Old school thanks 

Today was hilarious. It was old school Sunday at our island centre.

Remember I invited you?

You didn’t come? Wow!!! See what you missed

Of course the thing I feared the most came up on me my dress had issues and didn’t make it back to me so I didn’t have an outfit. Was supposed to twin with my girls.

All in all it was a fun day and this brings me to what I’m thankful for today

A great team. I’m thankful God sent us men and women of stature. People who bring great ideas and execute them. Who bring to life ideas that make DCC look good. People who hold up my hand in ministry. My armor bearers

I’m thankful for all the amazing people of DCC who work hand in hand to bring God glory.

Okay guys. Eyes shutting on me. Loooong day today. Let’s talk later.


Happy Father’s Day honey 

And to my dad

Who is now officially on grandpa duties lol! 

And of course to my Papa. Rev Femi Albert Oduwole 

Absolutely adore this man right here. He’s just such a father. 

10 thoughts on “Old school thanks 

  1. Love ‘Dassah and Davida’s outfit… God bless u darls. Thankful for the Word… God’s word makes me leap for joy, brings up d butterfly in my tummy and keeps me moving despite all odds…. D feeling is too much for words #Amaghimo

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  2. Mama i was really looking out to see your out fit lol. you just raised our hope and dash it again…Mama with her suspense ehen… but it was really beautiful. I love the way you put in God word in everything it makes it worth more. Happy fathers day to PK God bless him more and more.

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  3. hmmm …so I looked through and I was really looking forward to see your outfit and pictures and I didn’t see …I was like how did my mama not take a pic… eniways dassah , vida and David represented well as always …..love u .


  4. Dassah & Vida look like models 👯!!!! My goodness, so much cuteness in one Sunday…gosh!!!

    Mama, you’re right o. Once pikin wear cloth, im Mama don dress. I remember the light the comes into my mum’s eyes when we are all fully dressed for a party or Church (especially Christmas church – you know that kain). And we are seven; seven o, from the same woman!!!! That’s aside the many cousins, uncles and aunties that were always living with us at one point in time or the other. Omo mehn, I give it to my mother; superwoman raised to power 100!!!

    Interestingly, she came visiting to the house and we had to drive her to a function that Sunday; being with her was hilarious as always, never a dull moment. I’m soo thankful for her again!

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