Didn’t see it coming 

Every time When Women Worship is around the corner I start facing all kinds of battles. My first natural instinct is always to pack up and run but of course since you’ve been at every past meeting you know that hasn’t been the case. Wait!! What?! You haven’t?! No!!!

You can’t be serious. You can’t miss When Women Worship. It’s not even explainable. Where do I start to preach this sermon? You can’t put the experience into words….you have to be there!!! Live!!!

See lucky you, there’s one coming up soon

So anyhow I was saying my first natural instinct is always to run. Why?! It always feels so overwhelming. The whole thing just feels like a huge responsibility. …prayer, fasting, publicity, protocol, logistics and lots of bills.

Every year though God uses it to stretch me – my faith, my patience, my compassion and my finances. I come out bigger and stronger than ever.

The funny thing is every single time I end up asking the same question “hey!!! Who sent me?” And God always has a way he answers.  So yesterday there I was dragging around my sleep deprived and hungry self around during service trying to attend to a number of people and issues with a smile that looked nothing like how I was feeling plastered on my face and of course with someone beside me running up on all the things that needed attention when a lady stopped me that she had a testimony she wanted to share.

Now I loooooooooove testimonies. I’m the kind that tears up watching things like Turning Point or 700 club. I celebrate testimonies. I share them. I recognize that it’s a slap to satan’s  face and any opportunity to pour sand in his eyes I’m in. So anyhow she shared with me her beautiful testimony and I was just so excited… No!!! I’m not telling you what it is. You have to come for WWW2016 to hear it. Lol!

And as I was leaving the Holy Spirit whispered to me , ” I sent you and that is why I sent you.”

 At that moment I just received such a rush of strength in my inner man. I felt such peace. I remembered why we do this. I forgot all the drama surrounding this year’s meeting and boy! Had there been drama…. Now I’m reminded why. Satan never fights anything not worth fighting. He’s too busy

Why? Because he likes to take an evening stroll? Of course not!!! He’s on a rampage looking for whom he can deal with

So if he’s throwing things at you then he considers you a worthy opponent. Trust me. I should know   Unfortunately he usually under estimates God #heneverseesitcoming

But our God he always throws in a surprise. He always always does.

So many instances…

Moses little baby who may be a deliverer so Satan has an idea not the full picture mind you so he gets pharoah to order all the babies born to the Hebrews to be killed but you know our God na. He simply sends the baby to the house of the very person who wants him dead. So they pay his school fees, feed him, clothe him and still pay his mum to breastfeed him and be his nanny   Talk about your money being restored. Chai! Serious sucker punch. #hedefinitelydidntseethiscoming. Typical case of giving a thief your precious jewel to guard for you. He can’t very well steal from himself now can he? So pharoah “adopts” and raises the one person he wanted dead.

Joseph must have been one not to play with his sleep. There must be a dimension you get to in sleep before you dream na Abi? So Joseph had a dream but God had a plan and purpose for him to preserve the Israelites in future famine. Satan thought no let’s make sure he never becomes a leader let’s make him a slave. So he gets him  a visa to Abuja  Egypt then a job near Aso Rock portiphar’s house then he starts to rise and Satan starts to panic. “Throw more things at him” he says to those dim wits he calls demons so they activate seduction mode to derail him. I mean who doesn’t want to be with oga’s wife -sugar mummy confirmed. Unfortunately for Satan not Joseph  he was having none of that. Not sinning against God for anything. #hedidntseethatcoming So Joseph gets thrown into pharoahs prison closer to the throne. He is  moving closer to destiny even though it doesn’t look like it. Eventually simply by staying true to his gift he is not only brought before kings but rewarded as King. Upon all satan’s gymnastics we are right back to where we planned to be all along.

Mary teenage virgin girl. Pregnant. Engaged. Now it could play out two ways. She could be too frightened as a young little girl to accept the assignment and well the mission would have to be aborted but she didn’t back down in fear. She put on her big girl outfit and said  in faith “I’m the Lord’s handmaiden. Be it unto me according to your word.” Okay so #hecertainlydidntseethatcoming First of all he didn’t expect a Virgin to be chosen to get pregnant then he didn’t expect her to ignore her fears and accept the challenge. So she finally agrees and gets pregnant. She stands the chance of being disgraced, jilted or worse still stoned to death. Of course Satan is happy ‘cos he thinks this is a win win for him but  as usual he didn’t anticipate that Joseph was a good man…a God man; that he would protect her and ensure that destiny was not tampered with even if it meant raising another’s child. #hedidntseethatcoming

Jesus from the very beginning he had people after his life. Herod ordered the wise men from the east to come back and tell him where he was but an angel warned them and warned Joseph to run with his family. Jesus is brought down to Africa and ends up being like Moses; growing up with no age mates. But growing up nonetheless. Eventually when all the people that wanted him dead are now dead, Jesus is brought back to Israel but Satan wasn’t through if he couldn’t abort the plan in infancy stage surely he couldn’t miss it now that it was so obvious who Jesus was. I’ll just kill him he thought. I imagine that the Angels in charge of this plan would have laughed because that was the plan

#hecouldneverhaveseenthiscoming It must have been extra frustrating though because it’s like scoring in your own net. But the silly thing never gives up so he keeps trying. Keeps trying to get us to question God, doubt God and to give up on God but the one thing I know is the devil is a liar so when he tells me something I usually go the opposite direction. So if he says give up I know that’s the point to hold on.

I’m pushing on now. WWW2016 is going to be a blast. Full of Gods power, presence, and lots of testimonies. He threw a lot of things at us this year and at many points we almost packed up on www2016 but I know better now. So many lives are tied to ours so we must keep doing this. We must keep lifting Jesus up so people can encounter God

So please guys get ready. Start preparing. Start praying. Start counting your blessings. See you on Friday and Saturday

Remember God knows what he’s doing. No matter what the devil tries to do. God always has the final say and Satan? #heneverseesuscoming

I’m thankful that I serve a God who is always like a thousand steps ahead of the enemy. I’m thankful that the enemy always underestimates me by thinking he’s up against me when he’s actually up against my covenant partner and my covenant partner never looses 

That’s another thing I’m thankful fir: we know the end of the story ….WE ALWAYS WIN!!!!

If we haven’t won then it’s not the end 

31 thoughts on “Didn’t see it coming 

  1. Like E’ will say shatahhhhhh!!! This post ehn, sweet my body even from the first line, the devil foolish as he is #neverhespectedit in jennifers accent… We shall overcome and we shall put on a fine show for God.. My bags are packed, if i hear say i miss am…. The devil is in trouble because when we gather like that, he is the only one who gets *suckerpunched* miracles sure happen

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  2. Am so lifted and blessed by this post, and i still and will always say Mama God bless you for accepting the vision, running with it and still being steadfast despite all the challenges the devil poses. You will grow from strenght to strenght and as more testimonies are born from this program the more you become untouchable to the enemies. I know you wont think of running again but paraventure you do, imagine millions of women running with you atleast with that you will know there is no place to hide lol. God bless you and i love you so much.

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    1. The million realm is where we are going abi?
      Simultaneous meetings everywhere around the Nation…

      This commenter is a Prophet


  3. If we ve not won then its not the end! we always always win!! RHEMA!! Thank you mama for being on point! So thankful for the Covenant of victory!

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  4. Fresh! Hot! Sizzling word….pow!!!
    This word is def for me…so much going on right now and I just feel like packing my bags and running out of this life…but Alas!
    From cowering under d punches of the enemy, I’m springing back up to kick his butt!
    We always win…..
    Thank u so much ma for allowing God to use u…a lot of destinies are tied to urs so pleaseee continue this amazing work!

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  5. already blessed …..plenty tears in my eyes…sincerely this is the top rank blog post for me . d enemy and his tricks tho , but we know our God never fails …that is the confidence that we have ….if our is on side , nothing can be against us ..love u…may you be strengthened always by the holy spirit

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  6. i tear up every time I read this post. “If I haven’t won, it isn’t the end”. The sound of confirmed victories – so grateful for that!

    There’s this popular Zulu adage “Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu” which literally translates to “a person is a person because of people” – what I paraphrase as “I am because We are”. Because I see people’s victories that I anticipate, I can also anticipate mine. Because I hear of / read stories of triumph in the Bible, my heart is stirred, expecting mine too. So today, in #MyThanksgivingDiary, I’m thankful for stories and art of story-telling (reminds me of Tales by Moonlight; it was the highlight of my childhood weekends 🤓😃). The colours that stories/story-telling brings to the lives of children and adults alike can only be surpassed by personal experience (and sometimes, you don’t want the experience to be personal. 😉😊)

    Still cheering you on Mama 😘😘😘

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  7. Thank you mama for letting us in, for running with this vision and carrying us along… I attended last year’s program(all three of them) and two awesome testimonies emerged. The more the devil keeps looking, the less he will keep seeing. God bless you ma for all u do. After telling my friends about last year’s edition, they don’t want to be left out lol, they are both coming from Abuja to attend. Can’t wait for Saturday!! Glory!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh! My! I love testimonies💃🏽💃🏽💃💃 you will have many more this year. Hope you will share it 😁
      Glad ur friends are coming. Pls say hello after the meeting with your friends.
      God bless u love


  8. betr late than never…..this post got a billion likes from me,10 billion loves and zillions or priceless upliftment. you know millions dont really have value in naija nowadays.for some reason my internet connectivity and health were trying to try me . so i missed all these posts before amaghimo, . but Gods word is evergreen.thanks Pastor M.

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