Building friendships…

Today was very interesting. Yes I’m exhausted but it’s a good kind. I’m tired but I have a very warm fuzzy feeling inside. I usually don’t go anywhere on Mondays because I use it as a rest day at least in the mornings before my babies get home and turn the house upside down.

However yesterday in church we realized that we needed pictures for publicity. So I stood in front of church and picked like 12 random girls and asked if they would help out with a photo shoot. They all agreed and showed up today

So because I can’t be a hypocrite and ask people to show up this morning and then cover my head with a duvet and sleep, I left my bed amidst tears

yeah! I know sometimes my bed and I have a really good relationship

I sometimes have this attitude and today was just one of those mornings

But I did and headed for the mainland.

Okay so the traffic was intense but we made it. I got there on time and ready to go. The shoot started off slow because it seemed like all the pictures in my opinion were too “posey” and I wanted to capture real joy, thankfulness and the beauty of women being together. Kinda like a “girls just wanna have fun!!!” Shoot full of happy girls. …oh! By the way if you know that song you should be called “Aunty”. Lol!!!

Half way through every one started letting their hair down and we started having fun and really great pictures were born.

No I’m not showing you the pictures yet. You’ll have to wait for them. Some will be used for #Amaghimo publicity. Trust me.

The real reason I’m doing this blog. I saw something beautiful unfold before my eyes. God used a simple picture to remind me of why he started JUST US GIRLS NAIJA

I saw nine random women become friends. Some of them have been in church together but have never said a word to each other. They came as strangers and left today as friends… I dare say sisters

At some point today they just connected and God reminded me of the blueprint for JUGN…

“Building Frienships…Giving hope !!!

It was so refreshing to see women not at each other’s throats but holding each other’s hands.

Today I’m thankful for the beautiful women in my life. All of them who in their special way make it better. I’m thankful for the amazing women who inspire me; whose lives I look at and know that God hasn’t even started with me. I’m thankful for friends who end up being my sisters

I’m  thankful for all the women who pray for me, serve me, love me , cheer me on.

Today I’m thankful for women especially all the beautiful DCC women who make all our JUGN programmes a huge success

Here are a few selfie pictures by our amazing #selfielord

Will put up the professional ones later

Shout out to everyone who came out especially the amazing make up artistes @ruth_hazel and @littleextras check them out on Instagram.

Don’t forget to follow @justusgirlsnaija

Goodnight people

Much love.

13 thoughts on “Building friendships…

  1. awwwn… the girls are beautiful. Im thankful for WOGS-Women of God, women like Pastor Mildred, Joyce Meyer, Joni Lamb, Victoria Osteen and the late Pastor Bimbo. I’m thankful for women that dont settle for merely housekeeping, but know that they have a calling and let God do great things through them. still waving my pom poms for u ma


  2. “Building Friendships…Giving hope !!! That’s DCC Ladies!

    Chei! PM… I’m seriously mIssing in Action ooooo!

    #Thankful for Friends that are Family! Xxx


  3. Lovely pictures..

    Today I am thankful for the awesome people in my life. Those that got my back and would always be there.


  4. Wow i love the pictures its wonderful to see friends turn sisters, it shows God still has people. I just reflected back on friends i’ve had all through my childhood days, we’ve been through thick and thin, some married and some still waiting, in all we are still together am really thankful for them.

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  5. The serious beef that is stewing away in my pot is not of this world… so just know that everytime I see these beautiful sweet amazing pictures that somehow I manage to not be a part of Again, that I will once again bring out that huge pot of beef and let it boil some more… thankful for JUGN progs because it always brings beautiful testimonies my way. Love those pictures ….

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  6. Awwwwwww… the pictures are beautyfull, as in so much pretty on one canvas. God is an amazing artist; and finally shaaaa, DCC rocks, like everytime!!!!

    Anyways, #MyThanksgivingDiary is grateful for books; the minds, knowledge and experiences I interact with and learn from through them. Can’t imagine life without books.


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