Ajiro’s wedding 

Hey guys

I’m sorry I missed yesterday’s post. Was a really busy day. Was going to do it after a “quick nap”at 8pm when I settled in but ended up waking up from a “deep sleep” this morning.

Honestly I think it’s a backlog of sleep deprivation. You think you can survive on 3 hours sleep daily for weeks then one day your body says yesterday was it!!! Still feel sleep deprived as I blog but hey

So back to work.

The good news though is that you get two blog posts today. I think that’s worth celebrating

Yes na!!! Everyday has its victories and I’m going to be thankful for every single one of them.

Okay so yesterday was my dear dear daughter’s wedding and it was mixed feelings for me. This particular wedding I am very thankful for because Ajiro and I go way back. We started DCC publication department together. She proofreads all our books. She could write for me and you would never guess I didn’t write it myself    She’s my book supplier and we love the same kind of books. My fellow max lucado fan. Ajiro gets me when it comes to books. We both love books

So anyhow she’s married now and I’m really really happy about it. In fact this is one of our When Women Worship testimonies. I will probably share the testimony then as she will be on honeymoon and won’t be there to share it herself. It was such a special day for me that I had to be there personally and not just attend but officiate. I actually preached sef and trust me that in itself is a big deal. Pk knows how hard it is to get me on stage.
But the sad part for me is how much I will miss her. So I’m excited she’s married but I’m still going to have to adjust to not seeing her every Sunday.

Anyway today I’m thankful my baby is married and I pray for all the blessings and joys of marriage.


God bless you my dear Ajiro

imageGod bless you

Okay guys see you later today.

Gotta run

15 thoughts on “Ajiro’s wedding 

  1. “God is time himself, there is never too late with God and never too early with God”
    when i heard this one wednesday pastor M preached recently i began to reflect on my past victories and battles God fought for me, where God has brought me from and where He is taking me to. i am thankful for all. all i can say is that God makes a way because God is time himself.

  2. I was so sad when I saw the pictures, sad I couldn’t make it, sad that I was far away and I couldn’t share her big day with her. Sad that after all the times we talked about marriage and the fact that it would happen soon I wasn’t there to pinch myself and say semi, you too will testify, bacaus God is in the neighbourhood doing things, Sad that I will come home and not be able to chat with her at the book stand but i am happy for this testimony, very pleasant one it is.. this is the one that makes me know that no matter how you fret and worry about delay , God will still do it , we just have to be patient and understand that His timing makes the testimony sweeter.. I was going to blog about it o mama and you beat me to it. I will miss you Ajiro and we will still do those calls and talk for hours and yes I will still steal your books. Congrats…. Nne don’t worry I am still here, I will talk books and other things on Ajiro’s behalf 😆😆😆😙😙😙😛😛😛

      1. Haaaaa!!!! Mama let me just come for a weekend na, so i can pack my load, you know what I mean but please send kemi home first o… I will do PA job for you .

  3. super excited ..like it was me …meet Ajiro when I needed a friend in church ..mehn her calm and sweet attitude beat me ..I call her my big sis and I am so excited and happy…will miss her plenty too *won’t forget the days I hung out at her place chilling for ldm instead of going home ..God bless you ..Thanks mama for officiating*winks*

  4. When you have a back log of comments, what do you do? You recover one-at-a-time, surely and steadily. Amazingly, the only thing that didn’t grow a backlog is #MyThanksgivingDiary – the good ol’ hard-copy biro & note pad way….heheheeee 😂

    I’m already sooo excited for #Amaghimo; can’t even describe it. So I’m thankful today for Aunty Ajiro’s wedding, it would birth many more weddings. 👰

    Love you Mama 😍😘 (and still cheering you, even when I don’t comment 😉😊)

  5. thanks Ma’am for honoring Ajiro. she’s such a wonderful, ever smiling, ever forgiving HOD..if i have a right to call her that, considering my brief stint in publications dept. she’s such a fine breed, a beautiful soul, the type fast going into extinction in our churches today. i’m happy for her husband .God really found him a good thing He’s a favored man.

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