Some pictures from WWW2016 mainland centre #Amaghimo

Hey people

On my way home but here are a few pictures.

19 thoughts on “Some pictures from WWW2016 mainland centre #Amaghimo

  1. The way this photo man was dodging my face ehn, you would think we have quarreled before, i guess he just doesn’t like us backbenchers. 😳😳

    Tonight was just amazing, Palmira opened like an angel, each and everyone of the guest ministers led us to heaven, it felt like i got to touch the hem of Jesus’s garment and then some.. It was like they say “LIT” and i am so thankful that i didnt miss it.

    Yes i saw Eric, yayyyy!!! Very cool, very cool somebody and i got a picture 😁😁😁😁 *winning*

    And yes you looked fab, i just wanted to take everything you were wearing and run away with them and it was soo good to see you and be harassed by you😅😅😅 no the picture did not delete 😜😜😜 and you know i will tag you.

    I didn’t know how much i missed dcc until today, the warm people, the smiles from across the room, the choir, yes the choir … Thoughts of moving are alive once again..

    Today i am thankful that i could partake in that amazing worship, thankful that my joyful noise was heard and that i could just lift up holy hands and leave it all at His throne.


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  2. I will testify … Every of God’s word spoken shall become flesh in life in Jesus matchless name.

    Thank you mama!!!… God bless and anoint you afresh!

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  3. Too beautiful and colourful for words…..all the pictures show an excellent story of worship and thanksgiving to be in GOD’s presence.

    I see Mabel, yayyyyy and there’s a beautiful young lady who looks like Grace Ihejianaizu, Founder of Ikapture Network and RYPE.

    You looked so beautiful PM…

    I am positive that lots of testimonies of GOD’s faithfulness will start pouring in…Amen

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  4. Wow, I followed on twitter and instagram. i’m so blessed, I felt d presence on God as I was watching d videos on instagram. God is awesome

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  5. yesterday was awesome. worship with abandon. it was heaven on earth. we worshipped and took the roof off. the devil tried with Lagos traffic but I already know about his crooked plans so I left early and even took bike by the time I got to apple junction com and see dis mighty holdup. I just laughed and shouted from d bike devil you are a lier I have a date with my sweetheart and nothing you can do will ever make me go I second late.I don win you. see program wey I don speak in tongues for con dey wait for the d day you wan con spoil am.devil no reach.the excitement I had for www2016 have never felt like that in my whole life.I was overwhelmed. I danced I wors
    hipped its was so real.the happiness is still overtaking me till now I never recover.
    Thank you ma’am I love you God bless you more and more. muuuaaahhh.

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  6. What a Night!!! Wow. These pictures show that two women ministered? Wow. Me I just hid in one corner, and entered heaven. God bless u for not interrupting flow with introduction. I only knew when Mairo came up… and that’s cos I didn’t know the songs lol. The highlight for me has to be the Single mamas. I’m not just thankful, I’m excited!!! Oh Jesus, avalanche of testimonies. Amen!!! My heart is tender towards these women because I can’t imagine doing this thing alone. I mean some of us have a partner who’s there in everyway but physically. But some of these women are everything to their kids. Gives me perspective mehn!!! And makes me happy because we will hear testimonies of ‘Boaz’s’ AMEN!!!

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  7. God was present, I met with HIM and the experience is what i termed undescribable. God bless you Mama. The lady i invited is still thanking me for forcing her to be their she’s hasnt recovered lol.

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    1. Lol; I feel you. My sister that I “dragged” there hasn’t stopped thanking me for doing so; and the other who refused to be dragged, after hearing the gist, has giving me the permission to kidnap her if she refuses next time. 😂😂😂


      1. My sister they usually feel they are doing us a favour if only they knew lol.. The lady i dragged when we left she was now the one asking why didnt you invite this other person, Am believing God to give her that which she solely desire and everyone of us too, cos testimony is the best form of evangelism.


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