy PDchurch. Haha. Pls d gist on Rick abeg. Ahhhhhhhhhh *pulls out mat*

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  5. Its indeed very lovely when one finds someone similar to them especially when they are role models too….
    I can definetely see the resemblance with davida,…

    I gotta say that smile tho..lawd!!! its so heartwarming just like her mama’s


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  6. Nigerians and left hand ..mi mum did not left me rest until she succeeded in changing me too. I get upset when I remember it , but u know God na , when my brother started writing it was left but this time , unlike me, he held on and never let go ..I really still don’t understand why Nigerians can’t let go of all this tins .I glad u are enjoying the conference, waiting for the rhema you are bringing home to share …seeing Vida helps me believe in miracles …love u

    Liked by 1 person

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