Still blown away 

I’m not even sure I have enough words to express how thankful I am. The last 2 days were amazing. Heaven literally touched earth. I’ve put up some pictures. Will keep updating as I get more.

I’m thankful for all the wonderful ministers we had to bless us

I’m thankful for my wonderful team especially who make any JUGN meeting a huge success. With their prayers, ideas, faith, seed, time, etc you know yourselves.

I’m thankful for the amazing people in my life who won’t let me be anything but beautiful

Outfit by sammy smith clothing.

Makeup by Ruth of House of hazel

Hair by Tseju hair

Jewellery by Zoya jewels

Outfit by Ena of ivory pearls

Hair by Tseju hair

Makeup by Yemi of Yeahme fab

Jewellery by Zoya Jewels

All my children. I’m one blessed and very proud mama.

Thank you to Victoria the Lady Stylista herself, and my precious Annabel for always making me amazing clothes. That’s how blessed I am. Surrounded by precious people.
Let me recover from this one first I will do a blog post on something that has been brewing in my heart.

Meanwhile I have gist for you guys … But all in good time.

Hope you had a great time in church today.

Be blessed

5 thoughts on “Still blown away 

  1. I was there and it was my first time and I was over blessed. Been following your blog for a while but never commented but this one was worth commenting biko. More grace, ma.

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  2. Am still grateful to God for giving me the opportunity of attending just us girls programs. i must confess my life have never remain the same.testimony all around desire for more keeps increasing.
    Am thanking for having a mentor like PK and PM its has been from one level of grace to another. the preaching and relationship massages, have giving me a deeper relevation of who God is and what God has for me. though am not a full member of DCC but i attend midweek service and other programs. PM you are a blessing to this Generation and am happy i have someone like you as my mentor.I love you. your words rings in my head whenever am about to take the wrong step or relationship issues and it feels so real. Thank you so much

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    1. God bless you darling and just so you know there is no such thing as not a full member. Once you are family you are family. You just get the opportunity to come home only for midweek.


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