Hidden star

I sat there today with tears in my eyes. I was so emotional I couldn’t believe it. No! It wasn’t a wedding. It wasn’t even a very big deal usually (at least in my books) but somehow I couldn’t keep the tears away.

My dassah graduated from nursery school today.

And I was one heck of a proud mum.

When she got ready for school this morning. It wasn’t even still so much of a big deal to me because hey! After all it’s nursery. It’s not as if she just bagged a masters degree. So I gave her a big hug. Took a few pictures.

(Ok so I’ll be honest. Took a lot of pictures) Kissed her and after daddy blessed her I rushed her off to school so I could rest a bit before the carousel begun.

With all the rain and lekki floods, we even got there late. I passed her in the hall way as they were filing into the hall

And I was still fine.

But when I saw her on stage with all the other kids.

Singing “when I’m stuck with a day that’s grey and lonely, I just stick out my chin and grin and say oh! The sun will come out tomorrow so you gotta hang on till tomorrow come what may….”

I couldn’t hold back the tears. That song right there was my undoing. She had no clue how like Annie she really was….

I remembered holding her in my arms for the first time. As I wrapped my arms around her tiny little body, she wrapped herself around my heart and we both held on for dear life. None of us was ever letting go. We both made each other. We became new together. As she settled firmly into my arms and my life I got a tiny inkling into how special she was and why it took God 6 years to prepare me to mother this precious gift to the world. I loved her instantly. I was in awe of her and how special she was and I kept asking myself why God would choose me…. Choose us to parent her. To guard her destiny. To guide her path.

I believe that as parents we are simply God’s nannies. The children are never really ours. We are just blessed to be a major part of their lives

and when you get the chance to care for a special one like my dassah it’s a rare privilege. One I don’t take lightly at all.

I still remember when God gave me her names Hadassah Onyeshielibe Okonkwo. See when I’m dealing with anyone I like to get into their minds and try to understand the thought process. I immediately went off to find the meaning because I know God doesn’t joke with names. You can almost see a persons life in their name. Abraham, Sarah, Israel, Benjamin, Jesus… Get my drift?  Your name could either describe you or prophesy to you.

I won’t bore you with the long study but this is the conclusion:

she is an ever green tree. A child who will be productive in every season. She was born for such a time as this. Her life will be the liberation of many. She was born for such a time as this but for now she is a hidden star

Honestly this is just a tip of the revelation I got from studying about her. But one thing is certain the devil never fights any battle that isn’t worth it. Nothing should bother a child more than being abandoned. To grow up with the feeling of being unwanted. So The devil tried to hurt this precious one but God sent her my path with a question for Satan



Who can determine the destiny of another? 


So He sent her to us

Knowing she would be loved and cherished …and maybe pampered  a tad bit too much.


So today imagine how proud of her I was. Even David was gushing over his big sister after her ballet performance

And she’s special like that. Created to be a big sister

You can’t help but love her. Her younger ones adore her

Today I’m thankful for my baby, my pride and joy, my first born, my first miracle baby, my free gift child and to be honest that’s what makes her extra special.

When you work for something it’s payment but when you are gifted something you could never earn or even deserve then that’s grace. She is God’s expression of grace to me.

Today I’m thankful that she’s growing up healthy, happy, loved, strong, safe and one step closer to destiny. I’m thankful that she’s daddy’s girl

And mummy’s princess

I’m confident that God will do great things with her compassionate heart, dauntless attitude, enthusiasm for life, “there’s always a way” mindset and her great leadership skills.

Hadassah ONYESHIELIBE Okonkwo you are loved and you makes us soooooooooo proud. I’m thankful for that ….

Oh! I am ever so grateful for you. You are one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life and I’m thankful that I did.

Are you still counting your blessings? I hope so. Let’s get others counting too. Spread the word guys #Amaghimo #WWW2016

Thank you to all my cheerleaders. I love you guys.


Congratulations to my adorable nephew Michael CHIJIDE III

38 thoughts on “Hidden star

  1. Awwwww… God bless u ‘Dassah.. U can’t help but keep shining brighter and brighter… Had to comment (first timer). God bless u PM for bn a light


  2. Okay now I’m bawling *blows nose*… All I can say is thank you to a God that knows our end from our beginning.
    Pastor M true true how and where do we begin to thank this God sef? N’elu kobu N’ala?

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  3. Congratulations to Dassah.. She’s indeed God’s gift.. She is blessed to have great loving parents…

    Today I am thankful and I don’t even know how to express it. Really don’t know where to start from. #Amaghimo

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  4. Such a blessing, our Dassah. I remember when I had my Taama, how she’s quick to be a big sister to her whenever she’s around “Vida is my sister, Taama is my sister”. we love you baby..sending you smothering kisses..you know how aunty Onyi rolls

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  5. God indeed bless… Mama she looks so much like you, am so touched by today’s message. God bless you Dassah and congratulation, may your light shine brighter and brighter, your blessed to have a mother like PM. God bless you for this post it helps us look back and how far God has brought us.


  6. Awhhhh. This got me sniffy and teary.
    Congratulations Hadassah. God bless and keep you.
    Today I am thankful for a secured future in Christ.


  7. yaaaaay congratulations darling dassah …continue to be the ever green tree that you are …my smart , energetic, and beautiful leader… well done. I am so proud of you…plenty hugs .I rejoice with you mama for a wonderful gift you have..children are indeed a heritage from God..

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  8. Awww, the joy of motherhood, i cant wait to meet my kids.. nurturing them as Christ himself has instructed us. Congrats Dassah, you will excel in all areas of you life no matter the weather..


  9. Ma, I can’t forget how I felt when Hadassah came..
    It was a confirmation to my funny thought & passion to have ‘kids’ like that..
    I give it to you (your bigger heart), many people still finds it difficult (to increase capacity).

    Wishing Dassah the very best, she’s also much adored by your mentees (am one of them).

    Thanks for yielding to God.. “it’s action that preach louder than words”


  10. I had a horrible day yesterday and couldn’t read this and so I remembered it and the tears wouldn’t even let me get to the end… I remember when I first saw her too cute to handle, I always told you she looked like she was hiding something in her cheeks 😂😂 very chubby… your first arrow. … we are thankful, really thankful 😙😙😙😙😙


      1. I know right… and pretty soon she will be wearing heels and Make up and you won’t be able to carry her in your lap or all those other things. .. 😂😂😂 enjoy it now ooo. . They grow too fast


  11. 😍😍😍 See how aunt-ish she looks. This one is a very bright star o! Matthew 5.14-15 comes to mind. Proud Nne ‘Dassah, thank you for heeding and changing the course of her life forever. God bless you real good. She will make you a super proud mum. Amen.


  12. Wow! God is indeed a faithful God. Congrats my pretty Dassah , we are proud of u darling. May u continue to Shine n standout for greatness. Love u plentty .


  13. Awwwhhhhh….So sweet. How did I miss this? Congratulations Dassah, our epic definition of beautiful confidence. Continue to grow in grace, favour, love and abundance.

    Well done Mama. We’re half way through the 30-thanksgiving-blogging; Yippee!!! #MyThanksgivingDiary


  14. Ok… I teared out reading this. For whatever reason….Then I’m wondering if I’m just a cry baby or it really did touch my heart. I’m sure the latter was the case.

    God bless you ma’am…God bless you Hadassah.

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  15. awww… a bit late here, just reading this post. congrats dassah. Feisty though . i remember she tried to ‘beat’me in minister diche’s house one day cos she was vexed. hope shes no more angry wit me though lol

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  16. yes Mama,im with you on the nursery graduation. in my days you just move from from old class to new and life goes on.wen i saw graduation fee for my 1&half yr old baby , i had to query where he’s graduating to. he wld now start wearing school uniform. and so? wld he stop wearing diapers too????? but in all, its a time to just celebrate our kids and make up for some times we missed spending wth them and just make us laff over silly little nothings that can make life interesting…..apart from Dassah’s feisty and fast forward moves, the semblance with mama is so strikingly inexplicable, dats how God perfects his plans. she blended into your soul and your genes. ..lol…..congrats Dassah, not on ur nursery graduation but on your budding life dear, its one thing to have parents, then to have extremely loving ones and 3rdly above all ,to have spirit filled ones. shes one heck of a favoured child.

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