Desperate to bless 

Final prayer meeting on the Island tonight and God spoke:

See why I’m so excited about tomorrow? We have a God who is desperate to bless us.

Still rejoicing over that word, He sends us another

Tomorrow is going to be awesome. Even though we don’t plan to worship God because we need anything but He still promises not to let us leave empty handed.

Don’t you just love him?

I honestly don’t know why He loves me like this…. But I’m glad He does.

Tomorrow will be a turning point for many people. If you are on the island don’t miss this opportunity. Be there on time.

I’m thankful today for how far God has brought us at JUGN. Despite all the stress and drama. We are finally there. God has proved faithful every step of the way. I’m truly thankful for all our many victories.  We serve a God who never gets tired of blessing us. Isn’t that just amazing

See you tomorrow guys …

9 thoughts on “Desperate to bless 

  1. Am excited cant wait😆😆😆…thanks eziaha for inviting me every year u have no idea how encouraged i am after every when women worship programme.
    Thanks Pastor mildred God bless u greatly

  2. My bags are already in the office ready to go, it’s been packed for a bit now and i am excited, soo excited i can’t sit still. #Onemoresleeponly … See God o, He will use me to show off His abilities this weekend… Shataahhhhh!!!!

  3. Thank you Jesus #tearyeyes#. Am grateful to be counted among yours. Am so content and fulfilled just being in your presence. Thank you Lord.

  4. *shedding tears of gratitude*
    I’m so excited! I have a date with The King!
    I’m so excited!
    I can’t wait!
    Thank you Jesus! *Counting the hours*
    It’s almost time for my date with The King!

    Thank you Mama for this Conference !
    Thank you Lord for life!

    #Amaghimo #Anticipating #Thankful

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