In transit 

Okay guys I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from being thankful today. I’m sitting in a plane …actually I have been sitting in one for almost 20 hours.

You know when you’ve been so long in the air that even the plane is tired lol!

Anyhow no matter how tired I am I  still have to sit here patiently till I get to my destination. That’s a lesson right there people. There’s no getting out till we get to our final destination….until we win!

The second lesson is to enjoy the ride no matter how tired of the journey you are. No matter how bad your experience or your life… What’s the option?

So here I am sitting here and making the most of it. I’ve read a book I’ve been longing to read. Ive almost finished it. I’ve watched more movies than I have this entire year. Complete movie binge lol! Funny enough I don’t feel bad about it because I’m going to be in training for the next couple of days  morning to evening so let me enjoy while I can

Once I land though I would like a very hot bath and a soft bed. These airplane beds are not very comfortable o!

Today what am I thankful for? I’m thankful for Help along my journey. I’m thankful that I’m never stranded. I’m thankful that there are people who hold up my arms so I can do ministry well.
Okay guys gotta run … Well not really cos I’m stuck in this seat for the next few hours. Lol!


God bless you

6 thoughts on “In transit 

  1. Mama, God bless you for #Amaghimo. From Victory unto Victory, He leads me till every foe is vanquished and Christ is Lord indeed…

  2. Wow. Still can’t find the right words for #Amaghimo. I was completely blown away. And I was blessed in all ramifications. I received my healing.. Can see a manifestation of my expectations. God is awesome.

    Thank you mama for Obeying God and for being a blessing to many.. I love you PM.

    Wow 28days of Thanksgiving already.. #faithfulGod.

    Sorry I have been AWOL. I have been reading all the posts and silently cheering you on.. Lol

    Today I am thankful for you.. Pst Mildred. For being my role model and inspiration..For the love you show me (though I like running.. Lol). Thank you.. More grace ma…🙆

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