…but surely! 

I’m really tired tonight and I have an incredibly busy Sunday ahead. However I had a very fulfilling day.  Started out a bit rough. I was feeling a bit down about my weight loss. I’ve been meaning to just shut down 3 months and do this but the truth is I’ve had to slow down a lot of times. So I work out like crazy then my blood pressure starts acting up so for the next few days I’m on bed rest or doing nothing more than just walking. So it’s not really been the way I thought it would.

Because of my weight I still don’t have too many things that fit and I refuse to shop for clothes at this size. So while I was allowing myself get sucked in the Holy Spirit said to me:

First you are not in competition with anyone. You may not be losing weight as fast as you would like but you are losing weight. Don’t live your life with other people’s life map.

God has one just for you so be thankful that even though you are not there yet, you are well on your way. Don’t compare yourself to others

Secondly he said look at where you are coming from and how far God has brought you on this journey. So I did. I did a before and after picture

I was shocked when I saw this. The funny thing is in both before pictures I had on shape wear / waist trainer and in the after nothing.

Yes i agree I still have a long way to go but there’s no denying that I’ve actually come a long way.

Today I’m thankful for little victories. Those things you only notice when you look back. They are actually proof that you are getting closer to your testimony. They are the little testimonies that show that you are not stagnant. They are proof that God is getting you closer. Yes we may argue slowly (in our book) but surely. Oh! Definitely surely.

We will all get there…

I believe it!!!! I hope you do too…
Love you. Let’s catch up tomorrow.

27 thoughts on “…but surely! 

  1. I still haven’t gotten over this picture and the difference is amazing … I have been digging in my archives looking for old pictures but I don’t look so different but I know what the scale says and so today i celebrate that small step and David isn’t loosing this battle either. thank you for all your help mama, I love you plenty

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  2. the perfect blog post for me …thank you mama ……sure you have truly gone a long way.comparing my self with others ,God wee aff to epp me with that ooo..tanks for reminding me that I don’t have to compare my self with others ………surely God is truly at work ..love you loads… Eva beautiful mama


  3. PM tooooooo short! I was enjoying the read only to get to the end! Why na?:-)

    Yes ooooo….”First you are not in competition with anyone. Don’t live your life with other people’s life map” Gbam!!! I so concur 100%! This na my principle. I no SEND!

    Thanks for blessing us with this!


  4. My sister, thank you so much for this post. I totally agree with you and I’m proud of how much you’ve achieved so far! We may not yet be where we want to be but we’re definitely not where we used to be. We serve a God who always completes whatever He starts (Phil1:6) and because we are His children, we also have the ability to accomplish our set goals. We have put out hands in the plough and with the help of the Holy Spirit, every effort we put into accomplishing these goals will yield tremendous positive results in Jesus name!!! We SHALL testify!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. I am in no competition with anyone. Comparing myself with others isn’t wise. It’s amazing how everything pertaining to life is in God’s word. Thanks for sharing mama. This blessed me greatly.

    Today I am thankful for how far God has brought me and where he is taking me to.

    Wow.. You have really gone a long way.. Love you mama.


  6. God bless you mama for this post, comparison is really a thief of joy. God is not a one-size-fits-all. He works with us personally. I’m thankful for the little progress I see in my family regarding unity. God indeed answers prayers. More grace ma🎉👏😘


  7. Yippeee…!!! Mama did post, and it wasn’t a one-liner. 😉 Thank God for you PM. You may or may not know it, but you’re an Elisabeth to many Mary’s; and for that I’m thankful. Thankful for all my Elisabeths, when like Mary I ask “how shall these things be?” #MyThanksgivingDiary
    Still cheering you on Mama, pom-poms and all 😉😃😂


    1. Lol! Planned a one-liner. Just pushed through the sleep. Awww… That’s so nice. I’m thankful for the Elizabeth’s in my life. Oh! How they keep my faith up b show me my possible future.


  8. Beautiful Mama. Well, if you ask me i’ll say you’re very ok now but i now we humans can be insatiable, am also on a weight loss program and i know annoying it can be when you’re told you’re okay with this size when you’ve not gotten to your dream size. Wonderful post Mama God bless you and for the records your smiles are contagious and very beautiful. Have a beautiful blogging week ahead, still cheerleading, love you.


  9. You sure have come an abbsolute long way mama. I know. Cos i am looking. Every Wednesday. Haha. But good to also know you are not stopping until ‘size 12’ abi? Yaaas


  10. So this morning the devil tried to play a trick on me and i found myself comparing myself with people.The Holy Spirit reminded me of E’s post on ‘Authentically me & surprisingly satisfied” which i read and felt relieved afterwards.
    This post is timely for me because despite the fact that it was posted on Saturday, I didn’t get any notifications in that regard and am seeing it now when I truly need this message.. God is awesome.#Mydoubledozeofwisdom.
    Am sincerely grateful for this post and am thankful for my past, present and future because am convinced that God has great plans for me and HE’s got my back big time. #mythanksgivingdiary
    Thank you so much ma

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  11. der no basis for comparism with anyone jare. and just as im getting my slim together and approaching dat almighty size 12 comparing and thinking ur already looking like d girl sitting next to you….. bam!!! another fetus i confirmed.i workout hard, diet well and see results but i think dat www #Imela anointing was too much. its spilling into many years, and d baby fat is piling..lol.i remember one of PK’s sermons, he advised we send our command once o and the heavens have agreed ,out of desperation maybe i sent mine too many times.this time my prayer point have shift….afta this last baby blessing, i must achieve dat miracle size 12. mam you look beautiful in every season fat or slim. most cant boast of same.


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