Sunday thanksgiving….

Okay so here goes my one liner. I’m so exhausted and sleepy. Finally all the little ones are asleep. Well now I need major shut eye now. So  going to keep it simple.

Today I’m thankful for my church. Davids christian centre (DCC)  I’m thankful that  we have two centers both mainland and island so we can bless more people. I’m thankful for the music in church. I love our choirs. I’m thankful that our church is so interesting and relevant.  I’m thankful that the word makes sense. You leave church and you know you can use what you learned immediately; as you walk out the door….Practical christian principles.

I love that whatever you need you will find in my DCC- hair dresser, makeup artiste , tailor, designer, caterer, chef, interior decorator, baker, doctor, police, teacher, just ask anyone you are always just like 2 or 3 people away from what you need just ask.

But the best part for me? I love that my husband is also my pastor. I’m thankful for that.

Good night people

Let’s do this again tomorrow

25 thoughts on “Sunday thanksgiving….

  1. this 1 short oh mama… Regardless, I love it.

    I love DCC. I don’t have any regrets joining this great family. I love that I have two great pastors who are real and have the Spirit of God with all the effizy.

    Although I just joined DCC in 2013 and don’t know what it felt like holding services in a parlour, I thank God for how far He’s brought this family and where He’s taking us. And I’m also thankful that I can connect with your every post.


  2. Mama thanks for encouraging me to be thankful 👏.
    Well I am thankful for wisdom and academic excellence. I just concluded a professional exam and it was favourable. I am grateful for the grace and wisdom to combine marriage, motherhood, my job, career amongst other caps I wear and still do well.


  3. Oh PM, exactly what I’m thankful for today. A church family where the Word abounds, in and out of season; with simple application and non-spooky usefulness. The Island-Mainland thingy is bliss; I get to enjoy a double portion of fellowship and invite people from home and work fronts. I also call it my compensation for the sacrifices that comes with living on the Mainland and working on the Island.

    Go Mama…!!!👏👐👏

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  4. WOW i feel so left out i’ve missed DCC soooo much but am thankful i still get to attend special programs so one way or the other am still fed and blessed and my spirit is always lifted each time i step my feet in there. Am so thankful for PK AND PM GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

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  5. ohhh my mama
    ..I love my church …I love the efizzy, I love the people, I love the excellence …I am thankful for Papa that he can preach 4 services, thankful for the strength God gives him ….I am thankful that I am a member ,i mean a proud member …..l am thankful for God’s sustenance over the church …I just love DCC , though I joined in 2013 ..thankful for everything about DCC .I am glad I won my fight , when I decided to join the church ..I remember u telling me not to worry because you went through something similar to mine ..No regrets …

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    1. I am extremely thankful to my God,who gave me a pastor after his heart,My PK. First thing I consider when relocating is CHURCH. Back in my University days, I was groomed by PST.EZEKIEL ATANG of GOD’S HOUSE OF REFUGE, UYO. He’s as practical as my PK in relationship matters and Revelation Word. In 2009, i reluctantly( because my thought was “where will my Spirit be Fed”) relocated to Lagos due to my mum’s pressure. Then I had no option than to obey her. I knew the only way out is PRAYER. So, i prayed God to pls direct me to a similar Church in Lagos. Honestly,how God answered my prayer, for me, was miraculous. One Sunday afternoon, I tuned my TV station to STV,saw and heard PK clearly dealing with relationship issues,with Bible chapters to back up; that day I said YES I’VE GOT IT! I called the mobile number,got the address, and that 1st Sunday evening of the month,I attended LDM. I got to know the programme -LDM is sponsored by a church called David’s Christian Centre(DCC) . I became the more THANKFUL to my GOD. I called my Pst Ezekiel Atang in UYO to share the Joy. From that 2009 to date,i have not regret being a member of DCC.

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  6. few years ago i said a simple prayer “Lord lead me to a good church where i can grow spiritually”. Today im thankful He ordered my steps to DCC. im thankful that im fed with the genuine truth of God’s Word. And im thankful for Pk’s warm hugs! well done ma still cheering u on


  7. Thanks for sharing mama..
    Today I am thankful for grace to be a wife, mother, career woman and leader in church. God’s grace give me strength and keeps me going..

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  8. i looove DCC. Even when i find myself in another church,instead of listening to the word fully and digesting it the way it is, i find myself comparing to ” what wld my pastors say/do”..May God forgive me o, its just dat DCC is an addictive home. the oil is everfresh.

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