Covenant Keeper

I was listening to Rick Warren Live!!! Just thinking about how amazing God is and how I can’t believe I’m taking notes and learning under this greatly gifted man of God and how I’m at the Purpose Driven Church Conference 2016

when I got a text on my phone…

Pastor M suicide bombers just attacked Turkish International Airport Now!! It’s on CNN Breaking News! I was in shock. You see I was just a day behind that bombing. Remember I told you I was on a plane? Flying for hours? Well, I had a 7 hour wait in turkey airport.

Now, I know I have a covenant of protection so only with my eyes shall I see the destruction of the wicked (as they go up in flames when they bomb themselves) and this is my assurance

But it could have played out a million other ways…

We could have been stranded as the US is not allowing any flights in and out of the US via Turkey. So we could have missed our conference the very reason we embarked on this looooong journey.

Imagine I won’t have made it here to get new hope for DCC … For our next level

Do you see me? Look closely with the Afro and animal print? Seen me yet? Hahaha!!!

Honestly I’ve played it out a million times …the different scenarios. but you see through out this month my Pk taught on and protection is one of the blessings of the covenant. I thank God that I know who I’m in covenant with and the fact that He’s always looking out for me. He protects, He preserves and Hes always one step ahead of Satan.

I know he’s already put plans in place to get us home safely. We are precious cargo handed into the care of angel armies.

I’m thankful today that I’m divinely protected. That every one connected to me is under the same covenant so we cannot be caught in an accident, plane crash or suicide bombers. Since they want to commit suicide that’s fine as far as they don’t commit murder in the process. If they are stupid enough to serve a god that requires them to kill themselves in a bid to bring on some form of salvation well good luck to them… The blast of that bomb will only land them quicker into the flames of hell fire. How do you reject our Jesus who died so you don’t have to? How can’t you see that Jesus is the way? And a peaceful loving way at that.

I’m thankful today for divine protection

And because I’m taken care of I can be carefree and take selfies with my Pk

I miss my babies though.

It’s funny how these 3 pictures show their personalities so clearly.   I miss you babies. Mummy will be home soon. Blowing you a million kisses.

Oh! But DCC the things I do for you guys….

Any how before I go cos I need to take a bath and get ready for today’s sessions. Adult education no easy at all. Lol!

Happy birthday to 3 very special people to me

Happy birthday my darling Eziaha

I love you so much and I am soooooo proud of you. You have no idea. I’m excited about the woman you are becoming. May God bless you with a rich and fulfilling life. May you continue to be fruitful and inspire others. You will fulfill your destiny. Hey! It’s the big 30 always a major turning point in destiny. But mark my words this first 30 years and all you think you have achieved will be child’s play compared to what God will do in the next 30.

And Happy birthday to my darling Efe Nathan

such a sweet heart. With davids pregnancy every single week she checked up on me and encouraged me. I don’t forget, my love

and i pray that God will continue to bless you and keep you relevant in ministry.

Finally our darling bobo

I just love how Rev puts it

God bless you love. I pray that you will be a joy to your generation

Okay now I really have to go. With all this time change I’ve lost track of everything. It is well. Still doing a 30 day thanksgiving so will probably just count the posts.

Be blessed guys. Later.

12 thoughts on “Covenant Keeper

      1. Happy birthday E’. you will become who God wants you to be and you will live to celebrate many more years to come.


  1. Those Lil missus’ I understand but you dared (or is it dareded) to leave David? How “dareded” you mum? How double “dareded” you? Thankful for divine protection in time past, present and future. Enjoy your adult education/training.

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    ABEG GOD LOVES MY MAMA, PAPA AND MY PASTOR B! The devil is a joker!

    My heart goes out to all the people who lost loved ones and those that were affected by that horrible attack.

    Thank you Jesus for your sweet love. #Amaghimo

    Happy Birthday E’!

    ( *mumbling under my breath* We miss you Mama…)

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  3. Happy birthday E! What God has in store for you, eyes have not seen nor ears heard, nor has your own mind even imagined. We will all be blown away, that I am sure of. Continue enjoying your day.

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  4. God is too faithful to fail, He said those that put their trust in HIM will never be ashamed, devil ntoi am Mama will always say lol, you came rather too late. Waiting to see you when you’re back. Happy Birthday E God bless your new age.


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