Are You Ready?

It’s almost here guys. I’m so excited. It’s just 3 more sleeps (in dassah’s words) before the big day. For me the atmosphere is already charged. I sense great things ahead for those 2 nights.

This is simply a reminder people. I’m getting ready are you? I honestly don’t think this is the kind of meeting you should just stroll in for. It’s not just another music concert. Far from it ! Please come prepared. Come expectant, pray through till you know like you know your name that you have settled that matter then come worship God with abandon

All the ladies at DCC are praying and doing a fruit fast to make our spirits more sensitive to hearing God and the move of the Spirit for the evening.

If you’d like to join us it’s simple. Just eat fruits throughout the day for the remaining 2-3 days. Also take time to pray and study the word of God. Find quiet moments through the day where you can just be in God’s presence and bask in his glory.

Like I said it will prepare your heart for the meeting itself and with ministers like these

Eno Michael
Mairo Ese

Eric Arubayi

You can be sure the house will be on fire. So my advise to you? Find your posture

Whichever you choose honey just forget everyone around you and be sure to connect with God

It’s your turn to testify darling and I can’t wait to hear it and share it. God bless you.

Today I’m thankful for all the past When Women Worship meetings especially

I still remember how excited I was. Pregnant for the first time and really mad at Satan. Thrilled that God had cancelled all doctors reports and anticipating all the testimonies that mine would inspire.

I’m thankful for all our past testimonies especially my IMELA babies, my AKIKITAN weddings and 3NITSP amazing victories.

God bless you guys and thank you for cheering me on. Almost there guys. Please spread the word. Spread the joy

10 thoughts on “Are You Ready?

  1. I felt like bursting in tongues @the atmosphere is already charged, but i doubt anyone can be in that gathering and go back the same. i notice i’ve had this song (bow down and worship him) on my lips since this week. (consuming fire sweet perfume his awesome presence fill this room this is holy ground so come and bow down). This is what am literally anticipating for and i believe the same for as many coming with me, we cant remain the same NEVER. God bless us all and you Mama most especially.

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  2. Funny how I was also on a personal fruit fast. (Though I didn’t stick to it.)

    I’d join the fast tomorrow and Friday by his grace. I’d be attending the WWW for the first time this Friday on the Island. Can’t wait!

    God bless you ma.

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  3. like seriously I just can’t wait. Today I had to go lock my self in the toilet @work today. I just want to worship more and more I end up crying and singing and when I came out I felt a release. #lol#.

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