Of All Things Old…  

It’s  Father’s Day this Sunday but on Friday the 17th most schools celebrated the dads by having them come spend time with their children in school. Of course my pk was not exempt

I have a video of them dancing somewhere but I guess I will save that for her wedding day. Hehehehe!!!

It’s when you start doing daddy duty that you know you are getting old.

Speaking of old I’ve never really thought about old things until recently. Actually about 2 weeks ago. You see it’s old school Sunday at our Island centre tomorrow morning

and once they announced it I thought oh! My! What am I going to wear. I’ve never been one to do costume parties…. Errrr… Actually I’ve never been one to do parties…. Period ! Lol!!!

I’m very introverted if you get my drift. I’m the kind of person who will probably find every excuse not to show up for my own party. Yep! A good day for me usually doesn’t involve going out, lots of people or very loud music. It’s just not my thing especially if the party is for me. But hey! I forget. This post is not about how I like to celebrate. Maybe that should be a post just before my birthday 🙂

So anyhow we needed to pick an era and while I was thinking 60s with their pretty frocks and satin gloves.

Everyone else I asked was thinking 70’s and 80s  with afros, bell bottoms, etc…

then it dawned on me I am old school.
Like play person Don de old o!
It wasn’t just pictures I could see on the Internet. They were now styles I could identify with. Na WA o! When did this happen? Lol!

This got me thinking how does God do it? How do we serve a God who is the ancient of days yet is never out of date. A God who isn’t bound by time whose word remains relevant irrespective of Era.

See me small old wen I old I don’t get teenagers Sometimes and I no too senior them o! Lol!

When I think of the fact that His word never grows old, that His promises never get outdated my heart bursts with worship. The same “woman thou art loosed” he said to that woman bound 18 years that daughter of Abraham is the same “woman though art loosed” he says to you “Ada Jesus”.

The same “your faith has made you whole” he said to the woman with the issue of blood is the same “your faith has made you whole” he says to the woman with PCOS with constant bleeding or the woman with irregular periods or cancer or menstrual pain.

The same way He said to the Israelites “I will remove sickness from your midst” is the same way He says to the Christian “sickness will have no place amongst you.

He’s the same God. No matter how long he’s been around He’s the Ancient of Days whose mercies are NEW every morning.

I’m truly grateful that He’s a consistent God who isn’t weakened by time or altered by eras.

He’s the same now and forever.

Now if that isn’t something to be thankful for then tell me what is.

Okay guys sleep time. Busy day tomorrow. Please don’t forget it’s old school Sunday at DCC island. Please drop by and whatever Era you decide to represent it’s really OK. Even I haven’t decided.

4 thoughts on “Of All Things Old…  

  1. Please please please and please dont hide behind the camera tomorrow o, i would totally like to see the old you , pun not intended… It’s such fun to see all the themes but mainlanders are getting jealous o or rather awaylanders …. Love this post, He never changes, His words are as current as they are old , relevant now as they were then, Old words but new revelations… A book of beautiful truthful goodies… Highly thankful

  2. #MyThanksgivingDiary I’m thankful for fathers; can you imagine what life would be like without fathers? As in baby just drop from heaven like that with no form of guidance, discipline or protection. This world would be more chaotic than our minds can conceive now. So for my dad and his health, I’m grateful Lord. Despite accidents that claimed lives and the supposed genetic diabetes, he’s still going strong. I’m thankful for all the things God used him to teach me. I’m still learning tho’ but I had a good start with daddy. 😊🏅😎

  3. lol@teenagers. n they come around all baffed up with make up,looking older dan their age but wen they begin to talk, we can tell sumfin is amiss or something never ripe upstairs. it prompts me to look at their IDs/passports. born 1999???? n ur in the university with this kain immaturity. i then try to understand the immature jist that still requires plenty guidance and its a strong reminder that gosh, tricia u don old ooo.

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